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Inhuman updated!

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hey folks! autumn has hit and hit hard. beautiful trees, crisp cold weather, and a clear need for heat at night. brrr. time to start prepping for the inevitable deep freeze of massachusetts. but before that, my fav holiday. HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN

i'm almost level 30 in pokemon go, and do about 3 miles walking every day thanks to it. while it hasn't miraculously cured my depression, ptsd or chronic shoulder pain it HAS helped me stay more focused during work, and to be more alert in the mornings after my walk. thanks pokemon! i can't wait til next month when the new game comes out so i won't have to give up pokemon when the snow traps me in my house, haha

ANYWAY... the page is up and patrons of course got inks. i'd love to be able to come up with more patreon rewards, but the weird thing about adulthood is that no matter how hard you work, you just don't seem to have the spare time you THOUGHT you'd have at the end of the day. or maybe it's just at the end of the day we're so beat we don't want to do extra work. could be either. BUT ON THAT NOTE i'm working on finding another manufacturer for nikitak patches, since the last one fell through pretty hard. so keep your fingers crossed!

see you all next week, folks. til then... NIDOKING wants to battle!


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