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inhuman updated!
(with the inks on DA like normal)

i haven't got a super ton of time here really. not a lot at all in fact cause i gotta go buy coffee since we're out and i refuse to survive without it.

uh...yeah reminder that there's no comic the week of the 18th/19th etc because i'll be in alabama without internets

good news though, we replaced our clunky floor unit indoor AC with a window unit AC, and wow window units are so much better. it actually cools the room quickly and efficently. we don't even have to leave it running all day, just crank it up when we come back and want some cool air.

hope americans had a good long holiday weekend, see y'all next week.
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inhuman update
(and inks on DA like normal)

still running behind schedule by a day, though this WOULD have been up sunday evening...if not for the fact that it spontaniously decided to be hotter than the freakin sun around here. the studio is on the second floor and on the south side of the house too, so that means it gets a little oven-like towards the afternoon on hot days. i had the page done by 2, but the heat sent me crawling for cover about the same time. my apologies, i'm just not adjusted to it feeling like it's in the 90s just yet.

not a whole lot else to report this week? i've been feeling kinda down, some Bad Things happened on the internet. let me go on record and say a thing? if someone is out there being xenophobic of any given group thinking it's super duper funny? i don't care how famous they are, how well known their comic is, or how much they donate to charity. being all LOL THAT GROUP ISN'T PEOPLE ROFL is bullshit. also publishing private emails to "illustrate" that you're soooooooo wacky and clever for making fun of these minority groups is bullshit. i'm pretty fucking done with penny arcade, is what i'm driving at.

another thing i want to say? PUAs ("pick up artists") are super gross. if you want to be a PUA you are gross. if you think PUAs are wise you are gross. please check yourself in to the nearest grossness recovery clinic and stop being gross. if you really want a ladyfriend you know what they super ultra like? respect. the end. do not write books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. do not fund kickstarters for books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. condemn all PUAs to drown in their own urine, and that is all. kickstarter to drown PUAs in urine even. okay i'm done i swear.

still playing animal crossing. i think we have to dogsit for a few weeks starting this weekend but i'm not sure. this heat sucks. and we're out of coffee.
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double inhuman update!
(with inks here and here on DA)

wow. okay, so, double update aside? i wish i could say this was another quiet week. but obviously, that wasn't the case.

as many folks know, i live in massachusetts. i have friends in boston and surrounding areas, and it turned out family members were within two blocks of the bombing on monday. it was a very harrowing week for me. i am really amazed at how quickly and effectively the boston PD executed a manhunt, and am amazed they took him alive. i did not think that would happen at all.

but one thing i have seen a lot of this week disturbs me, and that is this sense of "you can't be sad/worried, someone ELSE has tragedy in the world!" this is kind of...broken logic. when tragedy strikes, you feel empathy - that's the normal human thing to do. but if tragedy strikes close to home, it hits your emotional core harder than if it's across the world in a place you have never been and don't have ties to. and there's nothing wrong with this. this is normal. this shows you care about your home town, your friends, your loved ones. there's no reason to feel shameful over that. and the notion that one human suffering is more 'worthy' of concern than another? is also broken thinking.

all suffering is suffering. it is all worthy of concern. no suffering is invalid simply because it comes from a certain place.

to say we don't care because we're being most vocal about a suffering which touches us personally is unfair. it is, if anything, a low blow. humans survive by showing solidarity for our tribes - be those tribes family, friends, citizens of our city, citizens of our coastline, citizens of our country or of another country all together. where our emotional bonds are, that is where our tribes are. that is how we survive. that is how we have always survived. it does your tribe little good if you mourn for a stranger at the expense of neglecting your own sickly. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring for your own. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring. period.

the people of boston and her visting friends were stunning this week. the citizens reacted in ways i had almost forgot people could - with bravery, with kindness. they gave so much blood that the hospitals were at capacity within the hour. they gave away food, shelter, cell phone charges to complete strangers who were trapped during the initial bomb sweeping. they ran towards the blasts to help, not away. they listened to police. they helped the police. when the police said to stop tweeting scanner feeds during the manhunt, people did.

and when they rejoiced, it was with a relief and sense of closure i didn't know a city could feel.

let no one make you feel guilty for your compassion, boston. let no one make you feel unease for your rejoicing. you are an amazing and beautiful city. you are full of amazing and beautiful people, with amazing and beautiful friends and allies. and let no one in this time tell you otherwise.

there's a poisonous attitude on the internet these days, one which seems determined to rob people of the validity of their own feelings and experiences. it's often sold as 'social justice' but the real name for it? is nihilism. or maybe cynicism. or maybe just 'tragedy hipster.' unless a cause is so underground that it's never been heard of, your empathy or feelings for it mean nothing. it's not to say that there aren't causes which need more attention - there are - but no cause should be promoted solely on the basis of cutting down the emotional and personal struggles of others and saying they mean nothing. all humans are capable of suffering. all of us can experience inconcievable times of hardship. it's been said before - it's how we overcome it that defines us.

to tell someone there is no hardship simply because of where they live, or the colour of their skin, or their diet, or their sexual orientation, or their body size, or any other factor? is to tell them you don't believe they are human. you don't believe they are capable of feeling or enduring or suffering. that you feel they are less than you. and that, my friend? is the exact opposite of raising social awareness or finding any form of justice. that is not making the world a better place. that is not healing or helping. that is hurting.

do not do that.

to the other places in the world this week who suffered disasters, large and small, i feel compassion for you too. i hope you are able to fight, band together, and rebuild. but you will forgive me when, as a citizen of massachusetts, my concern was first with my tribe this week.

and no one should be made to feel bad about that.

may our next week be better, all.

...otherwise, there's fanart from kwerey. there's also a kyotoshi minecraft skin by zach.

and yeah, that's all i got. sorry for the little rant there, friends. next week.
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Inhuman update, for reals this time.
(with inks on DA)


a mostly uneventful week, though it's finally started to warm up here in sassachusetts. most of the snow has melted, and the birds are starting to come back in the early morning/late evening. this makes me mega happy, i like to listen to them. though unfortunately it seems the month for spoilers. no matter how often i tell folks not to blather about new pokemon or the new metal gear, some wiseass always starts yacking. it's p rude and it's ultimately made it difficult for me to really surf any of the sites i normally go to. bleh :P

but this month is also my wonderful spouse's bday month! so in light of that i've decided to bring back the donate for an extra comic page insentive thingie. 100$ gets an extra page this week. and also goes a ways towards the planned gift. which i cannot type here. because he will see it. and then it will not be a surprise, if i manage to get it.

right now this arc is looking to clock in at 32 pages. two pages more than i had originally planned for, i think i hadn't anticipated em's conversation with cin to take up as much space as it did. woopthie.

this week kyo answered questions about lava lamps, north tek cuisine, what items he was allowed to keep in the hospital, where he thinks soshika is and grapes for some reason.

coppelia aka dollmancer drew a really cute wine chuian fanart for gloucester earlier in the week which you should totally go look at.

and uh...that's it :O see y'all next week. and in the meantime, remember, if someone says no spoilers - don't be a jerk! no spoilers means no spoilers!
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okay, the comic is going to be late. possibly several days late, i really don't know. here's a summary of my last four days which will hopefully explain it.

i normally work on the comic from thurs-saturday with prelim work weds. well... )
sun - and here we are. no doctor's appointments today, but i still only have a sketched page with part of a hand and speech balloons inked. i'll be working on it today, but whatever i caught in the waiting room is giving me a kind of unrelenting headache. i really am sorry. i'll have the comic as soon as possible, but so far 2013 has been a bit of a punch in the dick.

keep zar's nana in your thoughts or prayers or whatever. and i'll see you with the comic...whenever i have it done.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA, as usual)

the art this week is kind of week, due to recent events making it very difficult to focus. since there are a few inhuman readers and friends of mine who live in newtown, CT, please keep them in your thoughts and hopes. if you can spare it, as well, consider donating to the fund members of the town have set up to help recover.

any donations to this charity will count towards the inhuman charity drive as well. just make sure you forward me proof.

this week kyo answered questions about written Uni, how nude aliens carry things like wallets, coming out in hekshanian culture, anime and talking to his past self. jino also answers a question about myches.

also PS: the speedgamers mario marathon for the Make A Wish foundation is still going on. it will end monday. right now, though, a 10$ donation will enter you into the raffle for a wii u deluxe. you should completely get on that.

i don't really have very much to say this week. the page MIGHT be late next week, considering the upcoming holiday and the fact that we have planned to go to a relative's place for xmas. i'll do my best to avoid that.

but it is also worth noting that grey now has his own fanclub on deviantart. if you're a fan of the scruffy-haired scarred schizophrenic, you should probably go join! and submit art or fics or things. yes, yes you should.

later, droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(and ayes, the inks are over on DA like normal)

yikes i have a bunch to talk about this week. maybe a bulletpoint list will be best to get through it?
-inhuman is now on inkoutbreak. add it or like it or vote, whatever you want!
-the smackjeeves awards are accepting nominees. inhuman is also on smackjeeves! if you like it, nominate it!
-you can purchase a fine and fuzzy nikitak scarf from the shop now. pics below :v
-new Unintentional Mishaps pages are on the way! also fairy tale, if i can find the time!
-the WINTER CHARITY DRIVE will start in the next couple days. i just need to finish the art for it!
-ren is purring.

there's two fantabulously funny fanarts this week, one by pink painter (aka talon/ryx) and one by chris. i do loves me some fanart haha

i drew a bunch, but i also made nikitak scarves. wanna see?

all safe for work )

i'd also love to talk about something the mars rover discovered, but currently whatever it is is underwraps. i hope it's live surface bacteria! that'd be amazing! but it could also just be bacteria which hitch-hiked from earth, or a faulty bit of equipment. as excited as i am, i am truly glad that NASA is double-checking their findings before releasing any details.

that's really all i got. i'll be back later in the week with charity drive information. in the meantime, it has still been a very harsh month and we're low on heating oil again, so please consider leaving a tip in the tipjar?

yeah okay that's all i got. later droogs.


Oct. 7th, 2012 01:02 pm
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over here on DA)

i'm going to try to keep this quick because i have a copy of pokemon white 2 calling loudly to me at the moment. but this page did scan a little blurry for reasons that are not yet clear to me.

there's art from me in the wanderers section and fanart from keetah and eluvion.

also excuse me a moment here because lots of registration deadlines are coming up this week and i won't get another chance to say this, so...

attention americans

if you live in one of the following states:

DC (by mail)
new mexico

your voter registration deadline is OCTOBER NINTH. that is TUESDAY.

if you live in one of the following states:

new york
north carolina

your voter registration deadline is OCTOBER 12TH. That's FRIDAY.

if you are from deleware your deadline is saturday the 13th

who you vote for is really not my concern, and if you write in "turtles in pajamas" on your ballot for who you cast your votes for hey, more power to you! BUT. a lot of these ballots include things like BALLOT INITIATIVES and you probably DO want to vote on those because they directly effect the laws of your home state.

like for example in my home state, we have one where we're voting on if it should be legal or illegal for private mechanics to be allowed to fix cars. obviously i think it should be legal cause who the hell has money to pay a dealership every time? but every state is different.

so uh yeah. registering this year is SUPER SUPER EASY cause you can do it online. someone said they did it in like less than five minutes. here's some sites you can use to register (spyware free)

if you've ALREADY REGISTERED, DON'T REGISTER AGAIN. it'll invalidate your current registration and you won't be able to vote in november.

also remember that registering as a party doesn't obligate you to vote for that party. if your parents are pressuring you to register with the Rolling Tomato party and you'd rather vote Orange Popsicle party, you can make both yourself and them happy. also if you register as a Normal Pokemon party member but two days before the vote they say something really wretched that makes you want to vote for the Fire Pokemon party instead, you totally can.

apologies to those already registered, i will be posting these entries through the month as deadlines for various states draw near.

alright. time to go start pokemon bw2 so i can transfer my glorious bug team in.
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Inhuman update!
(and there's inks over here if you so desire)

sorry that this is a day late. it was actually finished early on sunday, but i got derailed by real life stuff and so it just sat on top of my scanner until this morning.

i suppose the first thing you will notice when you go to look at this week's comic is the enormous banner urging americans to register to vote. you can actually register online now! how cool is that, you don't even have to go out or spend a stamp! you can do it from my site (the white house developed a code that can be plugged into anywhere - blogs, sites, whatever!) or you can use the official white house registration site at

which probably leaves you with some questions about voting/registering/parties/whatever. i'll be glad to answer them if you leave a comment on this entry!

so anyway, back to the comic. i did talk at length about what i was trying to do/not do with parts of this page. it's not one of my best, i probably should have just made the first six panels larger and junked the last four all together. OH WELL. next week we'll do better, yeah?

and i guess i should take this time to say goodbye to :< i will miss you, comicrank. it was the only comic listing system i really liked, because it didn't request readers to click links or vote to tally numbers. it just passively collected stats and based your rank on that. since codes can be written to artificially climb ranks on voting sites, i just liked that better. i'm sad to see it go, it was a good site.

anyway in terms of fanart this week there's art by keetah, Eluvion and a newcomer named Claire! go check them all out, all three pictures are p awesome.

that's really all i got until next week. remember to register to vote if you're an american! and if you have a few spare bucks, please remember that LLK still desperately needs your help.

and as for me, i'm going to draw a bunch of zombie aliens. later!
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there's a droid app out there called dailycomix.

dailycomix is making money off of my webcomic without my permission. and lots of other webcomics too!
you can read all about how skeezy it is over here.

what i'd REALLY like you to do, though, is the following.

send the developers an e-mail pointing out that they're using these webcomics WITHOUT permission of the creators and profiting off of them again WITHOUT our permission. you can use my comic in the 'problem' field if you want to. i have no shame letting them know the grief is coming from my readerbase.

of course that may not entice them to remove the app. so let's take it directly to google.
you can contact the google app store to complain (select 'other' and in the comment field be sure to point out that this app is in copyright violation by using/profiting off of webcomics without creator permission)

the app name is "dailycomix"
the developer name is "klaymore"
and the URLs for the app on google play are this and this

even the 'free' download has ads plastered all over it, and the money from those adds again goes to 'klaymore' and NOT we webcomic creators. UNCOOL, MAN.
help me take some action. i've already reported these apps to google, but the more reports will mean the faster it gets removed. let's make klaymore sorry they ever tried to profit off of starving artists without ASKING us first.


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