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Inhuman updated!

ah friends spring has finally arrived in new england. finally. its been forever. what does grass look like, i almost forgot.

so i spent earth day digging in the dirt, spreading wildflower seed in the bee garden and picking up sticks (for when its time to mow). it's a nice change from being hunched over the drawing board indoors, tho being able to open the windows in the studio is also just. pure relief.

there's some stress going on in life that i'm still not fully up to talking about. it's fairly major, and i guess i can at least say that it means i'm losing health insurance. which means that not only will i not be able to afford hormone therapy once it's gone, i'm not -entirely- sure of even being able to afford antidepressants either. not. really into that. but i cant really do much about it, at least not yet anyway.

i'm continueing to work on redrawing art for arc 4, and i'm really pretty pleased with the results!! so i'm going to share a preview for yall!
check out the new version of page 80, aka the first page of arc 1.

if you'd like to see the page in higher res, or are interested in seeing the other five re-done pages, you'll have to back patreon for that access! granted you don't have to back for a lot - just whatever you can spare. so if you wanna help me out and also see the new pages... well, there ya go.

hopefully your spring is also going well. stay frosty.


Apr. 14th, 2018 04:49 pm
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Inhuman update!

solla gets her smug on this week, with a pretty good reason. or so i think. perhaps you will too?

spring's finally getting here in new england! we've set up the catio (enclosed screened porch with cat toys/objects) and the girls are thrilled to be allowed out there once more... even if it's only on some days. no cats outside if it's below 50 degrees, that's the rule.

i've started cleaning the first bones of the season... left from a roadkill porcupine found sometime late last summer or during the fall, i forget which. this makes the third porcupine i've cleaned for display. i guess because scavengers aren't particularly fond of something covered in painful quills, even if it's dead. oh well! i've found jars of bones next to the door do wonders for keeping religious solicetors away from my home.

and in other news... well, i'm still plugging away on redoing art for arc 4. you can see what i've done so far if you pledge (any amount!) to patreon

i could really use the help right now, though i'm not entirely comfortable explaining why yet.
stay wonderful, stay you. til next time, my droogs.
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inhuman updated... for real this time

in case you missed the april fools page, its now in the archive. no worries!

i'd also like to take this minute to mention that thanks to patreon, i'm working on re-doing inks for arc 4. this goes faster than re-scanning the pages, and so -hopefully- i'll be able to get an arc 4 book out sometime in the future with shiny new art all the way down. i've been posting the redone pages (and their psd files for the nerds) onto patreon. so if you'd like to see those as they come out, or just want to support the effort, consider pledging! any amount (1$, 5$, whatev) gets you access to those.

plus you'd also see upcoming page inks, have access to pages 3 days before the rest of the world, get ocassional writing note dumps and other fun stuff. you really should check it out if you like the comic!

okay, see ya round. welcome to spring, yall!
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Inhuman update...?

hmm it's springtime... and life is tough for cin. if only he had a voice to reject his work with...

(be sure to check back tomorrow for the real page!)
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Inhuman updated

as you're reading this, i'm awaaaay at anthro new england. but in theory, the comic should still update on time. that's because the extremely kind haxar has offered to post it for me while i'm on the road. enjoy!!

if you're at ANE, swing by the dealer's den and come find me! i've got patches, pins, stickers, comics, temp tattoos and am doing commissions... plus you can see a bunch of comic pages in their original real-life view. i've always been told they look better in person than scanned.

so yeah! swing on by if you're there, or just...enjoy your weekend if you're not.
see you with the next page~
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inhuman updated!

it was my birthday this last weekend, and it was a good time! alph and i went with kep to the boston museum of fine art, which has an exhibit right now for one of my all time fav artists mr takashi murakami

also i had a funfetti vanilla cake, so that luna could try a little piece. that goblin loves human food!!

anthro new england is later this month and i hope to see some readers there. for now though, i haven't got much to say.

but if you like writing notes, page thumbnails, re-draws of old pages and other behind the scenes stuff... check out patreon ok! til next time
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Inhuman updated!

hey so we're here in 2018 now. cool, most of us are alive still. including me. whew.

if you're a patreon patron, you're already aware of this but: old comic pages are being re-inked digitally and shared over patreon. if you'd like to see those, pledge for any amount per month and access is yours! go for it.

at the end of next month i'll hopefully see a few of you at Anthro New England. i'll have a few new items for sale, along with some of the older classic merch. but if you can't make it, that's okay - that's what the shop is for!

anyway, i'm pretty tired and ready to sit down petting one of my dumb felines. so i'll wrap this up. here's to another year of comics!
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Inhuman updated!

hello friends and readers. so, i -was- doing really well, but then the horrid american holiday happened and brought with it bad family health news and i'm just kinda. still climbing out of the pit it knocked me clean into.

i'll be doing my best to keep updates coming semi-regularly, but december is always a disaster schedule wise. so heeeeere we gooooo let's stomp the rest of 2017 into the curb and get ready to either make or break 2018. yeah? yeah!
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Inhuman updated!

this is my first time using dreamwidth's website in a long while, i guess cuz the program i use (semagic) needs some server updates. no biggie.

as kyo wanders out into the rain again this week, im more stoked to talk about some stuff going on in personal life. namely: i FINALLY got all the paperwork insurance wanted/needed sent to the CORRECT DEPARTMENT with regards to starting hormone therapy. now all that's left is to wait a week and a half (haha) to see if this medication which is already on my formulary (list of meds insurance will cover) will be covered. its been a redonk clusterfuck to even -get- to this point, but hopefully once i'm through these last few hoops that'll be it for years.

i've also started working on a hyena costume (cial yeen of course) using a blank base from Crystumes.

here's some progress pics: progression & wip

also: thank you all my patreon patrons for your patience this month especially. there were some SNAFUs with my email, which have been resolved. but SNAFU aside, this last week was World Mental Health day. and being someone with depression, bipolar 2 and PTSD i truly and genuinely appreciate having friends followers and supporters who understand that sometimes it's really difficult to stick to a schedule. or even to socialize. knowing people have empathy for the fact that my brain literally won't function like 'normal' no matter how hard i try? it helps. it matters. it makes it a lot easier to remain functional, knowing that if i speak up about an issue i'm having it won't net me scorn or derision for honesty.

well i should probably wrap this up and check on the cats, since i hear ren pouncing on something in the other room ... it's probably just her tail tho. stay spooky, droogs!
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Inhuman updated
patrons also got inks, but additionally - early access.
if you'd like access to comic pages three days early (wowie!) please check out my patreon. backing for any amount gets you that perk!

in other news i'm going to attempt to make it to the micro massachusetts furcon tonight. i'm not vending, just going to hang out and see the wonderful erin play the piano as she likes to do. but the con is raising money for the Trevor Project which, if you've never heard of them, are a crisis center/hotline for lgbt youth. that's a -really good- organization to raise money for, especially in these times. so if you're local, try to swing by the con and leave a little something in the charity basket!!

beyond that, the weather is nice and autumnal. oh, and if you're a coffee lover? try subscribing to rhetoric coffee. there's a bag coming with my art on it and the blend in it is really choice. ive had it iced, black, white, hot, sugar, no sugar and it's just. a really delish coffee.

and that... is all i have for you this week, my friends. next time i see you we'll be gettin SPOOKY.


Aug. 30th, 2017 02:30 pm
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Inhuman updated

yo. patrons got the inks wip, as usual.

texas readers: please take care of yourselves. i wish i had a fortune to give you or a boat to sail to you in. all i can hope is you make it through this safely.

i can't think of much else to say. i registered for Anthro New England 2018, and so i hope i'll be selling there in february. other than that, i've been doing that wonderful tango of mutual loathing and violence that depression always results in. me vs brain, battling it out to the end.

the weather has chilled here, so it's time to get spooky. get spooky, and i'll see you soon.
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inhuman updated
(and ya, patrons got inks)

picking up right about where we left off... you'll see why soon enough. but kyo's having a real lousy day today.

in the news of the real world, i'm heartened by the massive response to neonazis trying to march in my home state. boston really handled this one well. but i caution anyone against thinking this made them "go home" or "get out". they already are home. these guys didn't travel from some mythical deep south pit. they're locals, too.

bigots are all around you. they live across the street from you. they work beside you. they didn't "go home" they just learned not to spout their garbage beliefs to the city of boston. which hey, that's a really good start. but you need to stand up to them wherever you see them, and that means at work or wherever they may open their bigoted mouths to say something shitty. because you can't "defeat" bigotry.

but what you can do is make bigots afraid to be openly bigoted. make politicians accountable for their bigoted policies and rhetoric. make these fuckers acknowledge they are the minority and that if they don't see others as human, we will not entertain the notion of their voices having value. it's awkward to shut down a bigoted relative saying something shitty. i know. i've done it, a -lot-. it never gets easier, and it's -always- incredibly awkward.

but that's how you combat bigotry. you use your power or privilege (especially if you're white, straight or a man) and you leverage it in such a way as to Shut That Shit Down.

because when you shut them down, those they'd hurt? we start to feel safe, and like you care.
but if you're silent, if you celebrate one small moral victory and declare it "over".... you're creating the exact atmosphere that tells them it's okay to try again. to try harder. to try with slightly different buzzwords, and maybe a few miles from where they tried last time.

don't be complacent
say something
shut that shit down
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Inhuman update...
well sort of. it's cover art. but it's really pretty cover art!

me, i'm pretty tired. i'm running the gauntlet of getting insurance, a doctor's office and a pharmacy to all do their jobs at the same time and get HRT. it's expensive, time consuming and really often frustrating. but that's the state of transgender health care in america. i really want to thank my patrons on patreon for helping make it possible, though.

well. what little energy i have left is goin to work right now. so i'm out of things to really talk about. later y'all.
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Inhuman updated!

so this is the last page of arc 15. and that means we're... prolly like two arcs away from the end, max. i alway get a lil sentimental at the end of arcs. so thank you everyone who stuck with the story, or joined reading recently and plan to keep reading. y'all are my reason to keep pushing for artistic improvement!

right now i'm watching wolfen (1981 had no idea how to mix their sound, i guess) and working on patreon rewards. if you've ever wanted me to draw something special just for you, patreon's the place to get that done. alternately if you just wanna show your support, even really small pledges like 1$ a month are a huge difference to me. so now that the arc is closed up, please, consider my patreon.

aside from that i got word from the tshirt vendor that they're doing a sale, so if you wanna buy something here's a coupon for 20% off whatever: inhuman-comic
(and here's a direct link to the tshirt shop)

that's all i got. see you later with cover art!
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Inhuman updated

yo. its gross humid weather here and i had a pretty lousy week so im not really looking forward to writing this entry and so its gonna be SHORT.

the page is up, patreon patrons have some extra stuff like rough maps of what the hovercraft interior looks like. this morning i participated in a raid battle at my local pokemon gym and it was fun. its also very humid, and i havent had coffee.

be strong, be brilliant. until next time.
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Inhuman updated

hey all, i'm feeling pretty pbbth so i'll try to keep this brief.

i added a flash MUD client to the extras that'll connect directly to Sabrous. if you've never tried a MUD before, be prepared to sink a little time - it's a text based mmo, and you need to level up a bit before you can save/chat/etc. but i'm usually on there in the evenings, so if you're looking for a place to chat with me (or join/spectate our group RPs) that'd be your best bet.

i'm also looking into non-flash based clients, since obviously it's not gonna work on most mobile devices. i hope to fix that soon.

apart from that, i've been setting up my 55 gallon fishtank as a new home for my two goldfish. Fish and Friend are about three years old now, and are ready to leave their 10 gallon tank for something bigger. but yesterday when i added a sunken log, i had a surprise.

anyway. that's all i really got. stay hydrated, stay well, resist fascism by any means necessary. i'll see you with the next page soon.


May. 29th, 2017 11:56 am
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Inhuman updated!
inks for patrons

hello folks. i'm pretty wiped out right now because i just got back from my little sister's wedding shower. which featured like 5 dogs, which is a good number of dogs for a party. now i have 3 months to get a tux that fits the colour theme and a gift because apparently!!! im going to be the one walking her down the aisle!!

which is probably a good a time as any to point out that this entire arc commemorated their wedding. or at least the first half of it did! 'what hte fuck, how. thats inappropriate' u may say.

well yall know i like to literally spell things with my panel shapes sometimes so... maybe you'll see when you go back and look for it! hint: if youre looking at kyo slapping a hexaworm off greys head, youve passed it.

in other news, im working on the shop. the graphics are still a work in progress but the links all work, so maybe check out what's offered yeah?

anyways. that's it for me. i'm about ready to eat dinner and crawl back in bed. see you next page...
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Inhuman updated!

what up. i'm really tired because we just finished off a major family weekend (my cousin's baby shower) and i just slept for a thousand years. i feel like i could sleep for about a thousand more, too.

it's been a productive few weeks, though part of that may be me. i recently got dignosed with THE BIPOLAR (type 2) so now any time i go into a period of overwork or BURNING NEED TO BE ACTIVE im like wait is this Just Me, or is this Mania happening. oh well. who CARES. not ME. especially since it's type 2 which is the like less in-your-face form.

i brought home a lot of paper hanging flower decorations and gave them to the cats. now they have some more things to shred and crinkle with in the dead of night. good times.

okay i need my coffee. see you next page, and in the meantime, consider becoming a patron!


May. 4th, 2017 02:08 pm
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Inhuman updated!

and if you're not a patron yet, please, i'm urging you - check out my patreon! you'll be able to get custom art by me there, and also early sneak peeks into comic work. it'd mean a lot to me if you'd support my work!

i'm very tired and america is more on fire than usual. kind of a downer. but the weather is getting nicer, and that's a plus.
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Inhuman updated!

sorry for the long delay there guys. quite honestly, the last month was noooot a party. i went from having food poisoning one week to a full on psychotic episode the next week complete with a trip to the ER. so i'm extremely grateful to yall for being patient with me, and i really hope the page doesn't disappoint!

i do wanna give another shout-out to merlin tho. she really came through in a pinch... and we both wound up hospital buddies (not in the same hospital, or for the same reason at all) and she -still- pulled off a page for me. that. is true speed and skill.

i'm pretty well recovered now though! been planting lots of stuff in our yard and garden, cleaning up porcupine bones for display and painting/finishing up the guest room (which i have been meaning to do for YEARS) and other household things. next month weekends are mostly occupied by family events (baby showers, wedding showers) but i always feel rejuvinated when the weather gets nicer.

anyhoo... patrons got inks and also writing notes for this whole fight scene so far. in all likelyhood i'll add thumbnails later, because i did a -lot- of versions of this page before i finally settled.

oh yeah, and please!! consider backing my friend Iris Jay's queer tarot comic anthology! it's gonna be aaaaaawesoooooome


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