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crazy dogggz

Inhuman updated!

sorry for the long delay there guys. quite honestly, the last month was noooot a party. i went from having food poisoning one week to a full on psychotic episode the next week complete with a trip to the ER. so i'm extremely grateful to yall for being patient with me, and i really hope the page doesn't disappoint!

i do wanna give another shout-out to merlin tho. she really came through in a pinch... and we both wound up hospital buddies (not in the same hospital, or for the same reason at all) and she -still- pulled off a page for me. that. is true speed and skill.

i'm pretty well recovered now though! been planting lots of stuff in our yard and garden, cleaning up porcupine bones for display and painting/finishing up the guest room (which i have been meaning to do for YEARS) and other household things. next month weekends are mostly occupied by family events (baby showers, wedding showers) but i always feel rejuvinated when the weather gets nicer.

anyhoo... patrons got inks and also writing notes for this whole fight scene so far. in all likelyhood i'll add thumbnails later, because i did a -lot- of versions of this page before i finally settled.

oh yeah, and please!! consider backing my friend Iris Jay's queer tarot comic anthology! it's gonna be aaaaaawesoooooome