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Inhuman update!

oh god its hot right now. hello friends, im going to keep this brief i hope. im really tired.

if youre a fan of my work please please consider supporting it on patreon! in exchange you get to see all the redraws of arc 4 art for the upcoming book, like this redraw of pg 82! you don't even have to pledge a lot. even 1$ a month gets you access to all that stuff. including the psd files of the redraws, if you like that stuff (or just want to make horrible edits to my work and cackle, im down with that too)

of course if you pledge more, you'll get more. like drawings i will draw for you. think about it!

in real world stuff, ive started reading banana fish. which sounds cutesy (i thought anyway) and wow, isnt. its absolutely more like. post vietnam era mafia street gang conspiracy murder mystery stuff, and im completely hooked. i wish someone had told me about that a long time ago, cuz i always wrote it off cuz it sounded like such nonsense fluff! my bad, ha.

oh yeah... and i have two new lil rat girls. their names are sugar and skunk, and you can see their pics on my instagram. i love them.

til next update, friends...
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