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Inhuman update
(and if you didn't see it, the inks were on DA)

woopth. sorry for the delay in the blog post. the weather was nice, thundercats was bad, i just had other things foremost on my mind. but now it's a miserable rainy day, so LETS GOOOooo

straight out of the gate y'all probably noticed there's a different colour pen being used on the backgrounds now. i'm not certain if i'll stick with this or not, it's just something i'm trying out to help avoid the characters getting lost against the backgrounds. this isn't so much a problem for old readers (who know where to look) as it is new. and really a comic page should be engaging to old and new viewers alike because :o i dunno it just should

i talked a lot about what i was attempting with the blue pen and what i thought of it here and here.

there is detailed data on morbacks on the site now, though. so anything you ever wanted to know about sers' species, babam. enjoy.

for fanart this week there was stuff from blankd, delcat, garuda and dying dutchman. personally i like del's RADSLIME more than should be healthy.

there was no ask kyo last week because i didn't have the time to text up the drawn responses, but it's back on schedule for this week now.

i drew some things. not a lot, though.

all safe for work unless your boss hates fuzzy aliens )

i'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that right now if you make a minimum donation of 5$ to ACT today via the speedgamers i will draw something for you. for more details on that, check here.

PLEASE consider donating to TSG. it's for a really good cause, and 100% of the proceeds are going to ACT Today. plus you get to watch them catch pokemon! who doesn't love pokemon? :D

oh, and to readers off to that major convention this week, have fun! say hi to amber for me!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA, yes indeed)

HOLY CHROME. did you guys watch the Dragon spacecraft docking this week? IT. WAS. AMAZINGGGGGG~
i swear when they announced capture confirmed i cried
seriously i cried

this is why i am the biggest nerd for space

wait this isn't my personal space exploration gushing blog? drat. i should talk about the comic i guess. well, this week i went into long extensive rambles about the root structure of trees in conturian hotels as well as the gel-bubble window structure. if you too are a huge scifi nerd you might enjoy reading such things! i enjoyed writing about them, anyway.

this week, kyo answered questions about alien sleeping arrangements, his children's book writing career, his relationship with chovek, gibberish, lies, feet and of course - booze.

in terms of fanart this week, there's more from aspect as well as gloucester and the amazing sfe monster is in there too! :O

and art by me? well okay

all safe for work )

and those who have clicked through to the site will have also noticed that yes, there's another month-end chipin going. it is an ENORMOUS help when people donate to these, it really takes a lot of stress and pressure out of our household (primarily because i'm not pacing franticly wringing my hands espousing how we're going to wind up on the street) and i really, really appriciate it. donors this time will get a STICKER or a SKETCH (their choice), but if the goal is met then EVERYONE gets to read about MORBACKS and another page of FAIRY TALE. is fair, yes?

if you were a donor who picked a sketch last month, they're over here to be picked up. click images to enlarge them :o they'll be mailed out soon (if you requested that)

also if you are not cool donating i am still open for commissions. there's a price list here (though the link goes to furaffinity so the ads might not be SFW)

right, i gotta get ready to rock. going to my aunt and uncle's place for this minor late-spring holiday. see you round, space cadets!


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