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Inhuman update

forgive me being short here, i kinda rolled out of bed to go looking for a pokemon only to find the pokemon go in-game tracker is *entirely* broken... and i'm a lil grumpy. wherever growlithe is, he'll continue to roam free.

we finally got some much-needed rain in new england, after a really punishing july that left everything brittle and dry and a well-worn path through the lawn where i walk to get pokemon from the bridge. i'm hoping august continues to rain, because our whole ecosystem is pretty messed up. i was talking to someone from the dept. of fish & wildlife (she's on team valor) and evidently the turtle nests are straight up dried out. they're literally going out to water those they know of. this also means there's probably no frogs, and the fish have all just ~~vanished~~ from the dry riverbeds. can't find the bodies, can't find any stragglers.

not good, not good at all. it means this winter the skunks and other woodland creatures will need hand-outs more than ever. welp. i'm sure i'll have plenty of mousetrap mice and leftover human food to share... but yeesh, bummer.

i'm going down to NYC next weekend (this weekend??) to hang out with my little sister and get tattoos. i came out to her a while back and that was a relief, but that brings the total family members i'm out to to.... 2. not exactly monumental progress. but it's something.

see you next week, faithful readers. til then....

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