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Jun. 18th, 2016 12:52 pm
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Inhuman updated
(and yes, patrons got goodies)

okay so. it's been a rough week. a really rough week. america is really a messed up place right now and not much i can say will fix that. but i participated in the #queerselflove tag on twitter, and i ardently urge my readers to NOT look around for a scapegoat in this shooting. don't blame islam for this. it's a religion of peace and a religion that is under enough pressure and unfair scrutiny just to exist in this country. and as a jewish person, i'm already pretty heavy on championing NOT targeting innocent people for their faith. what happened in orlando is a symptom of our society's homophobic ideology, not a symptom of islam. to me, this is not up to debate.

and enough with the thoughts and prayers. how about: vote to get some of the lawmakers who feel that protecting queer youth is unworth their time OUT OF OFFICE. vote to ban semiautomatic assault rifles again. stand up for queer family members to homophobic family members. make the world safer for us. don't just declare this a "gay problem" and ignore it, please.

and for pete's sake, don't feed me that 'dont be negative, queer community!!!' bs. we just lost 49 people, most under the age of 40, to homophobia. a hundred people were gunned down, because of homophobia. the news doesn't want to talk about how the largest mass shooting in history was a hate crime against us. we're allowed to be angry and upset and negative. if our bleeding out inconveniences you, i think it's time you took a long hard look at why you feel that way.

and to my fellow glbtia+ peers - you are amazing, you are strong, you are beautiful. i love you, and you are powerful. thank you for being.

it's pride
i'm proud to be who i am

see you next week, droogs.

troop 324

Jun. 11th, 2016 04:49 pm
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inhuman updated!
(patreon got inks way early this week!)

so i can tell y'all now: if you WANT, you can get comic updates 3 days early by downloading and using the webcomic app. no obligation! but yknow...give it a shot, right? haha

not a ton to say this week. it's saturday here and i finally found a tshirt with flash the sloth from zootopia. that's. that's my big news. exciting isnt it.

also: happy birthday to my editor chris!! editor for print book #2

because THAT is happening soon

okay, later!
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Inhuman updated!

okay, BIG NEWS time!
tomorrow i will be signing my very first paid distribution comic for inhuman. it's for a webcomic app! i'm really excited!! it's not for any enormous sum, but it's still very exciting for me.

but the main thing is: this app will get pages 3 days before anywhere else. including my site! so if you're like a real hardcore fan who needs the page IMMEDIATELY, FIRST, you'll wanna get that app after i sign. patreon patrons are still the only ones who get all the sneaky behind the scenes wip stuff though! including first dibs on the tshirts (which are 30% off on their first two days of sale)

speaking of, there's also another tshirt up in the shop. a chuian tee!

grab your own here :v

i'm going to be trying to release one new tshirt a month in my shop! at least, one new inhuman tee a month.

in non-comic news, the cats have become pals and the weather is seriously summer here. humid, hot...and stormy! yaaay storms! i doubled the size of our little veg patch and started some catnip drying...but other than that, yeah, just kinda...glad to be able to have windows open again.

see ya'all next week + three days!
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Inhuman updated!

yowza some EXCITING STUFF happening here in the world of inhuman this week. most exciting for you folks is probably this:

it's back!! but more than that, it's got new art (i lost the original art file hahaha) it comes in lots of colours AND it comes in plus sizes AND it comes in different styles like hoodies or v-necks or tanks!

the big reason i stopped doing t-shirts was it took a lot of time and effort to produce shirts, and the more colours i wanted to use the more it cost...but earlier this month, i was scouted by the company Teepublic. so now they'll handle the shipping, the printing, and all that stuff! and this also means that they'll never be out of stock! i'm super super stoked about this. because NOT ONLY does this mean the nikitak shirt is means i can make MORE shirts! lots of different designs!!!

and patreon patrons already have access to the preliminary ideas for a few of those designs |3

the other stuff i probably can't talk about much yet, so i won't. but it is exciting!!

luna is settling in and ren is sulkily getting used to her...but luna also appears to be allergic to scented cat litter, so that's somethin to be careful of in the near future. she's a mischevious little scamp though...carries toys around, tries to claw furniture (bad luna!) opens the kibble cabinet and tries to feed herself...i'm just glad she doesn't dash the front door, y'know? and she sat on my lap in my work chair for the first time yesterday.

here's a pic of the troublesome shadow :>

see y'all next week! and if you're reading this on friday: grab the nikitak shirt now! cuz teepublic is having a sale, and it's 30% off!! gogogogo!
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Inhuman updated!

and patreon patrons got their reward emails this week in addition to inks!

what up compatriots. looks like spring has FINALLY sprung here. leaves are showing up on most trees, most flowers are opening...i'm okay with this as long as it means summer lasts into october. you hear me summer. wink wonk

luna and ren are still adjusting to eachother, but they've started playing with eachother some which is good! luna needs to have some naughty habits attended to, though. like clawing furniture. also she has a tendency to steal things in her mouth and run off with them. she attempted to feed herself some cereal because she thought the bag was full of kibble. luna, come get a human if you want something you dope...

i'm PRETTY EXCITED about the new pokemon!! waiting til winter will be difficult.

i got nothin. i'm overworked and tired. back to work, see you next week folks.
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Inhuman update!
(and yes, patrons got inks.)

the journey into the woods continues, with more bad choices being made. yes, let's stay for longer in this alien jungle. nothing bad will come of it.

here in mass, it's been super rainy. but for once, it's not bothering my shoulder as much! i've been doing weight lifting while pinning my shoulder in place, and it's helped a lot. if i don't pin the shoulderblade down, though, it kinda flip flops all over the place and ...yeah, it's not helpful for building up the surrounding muscle.

luna the cat has arrived, and is in the guest room. ren is displeased, but that's pretty normal. considering there's no danger of luna hurting ren and ren is the largest wimp in the entire world, we can just wait this out til they tolerate being in a room together. no biggie. also, luna has a cold and is super being in solitary is probably good for her, at this point. she's a real cuddler tho, with a GIANT tail. i mean, look at this!

like is she a lemur or a kitten???

anyway, it means a little more work for me (i'm the designated animal tender in the house) but i don't much mind. i'm looking forward to this weekend where we can let luna roam around the house while we keep guard.

okay...back to work for me. still got stuff to draw for folks. and if you'd like me to draw for you, remember that patreon is the current way-to-go for that. i hope you'll sign up!
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Arc 15 of Inhuman begins NOW!

i'm stoked to be back to drawing these nerds! i've missed them, and missed how they bounce off eachother. i've also had sooo much of this arc written for...well, almost two years now! so it's kind of awesome to finally be bringing it off the notefile and into the real world.

and seriously, really. if you've been enjoying my comic, think about backing my patreon! any amount at all still gains you access to inks, notes and thumbnails...basically all that insider nerd stuff where i'm planning comic stuff out!

i'm also pleased to announce that soon we will have another kitty joining us! we're adopting Luna (provided she passes her vet screening thursday), a 2 year old tuxedo cat who's juuuust about as tiny as ren. i'm naturally nervous about how her introduction will go, but i've also wanted to get ren a 'little sister' for a long, long time now. ren gets major seperation anxiety when left alone, and hopefully having a friend will make it easier for her to cope.

but we couldn't be adopting luna without the support of my patreon patrons
and i'm unable to have patrons without you, my readers, supporting me.

i really can't wait to let this arc unfold for everyone. i hope you're as excited as i am!


Apr. 22nd, 2016 07:23 pm
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the arc 15 cover is up....

next week: it BEGINS

this week was extremely rough, a lot of depression issues. but the cover turned out GREAT and i am REAL PROUD.

more importantly though, alf and i finally agreed it's time. get ren that little sister we've been talking about. so we made our way to the local shelter and met with Luna, a two-year-old tiny black cat who was recently surrendered. luna still needs to be vetted and spayed, but our application has been approved! so once she's through with her doctoring, she can come home with us.

i'm really excited!!! ren will be a lot less excited, but she's had girl cat friends before. i'm sure it'll be fiiiine.
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hey, didja know the back cover (and hi res covers) for arc 14 is up on the site? :>

arc 15 cover next week...wuahahahahaaaaaaa
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Inhuman update!
(and patreon backers got notes, inks, thumbnails... the works!)

today is the last!!! page!!! of arc 14! WHOAAAAAAAA!

if you wanna go back and read this arc through from the start, i gotcha covered. :>

and hey, psst...did you know there's a new chessmaster zine? did you know i have art in it? check out Tarot-a-Go-Go!

i'm so glad to have been able to get this arc done. solla really deserved her time in the spotlight, and it let me tie up sooo many loose ends. it was also good practice for fight scenes that go on for more than one page! i'm gonna need that later!!

if you enjoyed the arc and if you enjoy the comic in general, please consider supporting me on patreon. if you've liked the direction my work has been taking, know that the only reason it's possible is because of backers on patreon. i can use more time and more resources to produce a quality comic. even if you can only support for like a dollar, it makes a huge difference to me. so please, check out my patreon!

arc 15 will begin in two weeks...time to draw about seven trillion trees, my friends.
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inhuman update

...happy spring, y'all >:3
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inhuman updated!
(and patrons got inks)

what up journal readers.

as some of you may already know, i was kind of out of commission last week due to storms hitting the area. when bad weather shows up, my chronic pain shoulder flares up real bad. i think it's got to do with a drop in barometric pressure. anyway, i couldn't draw....well, much of anything last week. until it snowed.

it snowed
in frikkin late march
thanks, massachusetts

anyway, once that snowstorm dropped a few inches on us, the pain let up. and thusly i get to return to the comic. weee!

i originally wanted to use music by fountains of wayne on this page (either 'little red light' or 'bright future in sales') but i couldn't get in contact with a rep of the band to grant permission. soooooooo until i hear back, it's going to be a callback to the harvey danger reference in arc 2 with Thrilling Conversation.

really insider tidbit: i met the drummer of harvey danger on their farewell tour a few years back, and he told me he had my War Buddies comic printed out and hanging on the wall in his studio. BEST VINDICATION OF COMIC ART EVER.
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inhuman updated!
(and patrons got inks n such)

if you're reading this on lj or dreamwidth- congrats!!! for you its double update day! cuz the comic updated last week and i forgot to post a blog. my bad. :x

the weather is becoming nice, the wildlife is becoming uh...shall we say...playful here in new england. somebody (im blaming raccoons but it. coulda also been my skunks) broke into the garage and had a trash party last night, so i spent the morning cleaning up. which is actually okay, cuz its super nice outside, so throwin on the ol' vulture culture gloves and grabbin a few contractor bags wasnt the worst chore.

anyway i closed off the way they got in with some lumber and that was my morning. which is why this comic update is at 3pm.

im almost finished this arc, and if you've enjoyed it so far please consider supporting it on patreon :x it's been all solla's arc, really, and i've had a lot of fun doin it.
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Inhuman updated!
(and yeh yeh patreon got inks and work notes)

my shoulder's really hurting so i can't say too much right now other than whoa!!! kanyes new album......are you okay kanye..... i really liked FML unsurprisingly

also i gave ren a giant ball of compressed catnip earlier this week, and its since completely vanished from the face of the earth. what have you done, ren?
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Inhuman update!
(and patrons got inks, as well as thumbnails)

hey all~
i'm starting to sort my busted sleep cycle out, just about the same time this cold snap has left the area. THANK GOD cuz i hate that. -20 F is a very No Thank You temp.

valentines day involved seeing star wars a 4th time and going to the hardware store ...and also the comic store, where i got ignored by clerks cuz Thats Nerd Culture! hey, if you own/work in a comic shop? don't do that. don't ignore customers you think are too femme/gay/weird/women. it just reaffirms you're jerks and nobody wants to give money to jerks!

i've also been really enjoying two spooky podcasts that i WISH there was more of!!
check out the black tapes and limetown if you got a few hours to listen.

limetown is currently on a mid-season break, but black tapes is updating bi-weekly and is completely worth following.
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Inhuman updated!
(and patrons got the inks of course)

hey all! here comes winter in massachusetts...yuck. and i'm not sure if it's just that, or somethin else, but my sleep schedule has been a *mess* lately. so, i apologise for the comic goin all over the place in terms of update schedule.

this arc is almost over though! at this point, arc 14 is running neck and neck with the events at the end of arc 10. or, i guess, a bit behind the end of the events at arc 10. haha

right, off to draw some patreon rewards now. see you next week, folks!
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inhuman update!
and patrons got sketches, inks, thumbnails and notes!

greetings programs!
so here we are in another month of 2016, and as some of you know already, i made some BIG CHANGES to patreon!

well, okay. not that big. everything is still priced the same. it's just much easier to suss out now. instead of having to do mental math and go "oh if i back at 7.50 per page i'm averaging 30$ a month for one drawing" now it just goes "pay 30$ per month for a drawing" and boom, you can budget that without a care.

so if pricing confusion was holding you back before, please take a fresh look at patreon and see if things make more sense now!

apart from that, my bday was very nice and mild. i got some nice things (including gifts in the mail from readers! thank you guys!!) one of which is a 8lb lil weight. now, my bad shoulder prevents me from doing certain things like pushups to keep muscle built up...but with a weight, i can actually sort of pick and choose what parts of my arm i'm gonna work on, depending on shoulder pain levels that day etc. and it's helped a LOT! flex flex flex

i also picked up a new shade of navy blue paint which you can see i played with a lot on this week's page...and a blue gel pen which was not the shade of blue i expected.

oh yeah, and i did hourly comics day on monday :>

see y'all next week, droogs!
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just some bday filler

so it turns out me and the most infamous & beloved nikitak OC's creator share a birth-week! so i figured...why not turn the filler art into a tribute to his sin-noodle majesty? so happy bday gloucester! uh. you can have that cake.

i also went to anthro new england again last weekend! it was even better than last year, and even more crowded too! the con's already growing too big for the hotel venue, so who knows where we'll be next year. but: it was AWESOME to get to make so many new friends, see old friends again, and also meet some folks in the flesh for the first time. it was an absolute blast, and you can see my pics/swag here.

i want to point out that in my limited experience so far, furcons are cleaner, better organized, kinder, and much less homophobic/transphobic than other cons i've been to. seriously, ANE is a safe space and it's *wonderful* to be surrounded by positivity and acceptance for three whole days.

in other news...i'll be adjusting the payment style of patreon starting in february, tho i gotta wait til pledges process before i can do it or else a glitch will take place. but once i'm done, it should be much easier to understand pricing!
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Inhuman updated!
(and yep patreon got inks)

hey y'all! not much time to talk. i'm trying to pull extra hours to work on patreon rewards before the con this weekend!! i'm stoked!!

i've got some new stuff to show off, but mostly i just can't wait to see people and hang out in boston :> hope to see you there too!

bingo time

Jan. 9th, 2016 04:52 pm
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Inhuman updated!
(and patreon patrons got: inks, thumbnails and a cut scene!)

hey all hey hey. welcome to 2016!
i. unfortunately don't have a lot of time to talk right now because we have to pick up a truck from new york state and drag it back here early early early tomorrow...but here's a real quick summary of the last week

- i saw star wars for the 3rd time and it was Still Great
- im so tired
- please stop the nightmares and let me sleep aaaa
- anthro new england is only in like two weeks??? aaaaaaaaaa

okay, see yall later. catch you flipside and whatever :v


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