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2017-04-23 02:46 pm

crazy dogggz

Inhuman updated!

sorry for the long delay there guys. quite honestly, the last month was noooot a party. i went from having food poisoning one week to a full on psychotic episode the next week complete with a trip to the ER. so i'm extremely grateful to yall for being patient with me, and i really hope the page doesn't disappoint!

i do wanna give another shout-out to merlin tho. she really came through in a pinch... and we both wound up hospital buddies (not in the same hospital, or for the same reason at all) and she -still- pulled off a page for me. that. is true speed and skill.

i'm pretty well recovered now though! been planting lots of stuff in our yard and garden, cleaning up porcupine bones for display and painting/finishing up the guest room (which i have been meaning to do for YEARS) and other household things. next month weekends are mostly occupied by family events (baby showers, wedding showers) but i always feel rejuvinated when the weather gets nicer.

anyhoo... patrons got inks and also writing notes for this whole fight scene so far. in all likelyhood i'll add thumbnails later, because i did a -lot- of versions of this page before i finally settled.

oh yeah, and please!! consider backing my friend Iris Jay's queer tarot comic anthology! it's gonna be aaaaaawesoooooome
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2017-04-01 12:40 pm

april fools :o

Inhuman updated... sorta

so it's our traditional april fools. i had intended to do one myself, but then well. the whole food poisoning thing happened. i'm recovering from that still, so the extremely prolific and talented merlin stepped up and delivered...honestly what i think might be my fav april fools comic to date, tbh.

thank you merlin!! you're a hero and a saint. i owe you, bigtime.
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2017-03-27 01:52 pm

(no subject)

inhuman updated

hi. theres other stuff on patreon too. but i got food poisoning and i feel pretty terrible so im going back to bed now.
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2017-02-25 01:39 pm

that's bananas girl

Inhuman updated!
(and yep yep patrons have inks)

i haven't a lot to say this week except for two things. first:

my longtime friend has a game on greenlight! it's a spooky puzzle speed game called GRAVE CHASE and if you could give it a vote to help it thru greenlight, that'd be Awesome.

second: i don't show it off much, but as a reminder, the inhuman Black Market store has patches and stickers not available in the main shop.

okay that's all i got. keep resisting.
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2017-02-13 11:22 am

i had just punched him in the face for cheating

Inhuman updated
(and patrons got the inks)

first off - sorry for the late blog post. i was feeling pretty poorly this weekend. mix of physical and mental symptoms, but i kinda just updated the site proper and was like THATS IT IM LYING DOWN FOR HOURS ON END. so the page was there, but not on... every other site?

anyway. people have been asking what's taking so long with pages lately. honestly it's a mix of things. scrambling to survive The Fourth Reich is one major factor. it being winter in new england is another. plain ol depression is a third. a fourth is that january was both my birthday month -and- my convention month... and the fifth is that i'm finally starting to schedule things so i can eventually get a reaffirming surgery i need.

overall its just a m e s s
but i'm doing my best to get pages out and created as often as possible.

in my downtime i've been trying to organize a full global pokedex in sun-moon without the aid of a national dex which is a VAST UNDERTAKING. but i'm almost done! save for a few legendaries and a couple trade evs, im good to go! not that the game gives you anything, i just... think it'll be neat to have all the mons.

that's all i got, honestly. please remember to add your representitive to your contacts list and call them on The Regular to keep them aware of your feelings on the state of things (if you're an american, that is) and don't forget to make nazis afraid to show their faces.

stay strong, stay resiliant. resist.
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2017-01-16 12:24 pm

i live on this street

Inhuman updated!
patrons of course got inks this week

so hey here we are in 2017. its lookin like a real fight. so heres a tool to fight with for fellow americans. call your reps at -least- once a week, and once a day if you can. voice your support of ACA, voice your opposition to the appointment of neonazis in government. its a good tool, because calling really does make a difference and it's something you can do even if you don't live in a city or are able to get to protests.

other than that - i will be at Anthro New England in boston this weekend. i hope to see some people, and if you're a patreon patron i have a 5% discount for you uh... as long as you play with a card, because i'm really bad at math.

good luck out there, everyone.

“Again we have deluded ourselves into believing the myth that Capitalism grew and prospered out of the Protestant ethic of hard work and sacrifice. The fact is that capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad.”
-martin luther king, 1967
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2016-12-24 03:30 pm

sun goin down

Inhman updated!
and ya ya of course patrons got inks

but i only have a few minutes before the sun goes down, and its the first night of hannukah tonight, so im going to mostly just copy paste what i wrote earlier!!

first: if you could throw some Goodwill towards creatures of earth in the direction of my friend's really sweet old cat Suppi? that'd be the best gift i could ask for.

second: i'd like to take this moment, though, to thank all of my patrons who supported me through 2016. you have made an extremely significant impact on my quality of life. while things may seem bad right now, 2016 overall was a really good year. i was able to work on the house. i was able to expand into making patches, more stickers, and another print issue of the comic. i never once worried between food and paying mortgage. and that is entirely, entirely thanks to my wonderful patrons.

even though stuff is rough, i am sure that if we move forward together - everyone giving a little help to one another, just like my patrons did for me - we can survive, thrive, and work on fixing this broke ass planet we call earth.

til next page, droogs
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2016-12-15 02:02 pm

(no subject)

Inhuman updated

it's been a very long november were i'm scrambling to secure my rights as a human being. passport application is in, i'm moving to try to get medical transition therapy asap, and we're trying (with a lot of wonderful ppls support) to switch out our old oil heater for water out for an electric water heater. it's. been kind of rough and very expensive. but what can you do. shockingly, being poor is expensive.

uhm. well the new site is up and its beautiful?? please go look at it. please: look at the glory

why does my entire family want to hang out in the middle of winter when i live in new england. why

ok............ i love you all. hang in there. call your reps, protest fascism. i'm literally depending on you to help save people like me.
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2016-11-12 02:01 pm

welcome to amerikkka....

Inhuman updated

okay so. stuff has not gone well for me and mine. the canidate who wants to criminalize my existance and strip me of my rights has won the presidential election. bigots have immediately been emboldened towards hostile action... though this far north, so far, it has consisted only of passive aggressive looks and shameful avoidance.

but let me tell you something: i am with you. i support you. i believe in you, and i will fight for you. we are stronger together. i got your back.
if you need a temp safe house in Alabama, i know one.
if you need a civil rights lawyer and live in CA or MA, i know one.
if you just need an old trans man to listen to your woes or help you through paperwork (get it done now, they're going to make it MUCH more difficult soon) feel free to reach out to me.

in the meantime, here's some resources i've compiled.

-getting your medication cheaper
-writing to your legislators attempting to overturn the electoral college projected vote/ support the popular vote
-resources for trans people who need to change their name/gendermarker & sources for $ to do it
-give to organizations that will resist this facist reich

don't listen to people who tell you it's going to all be okay. that is their privilege speaking. for those of us who trump has sworn to criminalize based on our nationality, our sexuality, our religion, our gender identity or our ethnicity this will Not be okay, especially if people lie down and complacently accept what is happening. what this bloated orange fungal rot has proposed violates the first, fourth, fifth, eighth and fourteenth ammendments.

we MUST fight. we MUST resist. and we must be brave, visible, vigilant and keep eachothers backs.

as one of the people affected, though, i do still need to make a living. i realize this is a very awkward transition, but i don't really have a good one. the image below leads to a link that lets you preorder new inhuman things (including book #2 and stickers) coming soon to the site/shop. i really implore you to use it, because there are some uncertain times ahead and i could use the help as much as the next poverty-level queer person living in a country where our leaders have been endorsed by the kkk.

you can also contribute to my patreon. that helps me a lot, it truly does.

i have until january 20th until my dissent becomes actively dangerous.
but until then, and after then until it is safe again, i'm flying my flag inverted in distress.

he is #notmypresident
stand together, fight together. resist facism.
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2016-10-31 12:56 pm

these people have built this place

Inhuman updated!

happy halloween! let's have a MONSTER!

since i have t-minus FOUR HOURS til the children arrive for candy and i still have a lot to prep, i'm going to make this quick.

point the first: book 2 is just about ready for release! i'm gonna have that available before thanksgiving.
point the second: the nikitak patch is currently in production, and will be shipped to me soon! BUT there are LIMITED supplies, so when i open up orders for that you best not delay!!

point the third: i'm working on getting new stickers out!

if you want to have sneak peeks at all this stuff, you should absolutely consider becoming a patron on Patreon :o
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2016-10-19 12:24 pm


Inhuman updated

support the comic!!

well hi-ho compatriots, sorry for the slight delay on this page. there was a miscommunication with the app company i also publish through which lead to a few days where i just sat on this page unable to post. but the good news is that shouldn't be an issue in the future!

i spent this last weekend kickin' around salem with alf and also lark (a long time reader.. hi lark!) catching pokemon and generally enjoying the weather. i also picked up a woodblock print from a local artist i'm a big fan of. check out the corey press if you're into the paranormal, you will not be disappointed.

i'm still working on getting the nikitak iron-on patch made into a reality, as well as the book 2 printing. currently the prototype patch is in the mail to me so i can check it out, and book2 is in pre-printing with the publisher. in the meantime, sartre is on a grouchy mug you can buy if you hate Every Day.

anyway, that's all i got. patrons got inks and pre-comic planning sketches, and i gotta get back to work on their other rewards. see you all next week!
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2016-10-10 11:41 am

off the planet

Inhuman updated!

psst ->

hey folks! autumn has hit and hit hard. beautiful trees, crisp cold weather, and a clear need for heat at night. brrr. time to start prepping for the inevitable deep freeze of massachusetts. but before that, my fav holiday. HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN

i'm almost level 30 in pokemon go, and do about 3 miles walking every day thanks to it. while it hasn't miraculously cured my depression, ptsd or chronic shoulder pain it HAS helped me stay more focused during work, and to be more alert in the mornings after my walk. thanks pokemon! i can't wait til next month when the new game comes out so i won't have to give up pokemon when the snow traps me in my house, haha

ANYWAY... the page is up and patrons of course got inks. i'd love to be able to come up with more patreon rewards, but the weird thing about adulthood is that no matter how hard you work, you just don't seem to have the spare time you THOUGHT you'd have at the end of the day. or maybe it's just at the end of the day we're so beat we don't want to do extra work. could be either. BUT ON THAT NOTE i'm working on finding another manufacturer for nikitak patches, since the last one fell through pretty hard. so keep your fingers crossed!

see you all next week, folks. til then... NIDOKING wants to battle!
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2016-10-02 08:35 pm

hot glue forehead

inhuman updated!

sorry i was late... i got wrapped up making my halloween mask and hot glued my forehead to some cloth etc etc anyway the page is here NOW

and patreon patrons got the proto script and thumbnailing for this, plus the inks.

but i really need to go to sleep or else i won't be able to get at my alarm tomorrow. rip this entry
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2016-09-16 12:11 pm

to hell with the living

Inhuman updated!

patrons got inks, but also a bit of a life update. i'm a little worn down thinking about it so i'm not gonna repost it here... sorry :B

the weather is finally reflecting fall here, and ohhhh my god it's nice. i'm sure i'll b e singing a different tune once it's reliably cold out, but for now it's GREAT.

i had a good morning of runnin out to a fancy bakery i didnt know existed with my neighbor, then grabbin coffee, then going on kind of a poke-adventure to find a growlithe and an onyx haha. i also put another ghost pokemon in another graveyard gym... i cannot help myself.

i'm off to do patreon rewards now. see you next week!
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2016-08-26 01:54 pm

heavy load

inhuman update!
and patreon patrons got inks as well as camp maps and thumbnails.... ooo

hey guys, it's been kind of a rough/long week (a baby skunk from my burrow was injured and i had to call animal control to put it down) so i'll try to just stick to comic talkin'.

first off, i have a wedding i'm obligated to attend next week. normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but because of the contract i signed saying i wait 3 days before publishing the comic on my sites, it may mean i don't get the page up until i'm back from the wedding. i update my sites manually, editing the html each time, so i can't really just 'set it and forget it' to update while i'm gone. but what can you do! at least y'all know what's going on now.

on the cooler side, one of the patreon patrons (wink wink nudge) asked for their reward to be a write-up on the Rojerian hunting knife. that's the weird looking knife grey uses in the comic, in case you didn't know. sooooo i did that. it's pretty brutal, so be forewarned.

i guess i should also let folks know that the merch shop has a bunch of new things you can get now, like computer cases and notebooks - in addition to stuff like t-shirts and hoodies and mugs. so check it out, see if there's something new that calls out to you with a siren song :O

as always, please consider supporting my patreon so i can keep making comics and keep the hot water on as the weather gets chilly. see you when i see you, droogs.
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2016-08-12 10:37 am

long haul

Inhuman updated!

first off, folks, lemme say: if you really like the comic *please* consider contributing to the patreon campaign! people who are giving as little as 1$ a month are still making a big difference in my quality of life. small pledges add up, even if its just to a cup of coffee or a few pokeballs for pokemon go. so please! if you enjoy what i produce, think about supporting me on patreon

>>> <<<

other than that... whew, not much to report other than we're still in the middle of a heat wave. i caught a red eft (salamander) and am trying to get it situated in a terrerium, but its hard to tell if a newt is happy... its got a lot of things to hide in (including moss) and a pool (necessary for efts) and im trying to feed it chopped up earthworm... but im not sure its into the worm, so im going to try wingless fruit flies next.

apart from that, i am mostly surviving the heat by alternating guzzling water and guzzling iced coffee. and putting weak pokemon in the gym on purpose and getting my butt kicked after i claim stardust for the day. its all good!!

im hoping to hit up the rock & mineral show in springfield ma this weekend, but we'll see how things go down.
see you next week, droogs
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2016-08-01 10:34 am

groggy growler

Inhuman update

forgive me being short here, i kinda rolled out of bed to go looking for a pokemon only to find the pokemon go in-game tracker is *entirely* broken... and i'm a lil grumpy. wherever growlithe is, he'll continue to roam free.

we finally got some much-needed rain in new england, after a really punishing july that left everything brittle and dry and a well-worn path through the lawn where i walk to get pokemon from the bridge. i'm hoping august continues to rain, because our whole ecosystem is pretty messed up. i was talking to someone from the dept. of fish & wildlife (she's on team valor) and evidently the turtle nests are straight up dried out. they're literally going out to water those they know of. this also means there's probably no frogs, and the fish have all just ~~vanished~~ from the dry riverbeds. can't find the bodies, can't find any stragglers.

not good, not good at all. it means this winter the skunks and other woodland creatures will need hand-outs more than ever. welp. i'm sure i'll have plenty of mousetrap mice and leftover human food to share... but yeesh, bummer.

i'm going down to NYC next weekend (this weekend??) to hang out with my little sister and get tattoos. i came out to her a while back and that was a relief, but that brings the total family members i'm out to to.... 2. not exactly monumental progress. but it's something.

see you next week, faithful readers. til then....

don't litter
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2016-07-22 12:22 pm


inhuman updated!
(and patreon patrons got inks!)

hey all! happy friday, yeah?

i've been having a blast with pokemon go still. almost got my nidoking! i joined the gym on my street and we've held it pretty consistantly, except for *one* night when red took it over. the gyms in the north of town (where i can't walk to them) are hotly contested though! but i been walkin a lot, hatchin & catchin. and as a bonus, i've met a TON of dogs in the neighborhood and got to pet them. i love me some doggis!

it has been aggravating my bad shoulder a lot, but y'know what? worth it. i've walked about four miles every day, and i've been sleeping really well (with a lot fewer nightmares). i've also run into a lot of neighborhood trainers of all ages. i can't imagine how exciting it must be to live in the city playing this though :>c

oh yeah, side note! there's a sale going on in the tshirt shop where *everything* is on sale for 14$ right now. so check it out, yeah?
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2016-07-11 10:26 am

pokemon GO!!!

Inhuman updated!
(and yep, patreon patrons got behind-the scenes stuff)

hey y'all. holy crumbs, i completely forgot to update the comic this weekend. because of pokemon go!!! i live in the woods, so i don't get much besides weedles and pidgys, but it's still really fun for me. i've already run into a few local (way younger) trainers, and we've swapped tips on where we found rarer pokemon in the area.

i did get stopped by the popo though. nothing like trying to explain to a very confused officer that i'm literally wandering around this abandoned building looking for pokemon, nothing shady, it's all good here buddy!!!

my local gym is blue, so i picked blue. they're also OBSCENELY strong. like, cp 900 jolteon strong. so it's going to take a lot of effort before i can join their ranks! but i'm willing to put that effort in haha.

i just wish it didn't suck up so much data/battery/crash so much. but i guess that's what happens when you hire a company that's not nintendo, huh?

oh well. see y'all next week or so with a page :v
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2016-07-02 07:25 pm

a wee might

Inhuman updated!
(and patreon patrons got a couple goodies like notes, ref photos, and inks)

hey all, not much to say this week cuz i'm gunked up and still sick with whatever flu it is that alf brought home last week. but given how the world seemed to go last week, i'm glad i took the week off...sometimes this planet can be brutal. i hope you're all okay, though.

there's two new t-shirts in the shop now - a naitec logo shirt, and a koji's hat shirt. i also tweaked the chuian tee so it'll look better on darker designs.

alright, that's all i got. i'm still fighting off this flu (i made it through a fever, but i'm still coughing my lungs up now) so i'm gonna jet. welcome to july, folks