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inhuman update!
(the inks have been on DA for like a week, too)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page!

i buy myself a neon green ruler so i won't lose the damn thing and immediately lose it under a pile of books. i'm a genius.

sorry about the delay there, that trip kinda threw more of a monkey wrench into the works of my art-time than i thought. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW AND I'M BACK ON TRACK. the trip was nice, we somehow managed to go down south during the week of a huge heat wave up north. so uh, it was actually cooler in the deep south. score??

went to the huntsville space & rocket center. if you're unaware, that's where they built/tested most of the rockets for the early american spaceflight missions. i think they also trained astronauts there, i was kind of overwhelmed between 1) ROCKETS!!!!!!!! OLD SPACETECH!!!!!!!!!! and 2) the heat outside so i had a hard time actually retaining much of what i learned. but here's some photos!

not a whole lot though )

and uhm...yeah, that's it! next month i'll (hopefully) be at fau thanks to the kindness of amber, so if you live around the jersey area, consider grabbing a day pass and checking it out. if i do go, it'll be my first con in six years. dang!

that's all i got. next week!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA for erry'body)

yeesh what to say about this week. [personal profile] zarla started playing silent hill downpour and streaming it (because we live IN THE FUTURE) so i've been watching. i wrote some stuff up at about 20% into the game. by 40% most of my feelings remain the same, but there was a completely gratuitious enemy introduced which so far Nobody Likes At All and really the game would have been better without so downpour's major weakpoint has really been enemy design thus far. other than that it...looks like a silent hill? feels like one? obviously the team did their homework, and they're not trying to horn into anyone else's storyline (like origins or shattered memories) nor stealing monsters from anyone else (like origins and homecoming) which already puts it head and shoulders above other newer silent hills.

other things that happened this week: i seriously messed up my toe and joined weasyl (not at the same time)

but on to inhuman stuff.

this week kyo answered questions about grey's weight, statues of himself, interplanetary student exchanges, tail awareness, how he's feeling and his opinions on contura.

ravagefox drew two new pictures

and i drew some stuff too.

all safe for work stuff )

oh, and if your browser is google chrome (or chrome-esque) you might want to check this out. take a walk through our celestial neighborhood, why not!

one last thing before i head out for the week though. this month? has been pretty tough on us. so if you were considering buying something from the inhuman shop or someday dropping something in the tip jar? now is a good time. like, a really good time.

and uh. that's all i got, i guess. later, droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(with the inks over on DA)

aaaaand back into the groove.
i mentioned this elsewhere, but i'm kind of messing around with a purple marker on this page trying to see if i can get it to render shadows on both characters and backgrounds a bit more...helpfully. as for the backgrounds, it didn't seem to accomplish much (perhaps i need a darker purple marker?) and on characters it worked - where i was bold enough to use it. still something i'm fiddling with.

let's see. in addition to the other site changes, i added three new comics to the links: trance, kyle & atticus and prequel. i've been reading all three for a while now, and only just got around to linking them. but check all three out. they're pretty good.

the cast page has been updated as well, and there still some things i need to work on getting functional with the new layout. if something breaks for you/is broken, please just let me know!

there's also fanart from Dying Dutchman and Delta93

but hey, who wants some the future is now! style news? YOU DO OF COURSE!

so as you (now) know, you couldn't exactly access the internet if you were in orbit in a space station. yes, life in zero g was harsh. and let's not fool ourselves, a lot of young would-be astronauts probably learned they couldn't get e-mail up there and decided "fuck it, i'll be a fireman instead." but this is a problem NO MORE!

recently, astronauts aboard the international space station successfully used a prototype interplanetary internet service (DTN) to drive a little lego robot around in germany. from space. through the internet.

the exciting thing about this is that this is a more secure method of transfering commands and information across space. see, when we send signals to say, the curiousity rover? they can get muddled, or mixed up, or take too long. DTN is an improvement upon that.

and it'd also mean that if you, say, lived on a martian colony? you could communicate with your internet pals back on earth. sure, the lag would be fierce. but you COULD DO IT. and that? is just hella cool.

oh and i guess i should just mention this. smackjeeves is doing their annual awards thing, and i dunno. if you're a fan of the comic, maybe you'd like to nominate it? inhuman's smackjeeves mirror is a few pages behind the main site, but that'd be the url you'd use to nominate if you had such a mind to. :x usually *if* inhuman gets nominated i don't find out about it until a day before the voting and so can't mobilise any votes, but maybe this time will be different?

i think that's all i've got for you! now i can finish up my coffee. delicious coffee. til next week, folks!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA like usual)

i forgot to write the blog for it, but there was also an update last week. oh, and a new unintentional mishaps page. i'm as in the dark about what will happen next in Mishaps as you are, as i haven't seen the next page's script yet. what could occur :O

it was a bit of a rough two weeks, but it's over now and i am sure things will only get better because October Is Awesome. the leaves have already changed immensely around here, and a lot of people already have their halloween decorations and pumpkins out. i want to turn our front porch into a gauntlet of haunted spiders through which ambitious trick-or-treaters will have to walk to reach candy but alf is convinced they will be too afraid to go for it. that's defeatest talk and i will not have it. haunted spiders it shall be.

oh yeah, ps - AMERICANS! the last day you can register to vote is sometime in october! it varies between states, and you can find out your last day on this map. remember that this year you can register ONLINE and it literally takes less than five minutes to do so. so please, please, PLEASE register to vote in this year's election.

anyway, back to the comic. it's been a few years since this set was last used, so for a brief refresher you may want to flip back to page 367.

i also finally got around to zipping up the archive for arc 10, which you can grab in .zip or .cbz format. whichever. i'll get around to making it into a pdf eventually.

there was some fanart both this week and last from scribbles, coppelia, jakrian, merlin and ravagefox.

oh, and they confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that there was once water on mars. so uh. eat that, people who believe earth is the specialist snowflake of them all.

catch you all next week.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are up on DA for y'all)

i apologise that this is all i have for you this week, no mishaps or fairy tale. i was kind of derailed by incoming family members and preparing for their visitation. the visit went fairly well! a lot better than i expected, to be entirely honest.

i talked a little bit about ruri's binoculars here, and also went on a small rant about timing with props that was spawned by a really awful webcomic i read recently that is making chekhov roll in his grave from lack of use of their estbalished gun in scenarios a gun would be uh. useful in. prettymuch it boils down to OH MY GOD DON'T INTRODUCE PROPS YOU AREN'T GOING TO USE ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE SOMETHING AS ATTENTION GRABBING AS A GUN!

oh, and if you can't wait for me to finish drawing the images that go with it, the rough draft of the contura planetary write-up is here!

for fanart, there's one from garuda and one from tydusis. check 'em out :v

safe for work arts, ayup )

before i vanish for another week, let me talk about two fancy science things!

first off, did you know a young lady in egypt has theorized and applied for a patent on a method of propulsion which will, if it is built, completely revolutionize space travel? it's really quite stunning! she doesn't have a lot of cash, though, and neither does her school, so it's uncertain when or how this will be developed. but i really hope it gets made soon!

i had some simpleton argue wthat her theory is "impossible" because the only earth based technology capable of producing her theorized fuel (quantum particles!) is the LHC. even if this were true and these particles were magically found nowhere else in the universe, it's assinine to say that the LHC means we will "never" bring that technology to space. the LHC is one of the first of its kind, and all technological forerunners are larger and ungainly than their later mass produced counterparts. need i point you to ENIAC?

so this girl's idea is brilliant, she is brilliant, and i hope she becomes absolutely famous and rich for her concept. good on you, kid!

the other majorly awesome sciencey thing is abotu some GMOs! you know i love GMOs. GMOs are our friends! modifying a crop to resist a drought is a REALLY GOOD WAY to avoid what we're dealing with now (a food price spike because corn crops cannot yeild in such dry conditions). to suggest that GMOs will KILL US ALL OMG WE'LL GET POISONED AND MUTATE is just as idiotic as saying jumping in a pool of toxic waste will give you mutations and superpowers. please. knock some sense into your head, GMOs are brilliant and wonderful things.

like my new friend the medusoid! bioengineered as an early step in using GMOs to develop treatments for heart disease, the medusoid looks like a tiny jellyfish. it swims like a tiny jellyfish. it probably tastes like one too! but it's been engineered from the cells of a rat heart, and that makes its DNA...a rat. SO LOOK AT OUR ADORABLE JELLYRAT! ITS THE CUTEST RAT EVER!

so while we're building jellyfish out of rats, what's going on with computers? well, i think the first true example of artificial life has been created. it's not self aware (to our knowledge) and hardly advanced, but baby steps man! you have to start with single celled artificial life before you really move into the big leagues, and that's what we've done.

neat, huh?

catch you 'round the solar system, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA, yes indeed)

HOLY CHROME. did you guys watch the Dragon spacecraft docking this week? IT. WAS. AMAZINGGGGGG~
i swear when they announced capture confirmed i cried
seriously i cried

this is why i am the biggest nerd for space

wait this isn't my personal space exploration gushing blog? drat. i should talk about the comic i guess. well, this week i went into long extensive rambles about the root structure of trees in conturian hotels as well as the gel-bubble window structure. if you too are a huge scifi nerd you might enjoy reading such things! i enjoyed writing about them, anyway.

this week, kyo answered questions about alien sleeping arrangements, his children's book writing career, his relationship with chovek, gibberish, lies, feet and of course - booze.

in terms of fanart this week, there's more from aspect as well as gloucester and the amazing sfe monster is in there too! :O

and art by me? well okay

all safe for work )

and those who have clicked through to the site will have also noticed that yes, there's another month-end chipin going. it is an ENORMOUS help when people donate to these, it really takes a lot of stress and pressure out of our household (primarily because i'm not pacing franticly wringing my hands espousing how we're going to wind up on the street) and i really, really appriciate it. donors this time will get a STICKER or a SKETCH (their choice), but if the goal is met then EVERYONE gets to read about MORBACKS and another page of FAIRY TALE. is fair, yes?

if you were a donor who picked a sketch last month, they're over here to be picked up. click images to enlarge them :o they'll be mailed out soon (if you requested that)

also if you are not cool donating i am still open for commissions. there's a price list here (though the link goes to furaffinity so the ads might not be SFW)

right, i gotta get ready to rock. going to my aunt and uncle's place for this minor late-spring holiday. see you round, space cadets!
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Inhuman update!
(and yes, the inks are up on DA)

first off, anyone who donated to the chipin and requested a sticker? check your mailbox! they've been sent! they should be arriving in the next few days.
people who are curious about the sticker design? you'll just have to wait and hope one of the donors posts a picture, because i don't plan on releasing the design :o ooooo mystery sticker ooooo

but let me draw your attention to this adorable mite plush that is up for auction, by shady. look at that purplepinkblue fluffpuff. he/she has no bids! that's a travesty! someone should bid on this adorable mite. yes.

i'd also like to thank everyone who's migrated over to the ask kyo tumblr to ask kyo. this week, kyo got to answer questions about The Pushcart War, vampire aliens, bad parties, alien gender roles, zoos and - of course - booze. it's a LOT easier to the tumblr manage than that old spam-ridden guest book, and i enjoy drawing responses a lot more than typing them out. i recently added a new page to it that links a few other Inhuman spin-off character ask tumblrs - the coolest of which is White Sun Pharamceuticals. if you feel like watching a creepy chuian be creepy, i can't think of a better place to go.

oh. related to the comic? i made a mistake with this page. but i fixed it.

in terms of fanart, there's stuff from Aspect, Maniac/Keetah and a commission from Roz Gibson that looks so cool. check 'em out.

there's also the write up about Nikiticha for those who missed the link earlier.

and hey, who's excited about the JUICE mission to search for life on jupiter's moons? THIS GUUUUUY
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are up on DA)

greetings my fellow sasquatch. wait, you're not fellow sasquatch? FELLOW HUMANS (nice save, no one will ever suspect)

today is earth day. today i also updated the comic, but earth day is v important to me because i live on earth. earth day started largely as a result of the enviromentalism movement which started largely as a result of the US sending humans into space where we took pictures of our planet, our blue marble, floating in an inky sea of stars. the sense of scale caused a lot of people to realize we need to take care of our planet so it can take care of us. really, earth day and the push to explore space are intrinsicly linked. one spawned the other. so as much as i love staring into the stars, i also want to take care of our planet.

so today? walk somewhere instead of driving. turn off your lights early, turn down your heat, go for a walk in the woods if it's nice. plant some trees or flowers or grass or some other thing of your choosing. fill a birdfeeder, don't squash that bee/spider, and think about how great our planet is compared to some of the others not too far away. take care of earth and she'll take care of you. ignore earth, and well, we could be in for a short ride.

speaking of space and earth, there's something in the media that's bugging me lately. two people with a ton of money have finally proposed what scientists and nerds have been suggesting for years - that we begin mining asteroids for precious metals and resources. asteroids are in abundance (hell, we have two fields of them in our own solar system) and often contain things we could really use here on earth. but news agencies seem to be sort of guffawing at this, poo-pooing the possibilities. and that pisses me off. just because it SEEMS like science fiction doesn't mean it can't/shouldn't be done. would they have poo-poo'd the space program? the manhattan project? electricity? trains? planes? simply because something is the product of imagination doesn't mean it's not worth persuing. on the contrary, it means PERSUE THE HELL OUT OF THAT PROJECT. so i'm glad to hear that asteroid mining is finally becoming a seriously considered reality. now if the news would get their ignorant heads out of their asses, stop thinking with the heads of fifty years ago, and realize how great this is.

rarrr >:O

anyway. have a picture of grey.

also i'm raising money for the mortgage again. this month i figured i'd offer doners a choice between a free sketch or a free sticker? and if the goal is met, i was thinking about writing up a planetary information file on the nikitak homeworld. i haven't posted a comic about this to the site yet, but i will later on in the week (likely monday). but as before basicly i'm asking for donations of 1$, since i feel like y'know. a buck is fair, right? for the comic every month? i hope? :B

anyhoo, that's all i really got. hopefully i'll have a mint comic for you all next week, and there's also talk of site work going on next weekend. but we'll see how that pans out.

happy earth day, fellow earthlings.
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Inhuman Update!
(and the inks are available for both this and last week's page)

first of all, i apologise for never making a blog post last week. it was a hectic week, to say the least. we were supposed to close on the house but due to general fumbling on the part of the mortgage broker, we had to file for extension -again-. We should be closing this week now, but time will tell.

i have much to say and little space to cover it in so let me get through it fast as i can.

>> The Nikitak Plush...

I spoke with Patchtogether and plushes are apparently the hardest thing to get made. we need a minimum (MINIMUM) of 300 positive votes. i'm not sure if we can make this goal, as we're about 130 short. the alternative is that i will make the plushes by hand, which now that i've found the power line for my sewing machine doesn't sound like such a bad deal. alternately, would people be okay with a nikitak sculpture from PT? let me know your thoughts on this either by commenting here or e-mailing me. i'm going to leave the tally counter up for a little while still, but i need to redraw it. soooo yeah

>> The Shop...
when i was redesigning the site, i took it down again. the issue is...nobody uses google shops. ONE person ordered stickers from it that way, and i can't even figure out how to get their information. i've basicly lost my way back into the shop. someone help me with this so i can refund their money, and person who ordered the stickers please contact me so we can discuss actually getting you your order D:

however, in the next few weeks i'll be changing the shop to emulate Rainbow Cemetery's refurbished game console shop. aka, just paypal buttons. so hang tight, i know this hasn't been a good year for the shop. things WILL turn around soon.

>> Comic Mirrors...
i'm starting a bit of a project to make comic mirrors on various sites (like comicgenesis and smackjeeves) which will update daily with archived pages. basicly the purpose of these mirrors will be to just get a toe in in various comic community websites that by virtue of having my own domain name i've kinda neglected. nobody has to follow/bookmark any of these if they don't want, but i'm writing just to make people aware so nobody thinks i'm getting ripped off.

okay that should do it for the extra-stuff. now, on to the normal stuff.

>> fanstuff...
first off, please enjoy that fanstuff has now been split into fanart and fanfiction. you can get to these by clicking the art & writing tab and selecting either art or writing. and then just saying you want to see other people's stuff vs. mine.

this week (and last week) there was one silly photo edit by Coyote Caliente, a really cute nikitak by Hush-a-Bye, a brand new nikitak by Tydusis, a myche sent with my repaired ipod by Mulder and Dying Dutchman drew a nikitak with a giant muffin. mmm muffins...

i also added Dying Dutchman's Ashido minecraft skin and Ravagefox's dancing nikitak icon to the Downloads.

>> site stuff...
obviously, i did a major update on the site layout. i tried to clean it up a little bit, is what it really comes down to. as you poke around you'll see that more or less it's just easier to navigate. this included splitting the archives into the main archives and the side comic archives.

i also added two new links, one to a comic called Judecca and another to this awesome comic called Skin Deep. you should A+ check them out.

in addition, wolfwings and kane both got arm-deep in code and fixed the forum! so it should be working now, yaaaaay

>> news...
you heard about it right? RIGHT? the thing that shakes our very fundamental understanding of the universe? the thing that everyone said shouldn't be possible, and scowled down on scifi fans for believing in? that thing? NO??? well that thing is the speed of light may have been broken by neutrinos. the speed of light is supposed to be the universal speed limit - things aren't supposed to go over it. but neutrinos keep arriving "earlier" than light speed at CERN. they're looking into it now, and it may take years to either confirm or dispell, but for now you must accept the possibility that light speed CAN be broken.

which pleases me to no end. science fiction almost always predicts science fact. here we have just another example.

speaking of scifi predicting scifact, haven't you ever sat down and thought man - i'd love to see my dreams as a movie. or to imagine my own movie. or to just see people's thoughts visually represented. funny thing, the technology now exists to see brain activity visually represented. imagine the applications to, say, coma victims. suddenly they can communicate with the outside world again, as long as there's brain activity.

brains are funny things, though. they're extremely powerful but they're also very succeptible to suggestion. and some suggestions can be so subtle they're frankly insidious. it should come as no shock that i DO NOT LIKE whole foods. they're just another big box store masquerading as a folksy earthy healthy foods shop. truth is they're just robbing rich nitwits who want to believe they're "helping the planet" blind. what, you don't believe they're just as corporate as any other entity? maybe you've just been brainwashed by their store interior. i still say your produce is going to be fresher from a farm stand and your meat fresher from a butcher/fish shop. call me bonkers.

and that's all i got. oh, wait, one more thing :O

>> Cameo Alert!
Koji & Friends? Now that's a tv show that'd be educational AND hypercolour!

that's all i got. see y'all next week!
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Inhuman update!
(oh god don't look at the inks, they're horrible!)

hey, it's time for arc 10 to start! horray! everyone excited to be back with our token alcoholic and schizophrenic? i know i am!

very sharp eyes may notice i've changed the numerics on the little preview image. while this is truthfully page 419, i've labeled it as 10:1 for arc 10, page 1. the reason for this is a little insidous i'll admit. i feel like when people see a number as big as 419 they become intimidated and it turns them off to reading or even starting to read from that point. but 10:1 isn't as intimidating. 10 isn't that huge of a number, and "feels" much more managable. aka, i feel like this manner of labeling might prevent the comic from scaring away new readers who go OH GOD SO MANY PAGES I CANT READ THAT MUCH D:

the Nikitak Plush is at 165 of 220ish votes! that's pretty good, but still not enough to be put into production. i'm not sure if PT will actually produce it (did we take too long already gathering votes??) especially since someone ignored my specific request that people NOT vote more than once. voting twice EVEN IF you use a different e-mail account is against their rules, and yes, they can tell you did it. :\ but EITHER WAY. if it fails to be produced, i'll put together a tutorial of how to sew one at home (and a nikitak ragdoll plush) and we'll run with that. HOPEFULLY THOUGH, IT'LL MAKE PRODUCTION! fingers crossed, and if you haven't voted yet, please do!

>> fanstuff...
i received a short little fanfic from Derpy as (i guess?) a wedding gift! it's pretty wibbly though, it made me feel sad D: so read Love is Found & Lost with caution.

speaking of wedding gifts, Garuda sent an awesome 8track player but enclosed was also a little doodle of soshika! so i put that up.

other fanart this week include a drawing by Milo (1), Wing Commander Rudoji (1), Erde (2), and Adamska (2)! thank you everyone :o i <3 your art

>> art stuff...
since the school year (aka, my work year) has begun again, my ability to draw is going to dwindle again. but here's what i was able to manage, before the year really got into full swing for the week...

all safe for work )

>> site stuff...
i've updated the URL for the tip jar, and while Sokki is spotting a good chunk of the money for a new scanner, the next thing i'm saving for is the money to purchase the plane tickets so we can actually go on our honeymoon :B we'll go regardless, it's just a matter of how much it winds up setting us back in the end. tips are appriciated for softening that blow to the wallet.

[ profile] wolfwings is making some amazing headway in his massive restructuring of the site, and i'm really really excited for it. most of what's being done is honestly "behind the scenes" code, so to the casual observer, not much will change with the site or its layout. but it makes things MUCH easier for me (no more accidental 404s for clicking 'next' on no booty calls, etc) and in general things will load much faster. there will also be mobile browser compatibility! oooo

i'm also almost done entirely re-scanning, re-texting and re-outlining speech bubbles for Arc 1 of the comic. don't go looking into the archives for these re-scans though, they're for something else. something i still can't talk about. shhh...

>> news...
first of all in the news this week, may i just say that if you feel Hurricane Irene was "hyped" that you take a moment to read what STSH has to say? i live in a hard hit area from the flooding, and it was NOT hyped. we were very fortunate that the house we're purchasing is on high enough ground that it is still dry and secure, but our apartment was sandwiched between two flooded over roads and we were trapped until the water went down. so it was not overly hyped, please stuff a sock in it.

in less grouchy news, you all know about Hydrogen, right? how it's the most common element in the universe, and so the most logical choice for an alternative energy source? well it looks like someone is finally looking to make use of it that way! although i'm not sure why you would split water up to get the hydrogen out...there's plenty of other hydrogen around, and only a limited amount of water.

oh, you might disagree with me on this, but i feel that 2010 and 2011 have been years of INSANE weather. not just freak coincidence weather, 100 year storms every month style weather. to me, that signals a hellalotta climate change going on. and we really ought to do something to slow that down. fortunately someone things they have a plan. by releasing a certain kind of chemical into the air, we'll reflect a bit of the sun's rays and cool the planet down some! that'll help, if we can leash in our carbon budget as well. so let's hope it works!

for those who've played Metal Gear Solid 3 (aka SNAKE EATER) this story is for you. some crazy guy in cali took huge bites out of a pet snake he got from...somewhere. while it was still alive. enough to expose its liver D: the snake is recovering, the guy is in jail, but all i could think of when i saw that was the cinematics of Big Boss chomping down on pythons in the jungle. HOMNOMSLURP

that's all i got this week. see you next week, when grey starts his internal monologueing again. later, space cadets!

ps, has anyone seen a monocle cavorting about?
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Inhuman update!
(and inks? oh yeah they're around here somewhere)

in this page: myches! elevators! alliances!

er, i'd like to write something cool about the last week, but nothing particularly awesome happened. i got a lot of art done for people and read a lot, and sent a lot of paperwork to the mortgage broker. other than LJ's massive downtime, not a whole lot to report.

although! i did submit a nikitak plush design to PatchTogether. it hasn't been approved yet, i'll let you know when it is. but you guys should go to PT now and make an account. only people with accounts can vote, and when the plush is approved it will need lots of positive votes in order to be made.

i also suggest people make accounts at just cause y' might want one. at some point. hint hint.

>> fanstuff...
got a couple little things this week! first of all, elenawing has graciously drawn a sketch of grey! ravagefox returned with three new doodles of theoruf the nikitak skulking about in his super-sciency way, and gloucester created a fantabulous rendition of his hedonistic space dionysus nikitak! check em all out!

oh and if you drew fanart? feel free to e-mail it to me!

>> art stuff...

all safe for work, yessiree )

>> site stuff...
okay, don't kill me...i'm TRYING OUT the scribol widgit. i was approached by the owners of scribol and asked to give it a try (not a form letter) and after some teeth-pulling to be allowed the right to withdraw my content at random, i agreed to give it a go. it should be blocked by most ad-block software if you hate it, but for those who aren't using adblock PLEASE let me know if it causes any problems for you. if it turns out to be trouble and i get no traffic from it, i'll pull it.

i also am starting up a new chipin, but this one has a specific goal :O A NEW SCANNER! :O! :O ! :O! :O!:!O!!:O!:!O!:!O!
but icarus, why do you need a new scanner?
well my young reader, my scanner is quite simply put, crap. it works well for documents, but its specs are quite low. it doesn't scan all colours, and has a very small scanner bed. it's really not for art or photographs. so this month's chipin is for a new scanner.

now, i could continue to just tough it out with my old scanner. but due to *things i can't discuss because i signed an agreement not to* i need to make nice rescans of the older pages, and i'd really like them to be as pretty as they are in reality. or at least close to that. i really want to do this right, but with the new house on the horizon i can't justify taking it out of my own savings (all of that is reserved for downpayment and repairs). on the upside, donaters will recieve a complimentary set of new stickers and alien pins. so yeah :O

(hey did i mention you might want a account...?)

>> news...
oh gosh, where to begin! it's been a HUGE exciting week for those of us who believe in extraterrestrial life. first off, there's a massive cache of water vapor surrounding a distant quasar. this is the farthest documented water source in our universe. a lot of nay-sayers like to tout that since life on earth finds water so essential, for life to exist in the universe besides ourselves there must be water and WELL HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU SEE ON MARS OR THE MOON HEM HEM. funny thing is, water appears quite common in the universe. in fact, it rains water on saturn. and as all of us remember from elementary school, saturn is a planet relatively close by.

since water is just hydrogen and oxygen, it's not that rare. hydrogen is the most common element in our known galaxy (universe?) and oxygen isn't all that rare either. some stars actually give off oxygen as they die.

since America has nixed their manned spaceflight program and Russia has decided to sink the International Space Station in 2020, these little things are all that keep us believers going these days. our technology is fabulous at this point. we can even create videos of rotating planetoids in our asteroid belt!

but we're not downhearted. not entirely, anyway. you see, the era of COMMERCIAL manned spaceflight has only just begun. not being backed by governments, commercial spaceflight may (at least initially) have more money than NASA to pour into development. in fact, one of them has enough money to run a raffle, the prize of which is a flight into space. it's even free to enter! (you're welcome for that link, by the way)

oh, and people may be feeling a little mopey because Chinese phycisists have decryed tiem travel... but stop and consider the fact that a week before they did so, the Chinese government banned time travel shows from TV. yes, it's Unpatriotic in China to believe in time travel. so i wouldn't trust them on that one, really...

oh, and by the way, Google+ won't ban you from your other google accounts for a fake name anymore. you're good to go on a superior social networking platform!

see you next week, compadres & comrades
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beep beep...public service announcement.

Point One: Today (july 8th, 2011) at 11.20 EST10:40 EST (they're ahead of schedule), NASA will launch the final space shuttle mission. you can watch the last NASA shuttle launch here. and you really should, because it may be the last chance you get to watch a shuttle go into space.

Point Two: Due to plans for this weekend (house hunting, animal related chores and a trip to the beach) i'm not sure i'll be able to complete the whole page. so i'm going to start working on some No Booty Calls pages today, and those should be up instead.

eyup, that's all. if you want to chat while watching the shuttle launch you can join us in sabrous.

later taters.
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Inhuman update!
(actually there's been two since i last updated, so here's inks for page 413 and here's 414!)

my aplogies for not posting the last few weeks. it was the end of the school year, which meant shit was going BANANAS! but now it's all over, and i can settle in for a nice relaxing summer. a nice, relaxing summer. a nice...oh who am i kidding.

there's also a new No Booty Calls up! And the tip jar has been rebooted, cause a lot of my markers are running dry and i...can't afford to replace them if we're saving for a house :x anyway!

real world junk...
it's only been a week (well more like 5 days) of vacation, and already stuff's gone wonky. the house we'd put a bid in on suddenly was pulled off the market by the owner (a bank) and is now going to be an auction. we have no details on that auction, and i'm a little nervous about even bidding on an auction house. what if we bid, win, and then it won't pass home inspection? part of our whole contract/bid was that it had to pass an inspection before we would consider buying it. why you gotta hate, fannie mae :< so now we're looking at other houses...and that's pretty time consuming in and of itself.

also, for those following the tumblr, there's been some rediculous drama involving my neighbor the crackhead and some neglected kittens. it's apparently reached a point where even the fire department knows about it, because the crackhead won't stop harassing them. at this point the landlord is waiting for her to say she'll get rid of the cats so the kittens can go safely to a shelter. but i've learned one thing from this ordeal so far. never bet against a crackhead being crazy as all hell. they are crazy. crazy as all hell.

i've also been reading voraciously. in fact i've run out of books until my new one arrives in the mail next week. this is a problem. I NEED A HIT OF LITERATURE, SWEET SWEET PROSE.

i also completed my global pokedex in pokemon White! HORRAY!! also got two of my three teams to level 100! DOUBLE HORRAY! so if anyone needs help with their pokedex now, i can actually assist. don't be afear'd to ask :>

i've been stockpiling it, like a boss. which is very different from organizing it, don't get me wrong. the sprite artist Mantis is back with 4 new sprites! ShiftySketch has graced us with 3 doses of Nare the Myche! Rudoji is back to drawing him and milo in piloting gear again. boys will be boys. Maniac made byootiful kyosticker and also an adorable drawing of hazard cuddling plushes...including a koji plush. Chaz sent 2 pieces of artwork with the markers i had to order from the UK, which he graciously acted as a go-between for. thank you again, chaz! and of course, Dying Dutchman returned- this time with some art of his Morback, Gavin. he's really improving a lot! you should check it out!

art stuff...
why yes, yes i do have something to put here this week!

all safe for work )

site stuff...
as i mentioned, the tip jar is back up due to a severe need for markers. also coffee. and possibly more books. but if you're not cool with tips, that's okay, because since it's summer i also can actually do commissions! so there's that too.

hopefully i'll have the shop up and running's currently a matter of finding a nice, free OScommerce skin that i can use since the default makes me think i'm on a pokemon website from '99. or either one.

wow, uhm. where to begin. gay marriage is legal in new york now, that's a good place! here's my first and final word on the subject: WOOHOO!

moving on.

ever wish you could just plug something into your skull and instantly know how to, say, perform complex first-aid procedures? well, soon your wish may become a reality. this "brain expansion" chip already works in rodents, and scientists are making efforts towards getting it to work with primates as well. please avoid any kung fu related jokes. or i might have to zap you with my laser.

what's that you say? humans can't produce lasers? sure we can, with a little help from jellyfish DNA! i went into a little more excited detail on this elsewhere, but here let me just say that finally being able to have laser eyes would be goddamn badass. just don't go giving them to komodo dragons, or next thing you know tokyo will be in big trouble.

and okay, holograms are cool. nothing like pinching the miniturized holographic head of emperor palpitine. but it's always been MISSING something. that actual, physical sensation of squishing a head perhaps? at least it won't be missing long! japan (of course japan) is working on touchable holograms. one step closer to virtual reality...

whew. that's a lot of news. now, off to find an OScommerce template! and also watch about 400 episodes of the twilight zone.

don't forget to like inhuman on facebook and share it on twitter, please!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks all by themselves might be more epic than the finished comic, i fear)

hey, say goodbye to hekshano, folks. i have no further plans for it appearing in the storyline. the only forseeable chance it has of coming back is in flashbacks and a possible epilogue. the old girl's had a good run. and she's come a long way since her first appearance on page 24.

hey, if you like what you see? drop some funds in the tip jar, because this page was entirely the product of starbucks coffee and dr. brown's soda. and as i am sure you know, starbucks coffee ain't exactly cheap...bastards. and if you can't do that, click on the facebook & twitter share buttons on the top of each page and share a little love that'away!

real world junk...
four weeks until the end of the school year, my friends. i'm counting down the days. i'm planning to spend the summer focusing on arty stuff, possibly seeing if i can locate a job in the area which will put my art teacher certification to use. it'd be NICE, to be honest. in the interm we're sort of planning something big, in addition to looking at houses around here.

man people came out of the woodwork this week! or maybe just getting on tumblr made it easier to get in contact with people somehow? either way! there's fanart from Kep, Amred, Dying Dutchman, Strange One (new artist!), Shifty Sketch and Maniac! holy toledo. you guys, some of this stuff is freakin' epic. like whoa.

i'm debating making a link on every fanartist's page to their deviantart, homepage and any other gallery they may have. think it'll be a good plan?

art stuff...

31 pics, safe for work except for a few crazy people and cigarettes )

site stuff...
unfortunately it looks like the forums are need of serious help. i can't do much to help them, since i'm prettymuch out of free time (i'm cutting into my sleep just to type this) but if you're a coder or an ambitious phpbb jockey, i'll happily take your help. shoot me an e-mail.

first off beep beep Maniac is doing commissions if you're in the market for some art. she does amazing work for seriously cheap (ten bux!) and she just graduated from art school, so she could really use your support. go check her out!

earlier this week, science confirmed something previously only theorized by einstein... dark energy. this isn't dark matter, it's different. it's an energy that really we don't HAVE on earth (which should make perfect sense to you...the universe is huge, we don't have ALL of its mysteries on earth) that we can now see the evidence of. it's the energy that causes the universe to expand and keep expanding, and continue expanding at an ever-accelerating rate. the analogy they mention in the article is like, as if you were to throw a ball up in the air. and instead of it coming down, it just flew up up and away...getting faster the further it went. neat, huh?

not as neat as tardigrades! during the endeavour's last flight, they've brought some of these weird aquatic animals into space. why? because they've found that they can survive unaided in space for brief periods of time. they go into this state of super-hibernation which is meant to help them survive until water comes their way. HOW COOL IS THAT! an earth-formed adaptation helps this animal survive IN SPACE. this more or less also should put to rest if there can be life in space. life's not fragile, delicate and whispy. it's tenacious, creeping out in places where we expect it not to be. if something from our relatively rare waterworld can survive in space, what's to say something more specifically evolved for space can't do the same? what's to say that in thousands of years, something from our little waterworld won't be evolved to enter space on its own? SO NEAT.

okay i'm more or less passing out from tired. next week, droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(the inks were on DA for a while now :B)

i'll try to make this short and sweet. the comic took forever because my family came up for a visit. and in less than two hours proceeded to wreck the apartment, terrify the dog and make us miss the hours at the museum. it's really kind of impressive.

real world junk...
well, my vacation ended and i didn't get nearly as much as i wanted to done. AND the D&D game ended, and i dunno i'm a bit relieved. i still call shenanigins on my character being the only one to die. i wasn't even bloodied (half your hp)! if i'd actually died i could have teleported away (i had a skill for that) but it felt kind of...skewed. i dunno, i'm missing star wars RP more than anything anymore :B alas and alack, there's no group playing.

i DID acquire a brand new painting from [ profile] maniac_online! and [ profile] alfonzos2112 managed to snag a brand new/used office chair to replace my old broken plastic chair. livin high on the hog here.

shiftysketch has been causing chaos on minecraft, building giant nikitaks. dragonlover (new artist!) created his own personal nikitak plush. chaz updated saardinen's look, and delta93 developed his own version of nikitak armor. i also got some little doodles from maniac when her painting arrived!

art stuff...

all safe for work, unless sniffing markers is unsafe for work )

news stuff...
regretfully, i only have bad news this week. mega nerds might know what SETI is. non mega nerds might not, so let me just explain it in a sentance: it's a giant array of dishes scanning the cosmos constantly for evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. and the sad thing is? SETI is out of money, and shutting down. that means that if aliens are out there, we may never be able to hear about it. we've effectively shut down one of our ears on the stars. for people who Want To Believe like me, that's a major bummer :<

and we all know Bill Nye the Science Guy, yeah? yeah. he's a kid-friendly tv scientist. but apparently in texas, he was boo'd off the stage for stating a basic scientific fact. was it evolution? heat death? global warming? nothing so scandelous. all he said was that the MOON REFLECTS THE SUN'S LIGHT. and apparently *THAT* is too much for the ultra-right to handle. is ignorance the newest political fashion in the south? what the hell, man. if we don't understand the world we live in, we're going to slaughter our own species.

oh and i should mention that there's a petition going around that you all should sign. a woman was brutally beaten in a mcdonalds, and nobody did anything to stop it. why was she brutally beaten? she was born a man. big flippin' deal, in my opinion, but apparently the employees and patrons at this sicky dees thought that was justification to nearly kill her. so wanna make some good happen this week? sign the petition. make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again.

this week requires some intelligence and effort on your part to make it stop stinking. i know y'all can do it. make some positive change this week, guys. plant a tree, sign a petition, open the door for someone in a wheelchair, donate to charities. be a human being. and i'll see you on the flipside.

later, taters.

Oh, but if you were considering a mac in hopes it would help you to go green and help the planet this week? you may want to think again.
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Inhuman update!
(the inks are on DA with the original overly melodramatic script)

i foolishly forgot my doodle-papers at work on friday, so i have nothing sketchwise to show this week. ah well, i have this whole week off so new art will be coming.

so this marks the first use of the new font! it still needs a little tweaking, if it's possible to tweak the width between different lines of text. but [ profile] myxini did an amazing job, and chiadro was a lifesaver fixing the width of the spaces. i'm warming up to it still, because it's always hard to make a change when you've been doing something the same way for a long time. but verdana and tahoma i think have finally had their day with my comic.

real world junk...
so yeah, whole week off woo! the house hunt still continues. it's a real pain in the butt, because every time we find a nice house it either gets bought before we can even see the interior or we later discover it needs major, major repairs. we're not talking new shingles or windows, we're talking the structural support pillars in the basement need replacing and stuff. so frustrating.

otherwise, not a whole lot to say. finished my unova dex, enjoying the pokemon dream world concept. i was lukewarm to it at first but now i kind of dig it. i've decided to fill out my gen1 dex next, so if anyone has gen1 pokemon that they want to trade, bring 'em on!

in the saga of 'insane screaming guy goes to court' all that happened was they asked for another court date because 'new information has come to light' on the case. the defense lawyer called me later and said there really wasn't much they could do to HELP the crazy guy's case, so they were probably not going to go to court and were just going to take the deal. the DA also said we're not needed as witnesses in that event. so in all likelyhood, it's over with. dude ain't getting off from that. horray!

only one thing this week, Sloane did a colour version of that sartre pic he did ages ago :>

news stuff...
well, if you ever wanted to see a laser beam blow out a boat motor, the US military has you covered. unfortunately it doesn't look nearly as cool as star wars, just by the nature of the machinery. granted that makes it even more insidious. you might never know what took you out :O

another slightly more comic-related news story is that drugs don't work very well in space. they suspect it has to do with the amount of radiation recieved, but there you go. all the more reason that things like pneumonia could make a resurgance in the future as a real threat. and hell, we don't even need to be in space for something to mutate into a new and dangerous form. too much antibiotic use can cause bacteria to mutate into antibiotic-resistant forms called superbugs. ironicly, there's ALREADY a pnuemonia superbug...

til the weekend, then, space cadets...
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Inhuman update!
(and since it's a main page, there's inks! Inks for everyone on DA!)

my markers arrived on weds. in the mail and THANK GOD. no more trying to choke the last bits of black ink out to give ben his fur or aslilin her hair. no more crossing my fingers and hoping the last remaining greys (cool 4 and 5) would hold out enough to at least get aslilin's outfit looking SIMILAR...

i liked the format i used last time so i'm going to stick with it for a bit.

real world junk...
not a whole lot going on. there were job interviews had, and unemployment filed for. though this is a total red-tape state so who knows when it'll go through. tax returns arrived, which will mean that we can probably pay rent for next month when it comes time. all in all just kind of a tough time. [ profile] tavanaka is coming over tomorrow to hang out though, and promises to bring cookies. cookies are always appriciated. also as i wait on my art teacher certification, i'm gathering a list of folks who will write me letters of reccomendation for a theatre tech teacher job within the school. i'm hoping to get ahold of some of my fellow techs here online, too, and add them to the bundle. the more the merrier.

lesse. human ameoba drew two new bits of fanart, including a hekshanian grey :v Milo drew a chuian riding into race-day on koji's back, and kilo arrived a little late to the new-years party...but better late than never, right? thanks guys!

art stuff...
not a lot this week. it's been busy, and pretty stressful. :B

only one more under here, safe for work )

charity drive...
donations have been very slow to charity lately. this is the last month to do this, though, guys! March third is when the drive ends. blood banks are STILL really low on blood so if you can, i really urge you to give blood right now. giving blood saves lives, and when we're low on blood a lot of people who need help in the winter just plain won't get it. visit a bloodmobile, folks! help someone out!

news stuff...
first off, i hate to be a downer but if you're an american? i strongly, STRONGLY urge you to sign this petition. there's currently a push to redefine rape. specifically, women who are drugged, underage, dating their rapist before they're raped? yeah, according to the changes they want to make, that's no longer rape. this means that those women can't use their health insurance which would cover rape to help themselves OR to get abortions after being raped.

the main argument the GOP is making is that this is 'costing the taxpayer' but i believe the daily show did the math and it turned out to be something like one TENTH of a penny per year. i think even the most jewish of us (read: me) can spare THAT. so sign this petition, let women be the ones who stay in charge of what happens to their bodies, and let's NOT enable rapists. kay?

in less serious newsy-news, robots are getting their own internet.

WHAT'S WITH THIS CRAP, ARE THEY NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SHARE OURS? this is a disgrace! this is robodiscrimination! or maybe homodiscrimination! I DEMAND FAIR AND EQUAL USE OF BOTH ROBOT AND HUMAN INTERNETS! and the opposition can bite my SHINY METAL ASS >:( wait...

and hey, remember when i posted those crazy UFO videos a few months back? apparently they're back! in israel! on my birthday! DAMNIT GUYS, IM A JEW BUT THAT ISNT WHERE I LIVE. i'm never gonna catch that flight outta here at this rate. i mean i told them EARTH, i guess i could have been slightly more specific...

alright, alf's hogging all the tasha-time and there's nothing funnier than a big fat dogsausage racing around the house so i'm out. next week, droogs!
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Inhuman update!
(okay, so the inks are for last week's page...but i didn't post to LJ about it yet.)

first off, apologies to those who wait for updates via livejournal. there WAS a page last week, i just didn't get around to blogging about it. so if you missed page 400, you can shimmy on over and have a look. if you DIDN'T miss page 400, then it's my pleasure to inform you there are four new pages of No Booty Calls up for you to enjoy.

i'm going to break this entry up into subsections too, cause a lot is going on in relation to Inhuman.

there was a whole bunch of fanart both this week and last! mostly cause it was my birthday on the 28th. i'm 29 now, damn. if you'd told me back in 1997 when i was a mindless larval human of 15 that 14 years later i'd still be writing/drawing Inhuman characters i would not have believed you. or maybe i would have, i dunno :B

ANYWAY! [ profile] chaz_fox(chazfox) drew some Nikitaks, Dying Dutchman (who is new to the fanart ranks) drew five awesome pieces. [ profile] lampwicklupin(Kep) drew a Nikitak, [ profile] travisuped (Kilo)drew Chuians, [ profile] spiritsoldier(Adamska) drew Kyo. [ profile] abjectpazuzu(Garuda) parodied "Galaxy Quest", Fax visited the wild west, Resha drew an evil'tak that is best. And [ profile] apoxon(Apoxon) drew a fluffy baby 'tak, but i don't think i can rhyme that in casually.

but thank you EVERYONE! fanart was the one present i really hoped i'd get a bunch of so yaaaay :D

The Wiki
after a few requests, the Wiki opened up for user registration. so if you feel so inclined, you can now write articles filling in the gaps in the Inhuman-verse. i'll go through and check for canon-ization and everything, but i won't change your stuff unless it's drasticly wrong or needs a lot of expanding upon :v

there's already new articles on Rulerism, Zara, "Fair Game", the planet Ando, Kyotoshi, Grey and Chovek. a lot of those could probably use some more info too, so don't be afraid to hop in if you feel like you have something worth adding!

The DA Club
i organized it all nice and pretty. you can also submit your own fanart now. oooo, folders.

Project Wonderful Ads
while i know a lot of people hate ads, PW ads will (eventually, hopefully) generate some revenue for Inhuman that i can spend on adspace for the comic itself. sort of a hopefully self-sustaining advertisement system. if you really, really hate the PW ads and can't stand to look at them i reccomend you install adblock or something and just turn them off. but hey, if you want to advertise through them, i'm more than cool with that too!

after nearly a year of being unable to stay connected, i can finally get back on Sabrous. i know this isn't *directly* related to Inhuman, but Sabrous is like my secondary pet universe, so i'm very happy to be back. if you want to stop by and say hello on the chat channel or whatever, feel free!

Okay, okay. enough talk. time for art.

all safe for work art in here )

while the last two weeks have been full of silly and cool internet things like the Otamatone and this awesome Pokemon video there was also something utterly, utterly awesome.

you know how for years i've been yammering about Solar Sails being the most viable means of propelling a spacecraft in the future? well, science backed me up in theory and now they've gone and put it into practice. on january 20th, the previously thought-doomed-to-fail little experimental spacecraft that had been launched months earlier actually unfurled its solar sails and began to use them. hot damn! science fiction: 1 , naysayers: 0.

the charity drive has been doing quite well, though donations have really slowed down. it ain't over yet, guys! not til march 3rd! that's still a whole month left to donate in. there will be a new image for the drive up tomorrow, hopefully. so keep your eyes on the site.

aright, that's it for now folks. see you next weekend! same bat-time, same bat-channel.


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