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inhuman update!
(the inks have been on DA for like a week, too)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page!

i buy myself a neon green ruler so i won't lose the damn thing and immediately lose it under a pile of books. i'm a genius.

sorry about the delay there, that trip kinda threw more of a monkey wrench into the works of my art-time than i thought. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW AND I'M BACK ON TRACK. the trip was nice, we somehow managed to go down south during the week of a huge heat wave up north. so uh, it was actually cooler in the deep south. score??

went to the huntsville space & rocket center. if you're unaware, that's where they built/tested most of the rockets for the early american spaceflight missions. i think they also trained astronauts there, i was kind of overwhelmed between 1) ROCKETS!!!!!!!! OLD SPACETECH!!!!!!!!!! and 2) the heat outside so i had a hard time actually retaining much of what i learned. but here's some photos!

not a whole lot though )

and uhm...yeah, that's it! next month i'll (hopefully) be at fau thanks to the kindness of amber, so if you live around the jersey area, consider grabbing a day pass and checking it out. if i do go, it'll be my first con in six years. dang!

that's all i got. next week!
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Inhuman update!
(inks on DA par the normal)

hey again all :B not much to report this week. weather's warm, ants attacked our sugar bowl, rain's been keeping me from walking to the post office on the few days i have time and uh...that's about it. EXCITING HUH

though there are some animals coming out into our yard, and that's nice. there was a groundhog last night out back eating buttercups. whistlepigs!

i had to stop by the art store this week since all my greytone markers are DEAAAAAAAAAAAAD and while out there alf spotted a comic store. we went inside and wowowow the place was super cool, they even had newspapers commemorating the moon landing for sale for like FIFTEEN BUCKS. plus tons of old games and systems and controllers, a million and a half records, old action figures and widgits and (obviously) comics. it's a shame it's not closer but wow what a cool store. if only i had a billion bux to spend :O

in terms of comic stuff, let's see. i have a bit of fanart to share. there's stuff by ravagefox of theoruff being a theofluff, there's also pictures of kyo by both kiki-uma and furinkazan! and ehly dropped off a really amazing drawing of grey in his creepy old apartment.

let's see, i really only got a chance to draw this, for sokki this week... no real time to draw for myself, apart from the comic.

you may recognize him as teh argumentive myche (aka 'pinky') who works on the shard :o

right, i'm off to finish my coffee then.

edit:!!! i nearly forgot!! kiki-uma and mick39 are holding an indiegogo for an art book of their alien world. for a mere 10$ you get a digital copy of ten really really nice looking drawings and a pdf explaining each species and their culture and stuff. you should completely pledge and help them reach their goal!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as always)

cripes what a week. first off, inhuman DID make it to the first round of the comicmix march madness tournament! WOOO!!!

...but then voting shifted to 'need a facebook to vote' status, which effectively nuetered its chances of going any farther. there just seems to be a very strong correlation between inhuman readers and people who dislike using facebook, so we did lose out to shortpacked. but that's okay! shortpacked is a stellar comic which deserves a shot at the gold :O you should go vote for them in round 2!

well, if you have a facebook that is.

a lot of people were complaining that's not fair, requiring FB to vote. while it does kind of skew things in certain directions, you have to understand where comicmix is coming from. it costs them money to handle all the traffic for march madness - their site went down once a day just handling the seeding round votes! in fact they went so over their hosting plan that their site actually got shut down in violation of its hosting terms during the seeding round. and speaking from personal experience, that's expensive to fix. it's even more expensive to fix when you haven't planned for it.

so to alieviate some of the stress on their servers AND to prevent people from accusing them of cheating/rigging votes (happened last year) they outsourced to another voting website. that site just happens to use facebook to authenticate votes. is it ideal? no. but does it enable them to actually hold their contest without their entire site going down constantly? yes.

so while it may have cost inhuman a chance at round 2, i'm honestly okay with it. i think they did the right thing to enable them to hold their contest in as unbaised and reliable a manner as possible. maybe next year's won't need FB, though! that'd be cool!

additionally i'd like to say sorry for how late this page is. we suffered a double whammy here in MA - both alf and i got sick over the weekend AND the dog we've agreed to foster for a while from the local shelter arrived. so it's been a lot of stress, schedule changes and sick and between all that the comic fell through the cracks for a few days. i apologise for that, hopefully it won't happen again.

the dog himself is very sweet but terrifies ren. because of that we're not sure how much longer we can continue to foster. we'll wait until this weekend in hopes that they acclimate to one another. he's an extremely sweet dog, really a sweetheart. but we can't risk ren's health or comfort for him. it's really tragic though because except for interactions with ren, he's a really wonderful canine. you honestly could not ask for a better rescue pet. if we can't continue to foster him i REALLY hope someone comes along and scoops him up for adoption soon. he does not deserve to rot away in a shelter for the rest of his days, he's too sweet for that.

in other news there's fanart from coppelia/dollmancer and transatlantic alien. alas, there is not much from me.

keep your fingers crossed for moe the dog and for ren. i'll see y'all next weekend, barring further illness or bad timing.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual!)

hey! HEY! you know what you should do RIGHT NOW? VOTE FOR INHUMAN in the march mix madness seeding round! you should also vote for other webcomics you enjoy, but if you vote for inhuman i will be *extra* pleased.

in other news, the 2012/2013 charity drive is done! in the end, you all helped raise over 8,000$ for charities all around the world. THAT IS AMAZING. give yourselves a huge congratulatory self hi-five. or a party. or something good! cause you're AWESOME!

so that means sometime soon i'll be releaseing info on the mite homeworld, plus a background of their planet. which i admit, i have been hoping to get to do. MASSIVE CRAGS AND VOLCANOS WHAT WHAT

i'm working on contacting inhuman's anonymous charitable partner who will anonymously donate a matched amount to the charity of choice. right now i'm leaning heavily towards the local animal shelter. see, we visited there this last weekend and began the process of fostering/adopting a really sweet dog named moe. and the shelter is positively amazing considering the financial state of the city it's in. what they're doing is amazing and i want to be able to give back even more than just adopting one of their pups.

there was also a bunch of fanart this week! art from tavanaka (THATS RIGHT HES BACK :DDDDDDDDD) cosumin, ravagefox and new art by Okori, the artist for trance!

anyway that's all i got. and remember! VOTE FOR INHUMAN!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA for erry'body)

yeesh what to say about this week. [personal profile] zarla started playing silent hill downpour and streaming it (because we live IN THE FUTURE) so i've been watching. i wrote some stuff up at about 20% into the game. by 40% most of my feelings remain the same, but there was a completely gratuitious enemy introduced which so far Nobody Likes At All and really the game would have been better without so downpour's major weakpoint has really been enemy design thus far. other than that it...looks like a silent hill? feels like one? obviously the team did their homework, and they're not trying to horn into anyone else's storyline (like origins or shattered memories) nor stealing monsters from anyone else (like origins and homecoming) which already puts it head and shoulders above other newer silent hills.

other things that happened this week: i seriously messed up my toe and joined weasyl (not at the same time)

but on to inhuman stuff.

this week kyo answered questions about grey's weight, statues of himself, interplanetary student exchanges, tail awareness, how he's feeling and his opinions on contura.

ravagefox drew two new pictures

and i drew some stuff too.

all safe for work stuff )

oh, and if your browser is google chrome (or chrome-esque) you might want to check this out. take a walk through our celestial neighborhood, why not!

one last thing before i head out for the week though. this month? has been pretty tough on us. so if you were considering buying something from the inhuman shop or someday dropping something in the tip jar? now is a good time. like, a really good time.

and uh. that's all i got, i guess. later, droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(with the inks over on DA)

aaaaand back into the groove.
i mentioned this elsewhere, but i'm kind of messing around with a purple marker on this page trying to see if i can get it to render shadows on both characters and backgrounds a bit more...helpfully. as for the backgrounds, it didn't seem to accomplish much (perhaps i need a darker purple marker?) and on characters it worked - where i was bold enough to use it. still something i'm fiddling with.

let's see. in addition to the other site changes, i added three new comics to the links: trance, kyle & atticus and prequel. i've been reading all three for a while now, and only just got around to linking them. but check all three out. they're pretty good.

the cast page has been updated as well, and there still some things i need to work on getting functional with the new layout. if something breaks for you/is broken, please just let me know!

there's also fanart from Dying Dutchman and Delta93

but hey, who wants some the future is now! style news? YOU DO OF COURSE!

so as you (now) know, you couldn't exactly access the internet if you were in orbit in a space station. yes, life in zero g was harsh. and let's not fool ourselves, a lot of young would-be astronauts probably learned they couldn't get e-mail up there and decided "fuck it, i'll be a fireman instead." but this is a problem NO MORE!

recently, astronauts aboard the international space station successfully used a prototype interplanetary internet service (DTN) to drive a little lego robot around in germany. from space. through the internet.

the exciting thing about this is that this is a more secure method of transfering commands and information across space. see, when we send signals to say, the curiousity rover? they can get muddled, or mixed up, or take too long. DTN is an improvement upon that.

and it'd also mean that if you, say, lived on a martian colony? you could communicate with your internet pals back on earth. sure, the lag would be fierce. but you COULD DO IT. and that? is just hella cool.

oh and i guess i should just mention this. smackjeeves is doing their annual awards thing, and i dunno. if you're a fan of the comic, maybe you'd like to nominate it? inhuman's smackjeeves mirror is a few pages behind the main site, but that'd be the url you'd use to nominate if you had such a mind to. :x usually *if* inhuman gets nominated i don't find out about it until a day before the voting and so can't mobilise any votes, but maybe this time will be different?

i think that's all i've got for you! now i can finish up my coffee. delicious coffee. til next week, folks!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA par the norm)

first off, before anything else, i want to thank ANYONE and EVERYONE who donated to/promoted The Speedgamers during their pokemon marathon last week. they not only raised their goal of 50,000$ for ACT today but also raised an extra 9,000$ on top of it! and of course, caught all the pokemon. it was a great marathon to watch and i was really glad to be able to help and be a part of it on some level.

on that note, a ultra-quad-extreme-o thanks to the people who bid on my poison pokemon paintings. i'm not sure who the final winner was, but you guys were amazing. as a group, your bids on the paintings raised about 1800$ for the charity. that made me feel really warm and fluffy and have EMOTIONS about pokemon and pokemon fans. it was glorious, and you rock.

anyway, on to the comic. i experimented with two other pen colours this week (sepia and green) and i really do not know what i think of the sepia pens so far. i'm considering not using them in the future. any feedback would be fantastic, please don't hesitate to leave that (or critique) in the comments or e-mail.

i did write a bit about it on tumblr, but i rambled as usual.

for fanart this week, furor joined the archives with art of his awesome hybrid character along with hadrin's renditions of inhuman space ships! myxini mailed me two amazing shirts along with an adorable little piece of chuian art as well. be sure to check all of them out!

to donors from last month - your stickers and sketches (if you requested the physical copy) will be mailed later this week! i was going to mail them today, but started to rain. walking to the post office in the rain with a bag of art is never a good idea, no sir.

oh and art by me?

nothing explicit, but more uptight workplaces might not like these pix on your monitor )

anyway, that's all i got til the next page goes up! i'll be making the end-of-the-month donation comic/widgit later today, i did lose out on a lot of work time because i was doing speedgamery stuff this month (and especially last week) but any help is appriciated.

later, space cadets! catch you on the dark side of europa!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update!
(no inks this week, sorry)

WELL HELLO! a fine april morning we're having! for those just tuning in to this station, april fools comics are a bit of a tradition for me. in fact, it's the only holiday i'll draw filler for.

here they all are, all seven fillers.

i made with the talkin' about the comickin' on tumblr, in case you're curious.

the real big news is (as cial is reporting in this filler) water has been confirmed on enceladus (one of saturn's moons). that means there may be life there. check it out!

another spectacular april fools comic today is by mi amigo keetah, over at villain. yaranaika?

OH! and i almost forgot! shadycreepykid has created a nikitak plush and listed it up on furbuy. this is with my permission of course :O she's also planning a few other inhuman-related plushes to be listed in the near future, i'll try to keep folks updated as to when those auctions are!


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