Feb. 17th, 2016

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Inhuman update!
(and patrons got inks, as well as thumbnails)

hey all~
i'm starting to sort my busted sleep cycle out, just about the same time this cold snap has left the area. THANK GOD cuz i hate that. -20 F is a very No Thank You temp.

valentines day involved seeing star wars a 4th time and going to the hardware store ...and also the comic store, where i got ignored by clerks cuz Thats Nerd Culture! hey, if you own/work in a comic shop? don't do that. don't ignore customers you think are too femme/gay/weird/women. it just reaffirms you're jerks and nobody wants to give money to jerks!

i've also been really enjoying two spooky podcasts that i WISH there was more of!!
check out the black tapes and limetown if you got a few hours to listen.

limetown is currently on a mid-season break, but black tapes is updating bi-weekly and is completely worth following.


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six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously

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