Jan. 28th, 2019

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hey friends - no update to the comic today, just a brief health update.

i'm going into surgery tomorrow to remove the cancerous tumors. i'll be held overnight, and released on the 30th assuming everything goes well. the surgery itself takes about 3-4 hours, and i'll probably be on some pretty bull goose painkillers when all's said and done. i will have my phone and tablet, but how much i'm feeling up to chatting etc will be veeeery up to debate lmao.

anyway, soon i'll know if i'll need chemo or if i can skip that and just go straight on to getting radiation therapy. i did get some good news today though, which is that there's no genetic markers for cancer when they did the screening. so at least my sister, cousins etc don't have to worry about that (or passing it on to their kids).

so hey, happy birthday to me lmao. 37 is gonna be a real doozy of a year.

love ya! see ya on the flip!


not_fun: cial nixon jarhead (Default)
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