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Inhuman updated!

hello friends. i just got back from tinypaws con in CT, which for -once- in a great many years i wasnt at to sell but rather just to enjoy myself. it was really nice to be able to sit down at art related panels (or just in a public space!) and have the energy to trade drawings with people and do gift art. also it being a very kid-friendly con meant that there were no super loud rowdy night parties going on. tho the 'adult only' events were almost all alcohol oriented which really is kind of a bummer for anyone who's in recovery... im hoping next year they'll do better on that front!

also inexplicably i just got back from scooping a tiny little dog up off the side of the highway where she was in danger of being hit and dropping her off at the vet in the arms of the animal control officer. did she see my shirt reading 'camp tiny paws' and know that i was a human to trust? or did this little dog just know i spent like 3 hours in the hotel room watching pitbulls and parolees and was primed to be a dog savior? i may never know. but hopefully she'll be back with her owner soon, since she did have a microchip! but she also looked like she needed some TLC. and smelled like it. oh god did that tiny dog smell.

also please appreciate that kep trefler (author of the Red Thread of Fate) has a severe bee phobia. and that i won the tinypaws con raffle for a bee hive. and that meant kep had to ride home in a car with a bee hive in it. there were no bees inside, but listen, that doesnt matter. please congratulate kep on not dying.

ok i need to go wash all the clothes i wore when i touched that little stray dog now. BYE
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