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Inhuman & Unintentional Mishaps update!
(and the inks for the inhuman page are here on DA)

so like i worried about last week, visiting family kind of forced the comic to be shifted to the back burner for a week. but now it's back!

along with the new page of unintentional mishaps by sokki! we get a peek at the bounty hunter crew :O dun dun dunnnn...i guess y'all will have to wait a while longer to find out if mint & company have survived the crash unharmed.



and currently the myches are in the lead! that means if they win you'll get to learn aaaall about the myche homeworld. :o plus a fancy background of just...the scenery of it all. AND please remember that a kind anonymous donor has offered to match the grand total of the drive's raised funds and donate it to a charity of our choosing! so you can make your charitable works count for double, you just have to do it BEFORE MARCH THIRD!

oh, and cosumin was so superkind and drew a valentinesy koji. <3

anyways, here comes the arts by me toot toot :O
mostly safe for work, a bit of blood here and there )

okay! that's all i got! see y'all next sunday...WHEN THE CHARITY DRIVE ENDS!
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Inhuman update!
(and ayes, the inks are over on DA like normal)

yikes i have a bunch to talk about this week. maybe a bulletpoint list will be best to get through it?
-inhuman is now on inkoutbreak. add it or like it or vote, whatever you want!
-the smackjeeves awards are accepting nominees. inhuman is also on smackjeeves! if you like it, nominate it!
-you can purchase a fine and fuzzy nikitak scarf from the shop now. pics below :v
-new Unintentional Mishaps pages are on the way! also fairy tale, if i can find the time!
-the WINTER CHARITY DRIVE will start in the next couple days. i just need to finish the art for it!
-ren is purring.

there's two fantabulously funny fanarts this week, one by pink painter (aka talon/ryx) and one by chris. i do loves me some fanart haha

i drew a bunch, but i also made nikitak scarves. wanna see?

all safe for work )

i'd also love to talk about something the mars rover discovered, but currently whatever it is is underwraps. i hope it's live surface bacteria! that'd be amazing! but it could also just be bacteria which hitch-hiked from earth, or a faulty bit of equipment. as excited as i am, i am truly glad that NASA is double-checking their findings before releasing any details.

that's really all i got. i'll be back later in the week with charity drive information. in the meantime, it has still been a very harsh month and we're low on heating oil again, so please consider leaving a tip in the tipjar?

yeah okay that's all i got. later droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

i am sorry i missed writing a blog post the last two weeks. there were updates and all, i just...didn't devote time to writing about them because i'm lazy.

what i can tell you is that there's also an update to Unintentional Mishaps and Fairy Tale both, though :D

i'll attempt to keep this short and sweet. i AM working on the other donation goal prizes. next up is writing...either the script for Krebin & Zebin's story or the Contura planetary guide. the donors have NOT YET got their monthly email, but i'll be sending it out later this week (as soon as i'm done with the sticker art, which i'm colouring today)

in terms of fanstuff this week there's a drawing by Garuda and one by Ren (the person, not the cat). check 'em out :v

art stuff is safe for work, though there is a drunk nikitak in here )

it's been a crazy exciting past month for SCIENCE!! if you are a fan of it. i don't think i can cover it all.

but the newest shindig is a big ol' solar flare coming our way. don't worry, it's entirely harmless to life forms :o our planet's magnetic field protects us by deflecting the dangerous stuff (like a shield!) but satellites and some other electronics might get minor disruption.

and if you're far enough north, you might see the northern lights! they'll be showing a little farther south than normal.

and that's it. later, space cadets!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(the inks are up on DA, yeah)

before you go any further, look out! there's a new page of Unintentional Mishaps up! so make sure you check that too. warning: contains chinbutt.

this weekend alf and i went and met up with gloucester (the dude who runs the white sun project) in salem! the weather was great and the museums were super neat. good time all around :o next time maybe we should get some more people together and all go as a big group, hmm.

it was a nice break too, because for two days i'd been agonizing over a transition between panels on the page this week. after you read the page, you can see what those concerns of mine were. but if you know what they are before you look, it may change the way you read the page. SO BE CAUTIOUS :O

in terms of fanart this week there's some from maniac/keetah, gloucester (real life sketch trading is fun!) and etheral117 who is on DA under the same name!

as for me, the only inhumany thing i drew this week (aside from the comic) were some sketches for gloucester. you can see them under the cut.
sketchy nikitaks and chuians. also a popsicle. )

this week kyo answered questions about math, space ship defense, Rulerism, Nikitak Buddhism, ancient Hekshanians and of course booze.

and that's all i got. later, fellow space cadets!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

i think spring is finally here in massachusetts! this is good, because since i am a lizard, it's harder to draw when it's cold out. horray! t-shirts and open windows for everyone! wait? it's going to be 88 degrees today? THATS NOT SPRING, THATS SUMMER. WHATS GOING ON OH GOD wait i like it that hot why am i complaining WOOOOOOO BEACH PARTY

in other news, i finished up the sketches for people who donated in the tail end of last month. you can view all of them here! if you were a doner, please e-mail me with your mailing address so i can get your sketch sent out to you! if you don't want it mailed, just drop me a line and let me know that as well. you COULD note me your address but i'd really, really prefer email :B just send it to por favor.

for those who have been reading this comic through from the start, i finally broke down and wrote a large post detailing the symbolism of grey's reccuring hallucinations and delusions. it covers the shadows, the cat, the headworms, the tentacles, the trees...prettymuch everything that's shown up more than once. you can read it over on tumblr.

there's also a new page of unintentional mishaps! do enjoy :o there may be another one this week, it depends, as i'm working on a couple other comic projects for folks on commission right now.

and i suppose it's worth mentioning i've joined pottermore. it's now open to public registration, and seems mostly like a point & click flash based adventure game. i'm down with that. i already hit the end of the first book and there's not much i can do now, so until they open the second book i likely won't be using it very much. however, if you want to add me, my username is walnutecho31591. i do kinda request that you tell me who you are first? cause you get a lot of random requests from strangers on pottermore and i don't want any strangers on my friend list.

also this is a really hilarious movie if you're you know. old enough to know who ron jeremy is.
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Inhuman update!
there's also some inks on DA too

oh, and i did forget to mention! there's a new page of sokki torka's Unintentional Mishaps to go with the main page. hooray!

again, i'm somehow swamped for time and can't update with the gobs of art people have been doing D: someday i'll get to it all. someday.

in the meantime, i talked at excessive length on tumblr about Mychenet, scans, and other worldbuildy things. nerdiest of nerds, i invite you to nerd out over there.

as for me, i gotta hurry up and get moving. it's already sunday and FREE TIME'S A'WASTIN!
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hey there's a new page of Unintentional Mishaps up on the site. let it tide you over as i work on the main page...

in more politically oriented news, the US government's response to the SOPA blackout protests yesterday was to shut down (which is like yousendit or any other filesharing program- i've used it to send people the rough draft print copies of inhuman, as they were too big for email) without due process. there's also been word (uncited word) that a citizen of the UK is being extradited to the US to stand trial for using megaupload.

by the way? this shit will happen all the time unless we stop SOPA/PIPA. this kind of action is basicly what those two make commonplace a-okay actions online. and it doesn't matter if you got say, the permission of akira yamaoka to remix his music. whoever owns his contract is the one who pulls the plug on your website/youtube video/tumblr/twitter/facebook/myspace/areyougettingthehint? there's nothing the actual artist can do about it.

anyway this is all horrid. but when it comes to activism there's a right way to do things, and then there's a wrong way to do things. unwittingly duping people into taking part in a DDOS attack is not cool. if they're doing it willingly, that's one thing. but telling someone to click a link and NOT telling them it might come with the hefty pricetag of a 10 year jail sentance? uncool. that's like running to your grandma's house with the cops watching you and hiding a huge bag of cocaine in her bedroom. would you do that to your grandma? i would not.

what i would do to help stop SOPA as an American is this:
- contact my senators and tell them i oppose SOPA/PIPA as it infringes on our first ammendment rights.
- contact my representative/s and tell them i oppose SOPA/PIPA as it infringes on our first amendment rights.
- e-mail the president asking him to veto SOPA/PIPA since they infringe on our first amendment rights.
- sign the google petition to stop SOPA/PIPA

if you're not an american but want to stop SOPA/PIPA you should...
- write to our president and let him know how this makes america look to the rest of the world.

in case you are oh
i dunno
too young to vote? that doesn't matter. your government is still to serve you. in fact, writing when you're too young to vote may get MORE attention. because these people WANT you to vote for them (or their party) as you get older. they WANT your approval. and they also want to know that the american youth actually give a shit about their country. currently, they think you don't. so just real quick brush up on the rights SOPA/PIPA will take away from you and hammer out a quick letter.

they will listen. they're starting to listen already. but no war, certainly not a war of corporations vs common internet users, is going to resolve in a single day. our only ammunition - our only power of attack - is our voices. if SOPA/PIPA pass, we won't have that. so use them while you can. use them while it's important. say something. do something. and don't you dare give me that 'one person makes no difference' line.
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okay, so the server move has been completed. everything is now hosted with haxar, and seems to be running a bit faster. it'll go faster still when wolfwings and i finally have free time that overlaps to work on the new layout.

there's really only two things still busted.
1- the admin section of the sunyshore pokemart. be careful placing orders, as gin can't access them at the moment. hopefully this will be fixed soon.
2- the inhuman wiki. we need to install mediawiki on the new server before it works. no biggie, just. you can't get to it right now.

at the moment my ftp is acting wonky, so i can't get in to update the site with this BUT... there is also a new page of Unintentional Mishaps to tide you over until this weekend.

alley oop, up up and away.


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