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Inhman updated!
and ya ya of course patrons got inks

but i only have a few minutes before the sun goes down, and its the first night of hannukah tonight, so im going to mostly just copy paste what i wrote earlier!!

first: if you could throw some Goodwill towards creatures of earth in the direction of my friend's really sweet old cat Suppi? that'd be the best gift i could ask for.

second: i'd like to take this moment, though, to thank all of my patrons who supported me through 2016. you have made an extremely significant impact on my quality of life. while things may seem bad right now, 2016 overall was a really good year. i was able to work on the house. i was able to expand into making patches, more stickers, and another print issue of the comic. i never once worried between food and paying mortgage. and that is entirely, entirely thanks to my wonderful patrons.

even though stuff is rough, i am sure that if we move forward together - everyone giving a little help to one another, just like my patrons did for me - we can survive, thrive, and work on fixing this broke ass planet we call earth.

til next page, droogs


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