Apr. 23rd, 2018

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Inhuman updated!

ah friends spring has finally arrived in new england. finally. its been forever. what does grass look like, i almost forgot.

so i spent earth day digging in the dirt, spreading wildflower seed in the bee garden and picking up sticks (for when its time to mow). it's a nice change from being hunched over the drawing board indoors, tho being able to open the windows in the studio is also just. pure relief.

there's some stress going on in life that i'm still not fully up to talking about. it's fairly major, and i guess i can at least say that it means i'm losing health insurance. which means that not only will i not be able to afford hormone therapy once it's gone, i'm not -entirely- sure of even being able to afford antidepressants either. not. really into that. but i cant really do much about it, at least not yet anyway.

i'm continueing to work on redrawing art for arc 4, and i'm really pretty pleased with the results!! so i'm going to share a preview for yall!
check out the new version of page 80, aka the first page of arc 1.

if you'd like to see the page in higher res, or are interested in seeing the other five re-done pages, you'll have to back patreon for that access! granted you don't have to back for a lot - just whatever you can spare. so if you wanna help me out and also see the new pages... well, there ya go.

hopefully your spring is also going well. stay frosty.


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