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Inhuman updated!
inks for patrons

hello folks. i'm pretty wiped out right now because i just got back from my little sister's wedding shower. which featured like 5 dogs, which is a good number of dogs for a party. now i have 3 months to get a tux that fits the colour theme and a gift because apparently!!! im going to be the one walking her down the aisle!!

which is probably a good a time as any to point out that this entire arc commemorated their wedding. or at least the first half of it did! 'what hte fuck, how. thats inappropriate' u may say.

well yall know i like to literally spell things with my panel shapes sometimes so... maybe you'll see when you go back and look for it! hint: if youre looking at kyo slapping a hexaworm off greys head, youve passed it.

in other news, im working on the shop. the graphics are still a work in progress but the links all work, so maybe check out what's offered yeah?

anyways. that's it for me. i'm about ready to eat dinner and crawl back in bed. see you next page...