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Inhuman updated
(and patrons got the inks)

first off - sorry for the late blog post. i was feeling pretty poorly this weekend. mix of physical and mental symptoms, but i kinda just updated the site proper and was like THATS IT IM LYING DOWN FOR HOURS ON END. so the page was there, but not on... every other site?

anyway. people have been asking what's taking so long with pages lately. honestly it's a mix of things. scrambling to survive The Fourth Reich is one major factor. it being winter in new england is another. plain ol depression is a third. a fourth is that january was both my birthday month -and- my convention month... and the fifth is that i'm finally starting to schedule things so i can eventually get a reaffirming surgery i need.

overall its just a m e s s
but i'm doing my best to get pages out and created as often as possible.

in my downtime i've been trying to organize a full global pokedex in sun-moon without the aid of a national dex which is a VAST UNDERTAKING. but i'm almost done! save for a few legendaries and a couple trade evs, im good to go! not that the game gives you anything, i just... think it'll be neat to have all the mons.

that's all i got, honestly. please remember to add your representitive to your contacts list and call them on The Regular to keep them aware of your feelings on the state of things (if you're an american, that is) and don't forget to make nazis afraid to show their faces.

stay strong, stay resiliant. resist.
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