Sep. 29th, 2018

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Inhuman update

heyyyy yall, this fall is the fall of fursuits. im spending my free time finishing up alph's sphynx suit (which, btw, has made it EXTREMELY clear to me why there arent more sphynx suiters... ohhh my god) and being a hyena myself. last weekend i yeen'd around the king richard's ren faire with theon greyjoy (ok so ... it was kep dressed as theon but so what) and tonight i guess im gonna go drive gokarts around in hadley (outside amherst ma).

honestly my fav thing? showing little kids how the inside is set up so the mouth moves. GO FORTH AND MAKE PUPPETS AND MASKS, KIDS, YOU KNOW THE SECRET NOW. tho i've noticed that little girls are generally the only ones brave enough to ask questions. INTERESTING...

anyway in other news... i inherited kep's old ipad and pencil and i'm going to -try- to learn to use procreate. i only just got comfortable drawing with my decade old wired tablet on my laptop in firealpaca, so upgrading to the uhhh modern era of digital tools is going to be a serious learning curb.

not a whole lot else to say! patreon patrons are still getting access to the redrawn arc 4 pages as i finish them in anticipation of publishing the next book, as well as any random writing notes or whatever that i may have to share.

beyond that... things are pretty mild round here. so with that in mind... see you with the next page?


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