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the wolfen will come for you

Inhuman updated!

so this is the last page of arc 15. and that means we're... prolly like two arcs away from the end, max. i alway get a lil sentimental at the end of arcs. so thank you everyone who stuck with the story, or joined reading recently and plan to keep reading. y'all are my reason to keep pushing for artistic improvement!

right now i'm watching wolfen (1981 had no idea how to mix their sound, i guess) and working on patreon rewards. if you've ever wanted me to draw something special just for you, patreon's the place to get that done. alternately if you just wanna show your support, even really small pledges like 1$ a month are a huge difference to me. so now that the arc is closed up, please, consider my patreon.

aside from that i got word from the tshirt vendor that they're doing a sale, so if you wanna buy something here's a coupon for 20% off whatever: inhuman-comic
(and here's a direct link to the tshirt shop)

that's all i got. see you later with cover art!