May. 10th, 2016

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Inhuman updated!

and patreon patrons got their reward emails this week in addition to inks!

what up compatriots. looks like spring has FINALLY sprung here. leaves are showing up on most trees, most flowers are opening...i'm okay with this as long as it means summer lasts into october. you hear me summer. wink wonk

luna and ren are still adjusting to eachother, but they've started playing with eachother some which is good! luna needs to have some naughty habits attended to, though. like clawing furniture. also she has a tendency to steal things in her mouth and run off with them. she attempted to feed herself some cereal because she thought the bag was full of kibble. luna, come get a human if you want something you dope...

i'm PRETTY EXCITED about the new pokemon!! waiting til winter will be difficult.

i got nothin. i'm overworked and tired. back to work, see you next week folks.


not_fun: cial nixon jarhead (Default)
six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously

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