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six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously ([personal profile] not_fun) wrote2017-05-15 03:35 pm

he's going the distance

Inhuman updated!

what up. i'm really tired because we just finished off a major family weekend (my cousin's baby shower) and i just slept for a thousand years. i feel like i could sleep for about a thousand more, too.

it's been a productive few weeks, though part of that may be me. i recently got dignosed with THE BIPOLAR (type 2) so now any time i go into a period of overwork or BURNING NEED TO BE ACTIVE im like wait is this Just Me, or is this Mania happening. oh well. who CARES. not ME. especially since it's type 2 which is the like less in-your-face form.

i brought home a lot of paper hanging flower decorations and gave them to the cats. now they have some more things to shred and crinkle with in the dead of night. good times.

okay i need my coffee. see you next page, and in the meantime, consider becoming a patron!