Jun. 11th, 2017

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Inhuman updated

hey all, i'm feeling pretty pbbth so i'll try to keep this brief.

i added a flash MUD client to the extras that'll connect directly to Sabrous. if you've never tried a MUD before, be prepared to sink a little time - it's a text based mmo, and you need to level up a bit before you can save/chat/etc. but i'm usually on there in the evenings, so if you're looking for a place to chat with me (or join/spectate our group RPs) that'd be your best bet.

i'm also looking into non-flash based clients, since obviously it's not gonna work on most mobile devices. i hope to fix that soon.

apart from that, i've been setting up my 55 gallon fishtank as a new home for my two goldfish. Fish and Friend are about three years old now, and are ready to leave their 10 gallon tank for something bigger. but yesterday when i added a sunken log, i had a surprise.

anyway. that's all i really got. stay hydrated, stay well, resist fascism by any means necessary. i'll see you with the next page soon.


not_fun: cial nixon jarhead (Default)
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