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inhuman updated!
(and yeah there's inks on DA)

man i really got nothin for you guys this week. we had to get the fuel filler neck on the car replaced which sucked, btu at least now when gas gets pumped into the car it actually goes into the gas tank and not out various holes all along the tube.

but uh see you next weekend (maybe) at FAU?
cause that's where i'm going!

new jersey fans swing on by!
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inhuman update!
(with the inks on DA for y'all)

not a whole ton to say this week except OH MY GOD IT'S COLD?????? it's in the 50s in the morning now! is this normal for new england? if so, i'm not ready! stop becoming fall!! i was enjoying the warmth! stop noooooo i'm a lizard don't take my daystar from me noooooo

other than that uh...not a ton going on, haha. we need to get some repairs done on the car (blarf) and though transportation seems to be becoming an issue, i'm still really hoping to make it to fau next week. somehow. SOMEHOW.

in terms of site stuff, i also changed the blog to pull from the dreamwidth rss feed instead of the livejournal one. primarily cause lj's feed is really slow and a lot of hte time just outright crashes and this causes the site to just hang displaying a blank screen for...well, sometimes a full minute or more. which in turn causes my project wonderful code to return as "site down/code not found" which means i get spammed with email going YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. NO NEVERMIND IT'S BACK. NO NOW IT'S SUSPENDED AGAIN. NO WAIT NEVERMIND IT'S BACK AGAIN.

just annoying, really.

i also went to see the conjuring since i figure it's going to tank and be out of theatres in like, less than a week. it wasn't scary but it was atmospheric and period-accurate, both of which were enjoyable! though i did go in expecting ghosts and instead got your standard issue 'demon posession mothers and babies' crap. that was a bit of a disappointment. cast was pretty good at least. there is no conjuring in the conjuring.

now i have to wait til october for another horror movie. nooooooo how will i feed my addictionnnnnn
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inhuman update!
(the inks have been on DA for like a week, too)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page!

i buy myself a neon green ruler so i won't lose the damn thing and immediately lose it under a pile of books. i'm a genius.

sorry about the delay there, that trip kinda threw more of a monkey wrench into the works of my art-time than i thought. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW AND I'M BACK ON TRACK. the trip was nice, we somehow managed to go down south during the week of a huge heat wave up north. so uh, it was actually cooler in the deep south. score??

went to the huntsville space & rocket center. if you're unaware, that's where they built/tested most of the rockets for the early american spaceflight missions. i think they also trained astronauts there, i was kind of overwhelmed between 1) ROCKETS!!!!!!!! OLD SPACETECH!!!!!!!!!! and 2) the heat outside so i had a hard time actually retaining much of what i learned. but here's some photos!

not a whole lot though )

and uhm...yeah, that's it! next month i'll (hopefully) be at fau thanks to the kindness of amber, so if you live around the jersey area, consider grabbing a day pass and checking it out. if i do go, it'll be my first con in six years. dang!

that's all i got. next week!
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inhuman updated!
(with the inks on DA like normal)

i haven't got a super ton of time here really. not a lot at all in fact cause i gotta go buy coffee since we're out and i refuse to survive without it.

uh...yeah reminder that there's no comic the week of the 18th/19th etc because i'll be in alabama without internets

good news though, we replaced our clunky floor unit indoor AC with a window unit AC, and wow window units are so much better. it actually cools the room quickly and efficently. we don't even have to leave it running all day, just crank it up when we come back and want some cool air.

hope americans had a good long holiday weekend, see y'all next week.
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inhuman update
(and inks on DA like normal)

still running behind schedule by a day, though this WOULD have been up sunday evening...if not for the fact that it spontaniously decided to be hotter than the freakin sun around here. the studio is on the second floor and on the south side of the house too, so that means it gets a little oven-like towards the afternoon on hot days. i had the page done by 2, but the heat sent me crawling for cover about the same time. my apologies, i'm just not adjusted to it feeling like it's in the 90s just yet.

not a whole lot else to report this week? i've been feeling kinda down, some Bad Things happened on the internet. let me go on record and say a thing? if someone is out there being xenophobic of any given group thinking it's super duper funny? i don't care how famous they are, how well known their comic is, or how much they donate to charity. being all LOL THAT GROUP ISN'T PEOPLE ROFL is bullshit. also publishing private emails to "illustrate" that you're soooooooo wacky and clever for making fun of these minority groups is bullshit. i'm pretty fucking done with penny arcade, is what i'm driving at.

another thing i want to say? PUAs ("pick up artists") are super gross. if you want to be a PUA you are gross. if you think PUAs are wise you are gross. please check yourself in to the nearest grossness recovery clinic and stop being gross. if you really want a ladyfriend you know what they super ultra like? respect. the end. do not write books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. do not fund kickstarters for books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. condemn all PUAs to drown in their own urine, and that is all. kickstarter to drown PUAs in urine even. okay i'm done i swear.

still playing animal crossing. i think we have to dogsit for a few weeks starting this weekend but i'm not sure. this heat sucks. and we're out of coffee.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

so to start off - people may have noticed downtime last week (especially with and wonky-acting forums) but this was not an unexpected thing. my gracious hostess needed to shuffle servers, and in the process hekshano stopped mirroring this in turn wonked out the forums. it's all fixed now, for the most part, though.

another thing people may have noticed is the twitter feed on the front page is broken. unfortunately this is not expected. twitter i guess killed their rss feed code of tweet timelines, which means that not just mine but ANYONE using a similar code has found their feed borked. there's not really a quick or easy way for me to fix it, i'll probably just replace that area with links to various social networky sites or something.

other than that, uhm...sorry for the delay? it was a bit of a combination of factors, like not feeling well on sunday for one...but mostly it was because i got animal crossing: new leaf and sort of... fell in. i really missed animal crossing i guess! i played it a TON in college, and i really enjoyed my wild world town til some dweebs trashed it. so i am going a little overboard with crossin' animals these days. it'll die down after a while i'm sure haha.

and let's see for fanart coppelia drew a hairless moth nikitak! why a hairless moth? well...

art by me, one mildly NSFW bondagey this week )

right, that's all i got. now to go close the windows AGAIN because these 20 minute bursts of STORM followed by two hours of NO STORM have cycled back to STORM again.
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Inhuman update!
(inks on DA par the normal)

hey again all :B not much to report this week. weather's warm, ants attacked our sugar bowl, rain's been keeping me from walking to the post office on the few days i have time and uh...that's about it. EXCITING HUH

though there are some animals coming out into our yard, and that's nice. there was a groundhog last night out back eating buttercups. whistlepigs!

i had to stop by the art store this week since all my greytone markers are DEAAAAAAAAAAAAD and while out there alf spotted a comic store. we went inside and wowowow the place was super cool, they even had newspapers commemorating the moon landing for sale for like FIFTEEN BUCKS. plus tons of old games and systems and controllers, a million and a half records, old action figures and widgits and (obviously) comics. it's a shame it's not closer but wow what a cool store. if only i had a billion bux to spend :O

in terms of comic stuff, let's see. i have a bit of fanart to share. there's stuff by ravagefox of theoruff being a theofluff, there's also pictures of kyo by both kiki-uma and furinkazan! and ehly dropped off a really amazing drawing of grey in his creepy old apartment.

let's see, i really only got a chance to draw this, for sokki this week... no real time to draw for myself, apart from the comic.

you may recognize him as teh argumentive myche (aka 'pinky') who works on the shard :o

right, i'm off to finish my coffee then.

edit:!!! i nearly forgot!! kiki-uma and mick39 are holding an indiegogo for an art book of their alien world. for a mere 10$ you get a digital copy of ten really really nice looking drawings and a pdf explaining each species and their culture and stuff. you should completely pledge and help them reach their goal!
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Inhuman update!
(inks over on DA like normal)

sorry for not posting a journal in two weeks, i was enjoying my brief break. i gotta confess, sometimes the blog entry is the hardest part of an update. WHAT DO I EVEN SAY AAAA

uh so anyway yeah new arc has started, we're back on the shard. this page references stuff from both pg 109 and 268. this arc will largely be about mites v utini, the shard, drakia etc. oh, and making vaccinations. possibly also a fight scene to keep things interesting. maybe some torture. you know, we'll see how it goes.

summer has arrived here, i guess. we had like two weeks straight of rain and now it's in the 90s every day. new england what are you doingggg

oh. yeah. things i drew.
inhuman things (safe for work-ish, some profanity) )

i also drew some doofy superteens sketches
doofy superteens under here )

and developed a pokemon fusion addiction

and uh. yeah, that's...more or less all i got. stay hydrated, stay safe if you're in a storm area, and i'll see y'all next week i guess.
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inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

if you look at the inks stage and then the final page, you'll notice i accidentally drew grey's reflection the wrong way around (oops, forgot it was a reflection?) and had to fix it later. considering that, i think i did a good job repairing it. i am a gel pen correction master.

i really haven't got a whole lot else to say. arc 11 is now done, and it clocked in just about at the size i wanted - i had shot for 32 pages, landed at 34. some things (like the stabbin's in the hospital) caused it to run over a bit. but two pages over isn't bad! i got everything i wanted to do with it done - showed people how em died, suggested how marie died, foreshadowed akia and cin for Upcoming Scenarios, sprayed some blood around and made grey come to a concious choice about future behavior. about the only thing i'd add if i had more time would be like a statement or two explaining how he got from earth to ando but that's largely irrelevent at this point. YOU KNOW HE GOT SENT THERE, THE SPECIFICS OF THE SENDING ARE NOT THAT EXCITING.

next week and the week following will be cover art (the back cover for 11, front cover for 12) and then we'll be back on board the shard with aslilin and ash and soshika and koji and all them.

ah well. upwards and onwards.
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inhuman update!
(and ya inks over on DA)

not a whole ton to report this week! alf's birthday was rather quiet. we made a cake and quesadillas for dinner, haha. his present was a 60s (or 70s?) japanese hollow body electric guitar. it's pretty neat, but it needs a little work before it can play perfect. i guess the old owner kinda straightened the neck for some reason and also the pickups are really crumby? i dunno, i don't know guitars :o

that rediculous "bad medicine for dr. drugs" RP had its first session on sabrous. i think it was a lot of fun! but it's also really obvious the campaign writer didn't expect players to play their characters as teens who recently discovered having superpowers (even though that's...kind of the point). it really depends on you playing as a superhero trapped in a teen body to keep on the rails. obviously that did not happen. we ran out on on a plot hook in under an hour. GOOD TIMES :D

i suppose if anyone wants to stop by and watch the RP in action i could inform you it's tuesdays at noon eastern on sabrous. only the six approved players can actually take part in the campaign, but i dunno, if you wanna join the peanut gallery you're more than welcome :o

beyond that, not much. a bear came in the night and stole our birdfeeder, wildfire broke out off the highway (do not throw your lit cigs out the window gdi smokers! seriously!) and the weather's been enjoyable. A+ week all around. well except for the wildfire.

fanart this week, there's another drawing by shadowrunner and a new artist named MalamiteLTD :o check em both out.

and that's all i got. later all :O
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double inhuman update!
(with inks here and here on DA)

wow. okay, so, double update aside? i wish i could say this was another quiet week. but obviously, that wasn't the case.

as many folks know, i live in massachusetts. i have friends in boston and surrounding areas, and it turned out family members were within two blocks of the bombing on monday. it was a very harrowing week for me. i am really amazed at how quickly and effectively the boston PD executed a manhunt, and am amazed they took him alive. i did not think that would happen at all.

but one thing i have seen a lot of this week disturbs me, and that is this sense of "you can't be sad/worried, someone ELSE has tragedy in the world!" this is kind of...broken logic. when tragedy strikes, you feel empathy - that's the normal human thing to do. but if tragedy strikes close to home, it hits your emotional core harder than if it's across the world in a place you have never been and don't have ties to. and there's nothing wrong with this. this is normal. this shows you care about your home town, your friends, your loved ones. there's no reason to feel shameful over that. and the notion that one human suffering is more 'worthy' of concern than another? is also broken thinking.

all suffering is suffering. it is all worthy of concern. no suffering is invalid simply because it comes from a certain place.

to say we don't care because we're being most vocal about a suffering which touches us personally is unfair. it is, if anything, a low blow. humans survive by showing solidarity for our tribes - be those tribes family, friends, citizens of our city, citizens of our coastline, citizens of our country or of another country all together. where our emotional bonds are, that is where our tribes are. that is how we survive. that is how we have always survived. it does your tribe little good if you mourn for a stranger at the expense of neglecting your own sickly. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring for your own. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring. period.

the people of boston and her visting friends were stunning this week. the citizens reacted in ways i had almost forgot people could - with bravery, with kindness. they gave so much blood that the hospitals were at capacity within the hour. they gave away food, shelter, cell phone charges to complete strangers who were trapped during the initial bomb sweeping. they ran towards the blasts to help, not away. they listened to police. they helped the police. when the police said to stop tweeting scanner feeds during the manhunt, people did.

and when they rejoiced, it was with a relief and sense of closure i didn't know a city could feel.

let no one make you feel guilty for your compassion, boston. let no one make you feel unease for your rejoicing. you are an amazing and beautiful city. you are full of amazing and beautiful people, with amazing and beautiful friends and allies. and let no one in this time tell you otherwise.

there's a poisonous attitude on the internet these days, one which seems determined to rob people of the validity of their own feelings and experiences. it's often sold as 'social justice' but the real name for it? is nihilism. or maybe cynicism. or maybe just 'tragedy hipster.' unless a cause is so underground that it's never been heard of, your empathy or feelings for it mean nothing. it's not to say that there aren't causes which need more attention - there are - but no cause should be promoted solely on the basis of cutting down the emotional and personal struggles of others and saying they mean nothing. all humans are capable of suffering. all of us can experience inconcievable times of hardship. it's been said before - it's how we overcome it that defines us.

to tell someone there is no hardship simply because of where they live, or the colour of their skin, or their diet, or their sexual orientation, or their body size, or any other factor? is to tell them you don't believe they are human. you don't believe they are capable of feeling or enduring or suffering. that you feel they are less than you. and that, my friend? is the exact opposite of raising social awareness or finding any form of justice. that is not making the world a better place. that is not healing or helping. that is hurting.

do not do that.

to the other places in the world this week who suffered disasters, large and small, i feel compassion for you too. i hope you are able to fight, band together, and rebuild. but you will forgive me when, as a citizen of massachusetts, my concern was first with my tribe this week.

and no one should be made to feel bad about that.

may our next week be better, all.

...otherwise, there's fanart from kwerey. there's also a kyotoshi minecraft skin by zach.

and yeah, that's all i got. sorry for the little rant there, friends. next week.
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inhuman update
(and the inks are on DA)

hopefully this page clears things up for those who were extrodionarily confused by em's behavior in the last two pages. 8>

not a whole lot else to report! we didn't make it to the 100$ goal this week, so i'll roll it over to next week in hopes of giving y'all an extra page then. marie continues to do cat things on the tally bar.

this week kyo answered questions about tying up your ears, static electricity and parasites.

weather's been getting nicer around here, and wow is it refreshing to be able to walk around outside without a coat. you do not even know. the downside to this is that it means the first nice day i get, i gotta get outside and start yardwork so we can mulch what leaves are left on the ground and stuff. but yeah seeing the lillies start to come up and new grass sprout is just A++ fill your heart with love today stuff.

art stuff? not much, just a drawing of gloucester and kyo. glou forgot pants, so bare butts below.
bare butt in here )

uhm other than that, not much to say. see y'all next week.
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Inhuman update, for reals this time.
(with inks on DA)


a mostly uneventful week, though it's finally started to warm up here in sassachusetts. most of the snow has melted, and the birds are starting to come back in the early morning/late evening. this makes me mega happy, i like to listen to them. though unfortunately it seems the month for spoilers. no matter how often i tell folks not to blather about new pokemon or the new metal gear, some wiseass always starts yacking. it's p rude and it's ultimately made it difficult for me to really surf any of the sites i normally go to. bleh :P

but this month is also my wonderful spouse's bday month! so in light of that i've decided to bring back the donate for an extra comic page insentive thingie. 100$ gets an extra page this week. and also goes a ways towards the planned gift. which i cannot type here. because he will see it. and then it will not be a surprise, if i manage to get it.

right now this arc is looking to clock in at 32 pages. two pages more than i had originally planned for, i think i hadn't anticipated em's conversation with cin to take up as much space as it did. woopthie.

this week kyo answered questions about lava lamps, north tek cuisine, what items he was allowed to keep in the hospital, where he thinks soshika is and grapes for some reason.

coppelia aka dollmancer drew a really cute wine chuian fanart for gloucester earlier in the week which you should totally go look at.

and uh...that's it :O see y'all next week. and in the meantime, remember, if someone says no spoilers - don't be a jerk! no spoilers means no spoilers!
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inhuman update...sorta?
(no inks this week, sorry)

so the grand tradition of april first comics continues, but this year the joke's not on the reader. you can take it to be an alternate reality, or a hallucination, or just actually part of what's going on in the comic if you like. but either way the joke's not on you.

MOSTLY I BLAME MOTHER3, it gets your head into such a EVERYTHING MUST BE A DOWNER place.

and while i wish i could say i have the mite writeup for you, sadly? i do not. the progress i made on it this week was lost earlier when my computer rebooted itself overnight (thanks windows 7 :| ) and i have the wretched habit of not saving work i have open on my desktop. so all the writing i'd done was lost, and i have to start over. i do have some art that will go with it though! that will all be under the cut.

at great personal risk to my sanity, i also began the ardious process of getting back to ask kyo. so far he's answered a question about schooling on hekshano and (again) a question about his sexuality.

in the world of fanart this week there was a ludvic doodle from kep and a new chuian oc from dying dutchman.

and then there's stuff from me
sryy 45-b art in here )

back to the normal comic next week, and we'll be finishing up this arc in april. which is good, it's just in time for all this FREAKIN SNOW TO MELT.
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inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA like normal)

as i mentioned, this week's page skips ahead in the timeline. you will find out what happened and how grey and em's meeting in the hall resolved and all that, but over the next two pages. I JUST NEED TO DO IT THIS WAY OKAY SHHHH. also this page is a giant callback to page 123.

it's been an uneventful week here, though an old shoulder injury's been acting up. DIDN'T KEEP ME FROM MAKING A COMIC THOUGH.

ren's recovering, she seems much better and behaviorally back to normal after a few days. she ate voraciously for a while there though. poor ren :<

i also know i said i'd try to have the mite homeworld background this week, but...well...i'm still working on it. what i have instead is an ash pinup background (no more lewd than a coca cola pinup though) which i promised ages ago when people responded to a poll on who they'd like a pinup background of. that's in the wallpapers section for ya.

i'll be working on the mite homeworld drawing today and over the next week.

in fanart this week there is only kep, because sokki got some ATCs from him :>

but i drew a bunch. yep.
butts, blood and smoochy drunk nikitaks under the cut )

that's all i got. next week is....well by jove, it's right on the cusp of april first! what wickedness will it bring?
see you then!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA like normal)

so this week i ran into some issues with the page related to the ink. my blue microns are worn down to dry little nubs, and i intended to pick up a replacement only to discover the store was only stocking the smallest, thinnest type of micron (the .005 size) which is useless to me. so, i thought a store brand archival ink pen would work just as well.

ha. ha ha. boy was i wrong. as soon as the watercolour hit that bad boy, even after the ink had been left to set overnight, it just bleed everywhere. just BLUE IN EVERY AREA, BLURRY BLUE FOR EVERYONE. so the moral here is that there really is no substitute for microns. microns or gtfo.

completely unrelated, if you like scifi comics you should really be following the stellarmass alien compendium comic keetah is doing!

oh and i guess i should mention that next week's page will have a different setting. it's a jump ahead several hours, and so it might feel like you're 'missing' a chunk of the story. this is intentional, but because of the weekly update nature, this location change may seem confusing at first. but you won't have missed a page, and it will make sense by the end of the arc. just a warning.

for fanart this week there's some by kep, io and a new fanartist, waterfan!

as for me, i've been slowly working on the mite homeworld wallpaper. i want to get the wallpaper up first, followed by the planetary write-up, and hopefully i'll have at least one of those for you by next week.

i also drew some art for sokki. safe for work, but silly )

for those wondering about pet fostering, it did not work out. not any fault of the dog, but ren reacted very severely to his presence. more than to any other dog she's lived with/met/befriended. she hid and would not eat, drink, or groom herself. many people have said that she was 'secretly' eating, but i'm not sure how that could be possible considering her dish was untouched. we finally resorted to coaxing her to eat by feeding her in the bedroom with us and letting her drink from the bathroom sink while we bathed, but she still lost a lot of weight and was not looking well at all by the end of the week. we still don't know exactly what it was about the dog that scared her more than any other dog she's met. we probably never will. but we weren't going to jepordize her life just to have a dog.

so, for her safety, the dog moved on to another foster home. it still really hurt to say goodbye to him, he was a very sweet dog. however, according to the shelter, the fact that we were willing to be the first house he'd ever gone to and reported actively his reactions to household things, his chances of being adopted are drastically increased. i guess not a lot of people are willing to give a dog that's only ever lived in a shelter/abusive conditions into their home. but because we did, and he did very well, he's now got people already lined up to see him. so even though he could not stay here, we still helped him in a small way. they'll let us know when he gets adopted.

...and then of course for an extra kick-to-the-junk from the universe, we came home and i found my elderly rat voiya had passed away in those few hours we were gone.

ren is recovering now, though. she ate voraciously for two days and is being even more clingy than usual. i doubt we'll look at another dog anytime soon, but maybe the next time we do we'll look at an older or smaller dog in hopes it will be less intimidating for her.

them's the breaks.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as always)

cripes what a week. first off, inhuman DID make it to the first round of the comicmix march madness tournament! WOOO!!!

...but then voting shifted to 'need a facebook to vote' status, which effectively nuetered its chances of going any farther. there just seems to be a very strong correlation between inhuman readers and people who dislike using facebook, so we did lose out to shortpacked. but that's okay! shortpacked is a stellar comic which deserves a shot at the gold :O you should go vote for them in round 2!

well, if you have a facebook that is.

a lot of people were complaining that's not fair, requiring FB to vote. while it does kind of skew things in certain directions, you have to understand where comicmix is coming from. it costs them money to handle all the traffic for march madness - their site went down once a day just handling the seeding round votes! in fact they went so over their hosting plan that their site actually got shut down in violation of its hosting terms during the seeding round. and speaking from personal experience, that's expensive to fix. it's even more expensive to fix when you haven't planned for it.

so to alieviate some of the stress on their servers AND to prevent people from accusing them of cheating/rigging votes (happened last year) they outsourced to another voting website. that site just happens to use facebook to authenticate votes. is it ideal? no. but does it enable them to actually hold their contest without their entire site going down constantly? yes.

so while it may have cost inhuman a chance at round 2, i'm honestly okay with it. i think they did the right thing to enable them to hold their contest in as unbaised and reliable a manner as possible. maybe next year's won't need FB, though! that'd be cool!

additionally i'd like to say sorry for how late this page is. we suffered a double whammy here in MA - both alf and i got sick over the weekend AND the dog we've agreed to foster for a while from the local shelter arrived. so it's been a lot of stress, schedule changes and sick and between all that the comic fell through the cracks for a few days. i apologise for that, hopefully it won't happen again.

the dog himself is very sweet but terrifies ren. because of that we're not sure how much longer we can continue to foster. we'll wait until this weekend in hopes that they acclimate to one another. he's an extremely sweet dog, really a sweetheart. but we can't risk ren's health or comfort for him. it's really tragic though because except for interactions with ren, he's a really wonderful canine. you honestly could not ask for a better rescue pet. if we can't continue to foster him i REALLY hope someone comes along and scoops him up for adoption soon. he does not deserve to rot away in a shelter for the rest of his days, he's too sweet for that.

in other news there's fanart from coppelia/dollmancer and transatlantic alien. alas, there is not much from me.

keep your fingers crossed for moe the dog and for ren. i'll see y'all next weekend, barring further illness or bad timing.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual!)

hey! HEY! you know what you should do RIGHT NOW? VOTE FOR INHUMAN in the march mix madness seeding round! you should also vote for other webcomics you enjoy, but if you vote for inhuman i will be *extra* pleased.

in other news, the 2012/2013 charity drive is done! in the end, you all helped raise over 8,000$ for charities all around the world. THAT IS AMAZING. give yourselves a huge congratulatory self hi-five. or a party. or something good! cause you're AWESOME!

so that means sometime soon i'll be releaseing info on the mite homeworld, plus a background of their planet. which i admit, i have been hoping to get to do. MASSIVE CRAGS AND VOLCANOS WHAT WHAT

i'm working on contacting inhuman's anonymous charitable partner who will anonymously donate a matched amount to the charity of choice. right now i'm leaning heavily towards the local animal shelter. see, we visited there this last weekend and began the process of fostering/adopting a really sweet dog named moe. and the shelter is positively amazing considering the financial state of the city it's in. what they're doing is amazing and i want to be able to give back even more than just adopting one of their pups.

there was also a bunch of fanart this week! art from tavanaka (THATS RIGHT HES BACK :DDDDDDDDD) cosumin, ravagefox and new art by Okori, the artist for trance!

anyway that's all i got. and remember! VOTE FOR INHUMAN!
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Inhuman & Unintentional Mishaps update!
(and the inks for the inhuman page are here on DA)

so like i worried about last week, visiting family kind of forced the comic to be shifted to the back burner for a week. but now it's back!

along with the new page of unintentional mishaps by sokki! we get a peek at the bounty hunter crew :O dun dun dunnnn...i guess y'all will have to wait a while longer to find out if mint & company have survived the crash unharmed.



and currently the myches are in the lead! that means if they win you'll get to learn aaaall about the myche homeworld. :o plus a fancy background of just...the scenery of it all. AND please remember that a kind anonymous donor has offered to match the grand total of the drive's raised funds and donate it to a charity of our choosing! so you can make your charitable works count for double, you just have to do it BEFORE MARCH THIRD!

oh, and cosumin was so superkind and drew a valentinesy koji. <3

anyways, here comes the arts by me toot toot :O
mostly safe for work, a bit of blood here and there )

okay! that's all i got! see y'all next sunday...WHEN THE CHARITY DRIVE ENDS!
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inhuman update!
(aaaaaand your inks are on DA, par the norm)

not a whole ton to say this week. we had a guy come poke at hte pellet stove, but it behaved while he was here and he couldn't find any problems when he took parts of it out. rather than charge us for a replacement part when he couldn't confirm if that part was even the problem, he left it as-was and said to call him when/if it failed again.

so of course, it failed during the blizzard! which was okay, we still have heat from the furnace. but we are buried under almost three feet of snow. OH BOY MY FAVOURITE :|

the gekin stickers arrived and look REALLY nice, and the first wave of donors who asked for them should have them en-route by now. the next wave will leave sometime around the 22nd!

and...dun dun dunnnn

the myches take the lead!

but there's still time! just a few more weeks, remember, it ends the first week of march. so if you want to topple the myches, GET IN YOUR DONATIONS TO CHARITIES NOW!

for fanart this week, there's art from aspect and jay.

i did some stuff too :o
all safe for work )

that's really all i got. next week's page may be late, since family is visiting and...well, as everyone knows by now, my family has little concept of or respect for "i am working on something. the fact that it is a comic does not make it unimportant." my apologies in advance.


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