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Jun. 18th, 2016 12:52 pm
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Inhuman updated
(and yes, patrons got goodies)

okay so. it's been a rough week. a really rough week. america is really a messed up place right now and not much i can say will fix that. but i participated in the #queerselflove tag on twitter, and i ardently urge my readers to NOT look around for a scapegoat in this shooting. don't blame islam for this. it's a religion of peace and a religion that is under enough pressure and unfair scrutiny just to exist in this country. and as a jewish person, i'm already pretty heavy on championing NOT targeting innocent people for their faith. what happened in orlando is a symptom of our society's homophobic ideology, not a symptom of islam. to me, this is not up to debate.

and enough with the thoughts and prayers. how about: vote to get some of the lawmakers who feel that protecting queer youth is unworth their time OUT OF OFFICE. vote to ban semiautomatic assault rifles again. stand up for queer family members to homophobic family members. make the world safer for us. don't just declare this a "gay problem" and ignore it, please.

and for pete's sake, don't feed me that 'dont be negative, queer community!!!' bs. we just lost 49 people, most under the age of 40, to homophobia. a hundred people were gunned down, because of homophobia. the news doesn't want to talk about how the largest mass shooting in history was a hate crime against us. we're allowed to be angry and upset and negative. if our bleeding out inconveniences you, i think it's time you took a long hard look at why you feel that way.

and to my fellow glbtia+ peers - you are amazing, you are strong, you are beautiful. i love you, and you are powerful. thank you for being.

it's pride
i'm proud to be who i am

see you next week, droogs.


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