Mar. 9th, 2016

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inhuman updated!
(and patrons got inks n such)

if you're reading this on lj or dreamwidth- congrats!!! for you its double update day! cuz the comic updated last week and i forgot to post a blog. my bad. :x

the weather is becoming nice, the wildlife is becoming uh...shall we say...playful here in new england. somebody (im blaming raccoons but it. coulda also been my skunks) broke into the garage and had a trash party last night, so i spent the morning cleaning up. which is actually okay, cuz its super nice outside, so throwin on the ol' vulture culture gloves and grabbin a few contractor bags wasnt the worst chore.

anyway i closed off the way they got in with some lumber and that was my morning. which is why this comic update is at 3pm.

im almost finished this arc, and if you've enjoyed it so far please consider supporting it on patreon :x it's been all solla's arc, really, and i've had a lot of fun doin it.


not_fun: cial nixon jarhead (Default)
six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously

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