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Inhuman updated!
(and yep, patreon patrons got behind-the scenes stuff)

hey y'all. holy crumbs, i completely forgot to update the comic this weekend. because of pokemon go!!! i live in the woods, so i don't get much besides weedles and pidgys, but it's still really fun for me. i've already run into a few local (way younger) trainers, and we've swapped tips on where we found rarer pokemon in the area.

i did get stopped by the popo though. nothing like trying to explain to a very confused officer that i'm literally wandering around this abandoned building looking for pokemon, nothing shady, it's all good here buddy!!!

my local gym is blue, so i picked blue. they're also OBSCENELY strong. like, cp 900 jolteon strong. so it's going to take a lot of effort before i can join their ranks! but i'm willing to put that effort in haha.

i just wish it didn't suck up so much data/battery/crash so much. but i guess that's what happens when you hire a company that's not nintendo, huh?

oh well. see y'all next week or so with a page :v
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