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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over yonder on DA)

sometimes i wonder if i'm doing something too obvious with the comic, but then nobody notices and i think to myself 'yes, nailed it.' but it'll be a few pages before i can reveal exactly what that is yet.

in other news, i finished the solla pinup wallpaper finally. i'm not sure who the next will be, some have suggested chovek again? i guess i'll have to see what happens.

next week the comic might be late, as [profile] veestah and [personal profile] zarla are both coming over for HALLOWEEN ANTIIIIIICS. still need to figure out when we're picking vee up, now that i think about it.

and forgive me again, but the last week of american voter registration is approaching. so once more...


here's your state voting deadlines for this week.

South Dakota
Utah (you must go in person)


Nebraska (you must go in person)

New Hampshire

and enough of that, how about some pokemon?
Pokemon art?
pokemon art! )

that's all i got. til next week, folks!


Oct. 7th, 2012 01:02 pm
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over here on DA)

i'm going to try to keep this quick because i have a copy of pokemon white 2 calling loudly to me at the moment. but this page did scan a little blurry for reasons that are not yet clear to me.

there's art from me in the wanderers section and fanart from keetah and eluvion.

also excuse me a moment here because lots of registration deadlines are coming up this week and i won't get another chance to say this, so...

attention americans

if you live in one of the following states:

DC (by mail)
new mexico

your voter registration deadline is OCTOBER NINTH. that is TUESDAY.

if you live in one of the following states:

new york
north carolina

your voter registration deadline is OCTOBER 12TH. That's FRIDAY.

if you are from deleware your deadline is saturday the 13th

who you vote for is really not my concern, and if you write in "turtles in pajamas" on your ballot for who you cast your votes for hey, more power to you! BUT. a lot of these ballots include things like BALLOT INITIATIVES and you probably DO want to vote on those because they directly effect the laws of your home state.

like for example in my home state, we have one where we're voting on if it should be legal or illegal for private mechanics to be allowed to fix cars. obviously i think it should be legal cause who the hell has money to pay a dealership every time? but every state is different.

so uh yeah. registering this year is SUPER SUPER EASY cause you can do it online. someone said they did it in like less than five minutes. here's some sites you can use to register (spyware free)

if you've ALREADY REGISTERED, DON'T REGISTER AGAIN. it'll invalidate your current registration and you won't be able to vote in november.

also remember that registering as a party doesn't obligate you to vote for that party. if your parents are pressuring you to register with the Rolling Tomato party and you'd rather vote Orange Popsicle party, you can make both yourself and them happy. also if you register as a Normal Pokemon party member but two days before the vote they say something really wretched that makes you want to vote for the Fire Pokemon party instead, you totally can.

apologies to those already registered, i will be posting these entries through the month as deadlines for various states draw near.

alright. time to go start pokemon bw2 so i can transfer my glorious bug team in.
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Inhuman update!
(and there's inks over here if you so desire)

sorry that this is a day late. it was actually finished early on sunday, but i got derailed by real life stuff and so it just sat on top of my scanner until this morning.

i suppose the first thing you will notice when you go to look at this week's comic is the enormous banner urging americans to register to vote. you can actually register online now! how cool is that, you don't even have to go out or spend a stamp! you can do it from my site (the white house developed a code that can be plugged into anywhere - blogs, sites, whatever!) or you can use the official white house registration site at

which probably leaves you with some questions about voting/registering/parties/whatever. i'll be glad to answer them if you leave a comment on this entry!

so anyway, back to the comic. i did talk at length about what i was trying to do/not do with parts of this page. it's not one of my best, i probably should have just made the first six panels larger and junked the last four all together. OH WELL. next week we'll do better, yeah?

and i guess i should take this time to say goodbye to :< i will miss you, comicrank. it was the only comic listing system i really liked, because it didn't request readers to click links or vote to tally numbers. it just passively collected stats and based your rank on that. since codes can be written to artificially climb ranks on voting sites, i just liked that better. i'm sad to see it go, it was a good site.

anyway in terms of fanart this week there's art by keetah, Eluvion and a newcomer named Claire! go check them all out, all three pictures are p awesome.

that's really all i got until next week. remember to register to vote if you're an american! and if you have a few spare bucks, please remember that LLK still desperately needs your help.

and as for me, i'm going to draw a bunch of zombie aliens. later!

stop ACTA!

Jan. 26th, 2012 10:52 am
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so we've beat down SOPA/PIPA. in fact the issue has become so politically toxic that no lawmakers even want to go anywhere near it, which may mean that the rescheduled vote in two months will be pushed indeffinately further back.

but there's a bigger, scarier thing out there. meet ACTA. ACTA is an international internet censorship bill. it's being voted on in parliament in the UK right now. so what can we do about it?

everyone can sign this petition against ACTA. it has a paltry 164,000 signatures as of my typing this, and that's pitiful compared to the outcry against SOPA/PIPA when this thing does exactly the same stuff.

if you're a citizen of the UK you can sign this petition against ACTA. it, too, has a measly number of signatures. only 3000? c'mon guys!

the bad news is that this has already been signed by representitives of the US and Canada. so we're already going to be screwed by ACTA. but don't let the UK get stomped by this thing! keep the internet as it is- a place where free exchange of ideas, arts and commentary is common. not censored.

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Inhuman update
(and the inks are on DA)

i'd write more but i'm utterly beat. the washing machine malfunctioned and poured water everywhere instead of into the basin. and since it never filled the basin, the water just kept pouring until i came down to check it. had to clear 2in of water out of the basement in the middle of winter. cool. and our clothes are still all dirty. awesome.

know what sucks? ACTA, which is the UK version of SOPA/PIPA.
i'll have some links for you to protest it tomorrow. can't type very well now, hands are frozen and covered in oil/dirt/snow/detergent
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hey there's a new page of Unintentional Mishaps up on the site. let it tide you over as i work on the main page...

in more politically oriented news, the US government's response to the SOPA blackout protests yesterday was to shut down (which is like yousendit or any other filesharing program- i've used it to send people the rough draft print copies of inhuman, as they were too big for email) without due process. there's also been word (uncited word) that a citizen of the UK is being extradited to the US to stand trial for using megaupload.

by the way? this shit will happen all the time unless we stop SOPA/PIPA. this kind of action is basicly what those two make commonplace a-okay actions online. and it doesn't matter if you got say, the permission of akira yamaoka to remix his music. whoever owns his contract is the one who pulls the plug on your website/youtube video/tumblr/twitter/facebook/myspace/areyougettingthehint? there's nothing the actual artist can do about it.

anyway this is all horrid. but when it comes to activism there's a right way to do things, and then there's a wrong way to do things. unwittingly duping people into taking part in a DDOS attack is not cool. if they're doing it willingly, that's one thing. but telling someone to click a link and NOT telling them it might come with the hefty pricetag of a 10 year jail sentance? uncool. that's like running to your grandma's house with the cops watching you and hiding a huge bag of cocaine in her bedroom. would you do that to your grandma? i would not.

what i would do to help stop SOPA as an American is this:
- contact my senators and tell them i oppose SOPA/PIPA as it infringes on our first ammendment rights.
- contact my representative/s and tell them i oppose SOPA/PIPA as it infringes on our first amendment rights.
- e-mail the president asking him to veto SOPA/PIPA since they infringe on our first amendment rights.
- sign the google petition to stop SOPA/PIPA

if you're not an american but want to stop SOPA/PIPA you should...
- write to our president and let him know how this makes america look to the rest of the world.

in case you are oh
i dunno
too young to vote? that doesn't matter. your government is still to serve you. in fact, writing when you're too young to vote may get MORE attention. because these people WANT you to vote for them (or their party) as you get older. they WANT your approval. and they also want to know that the american youth actually give a shit about their country. currently, they think you don't. so just real quick brush up on the rights SOPA/PIPA will take away from you and hammer out a quick letter.

they will listen. they're starting to listen already. but no war, certainly not a war of corporations vs common internet users, is going to resolve in a single day. our only ammunition - our only power of attack - is our voices. if SOPA/PIPA pass, we won't have that. so use them while you can. use them while it's important. say something. do something. and don't you dare give me that 'one person makes no difference' line.
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aaaaaand the sites are back.

really, SOPA disgusts me. it's like using a hammer to remove a brain tumor. yes, piracy is a problem, but allowing such a blunt and powerful instrument to 'solve' it won't help. piracy will soldier on. my prediction is that if torrenting websites are destroyed, filesharing programs will make a resurgance. piracy will persist no matter what you do, and destroying half of the internet on whim isn't a solution.

look, horrible fanfics and mash-up videos are horrible. no question. so are horrible fancomics and fanart. but that's part of the internet. that's what the internet IS. that's like new york city without the filth of the subway, tokyo without the rush-hour train cram, louisiana without bayous, the wild west without injuns. half of what makes a place is the things you learn to sidestep, survive, accept and joke about.

i wouldn't WANT terrible fanfiction about harry potter to be a thing of the past. i wouldn't WANT loud profane 'reviews' of games and tv to vanish. where am i going to get my belly laughs then? certainly not the movies with the crap they've been spilling out. i LIKE my internet as a wretched hive of scum and villiany. it's a place where in spite of the pulp and piracy, everyone is free to say what they truly think about stuff. if they truly think spock and kirk are totally boning, that's okay. nobody can stop them. if they truly think twilight is the best thing in the whole wide world, they're utterly out of their minds, but that's okay. they're allowed to be. and i want it to stay that way.

if you're an american you can ask the president to Veto SOPA/PIPA - and i urge you to do so.

if that's not your speed - or you're not an american - you can sign Google's anti-SOPA/PIPA petition

the day of protest didn't destroy SOPA/PIPA, it only raised awareness. now people need to actually get up off their butts and take some action.

for some reason this is hard for a few people to grok, but look. we live in a democracy in this country. that means our government is SUPPOSED to be for the people, of the people, and by the people. if our lawmakers aren't making decisions that are in THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE then they can be REMOVED from power. and they tend to not want to be removed from power. if you call and tell them 'i'm not voting for you next time unless you oppose SOPA' they actually notice. they do. none of this 'one person never makes a difference' bullshit, because you're NOT one person. you're one of (according to google) 4.5 MILLION americans who oppose SOPA/PIPA.

your representitives do not, contrary to popular belief, have a list of names of who voted for them last election sitting on their desk to cross-reference against calls. they don't know if you didn't vote for them last time, and they don't care. they care if you'll vote for them NEXT time. and if your vote hinges on their response to PIPA/SOPA (or so they believe) then they'll change their stance.

this is how democracy works, by the way. if you don't PARTICIPATE, it's not a DEMOCRACY.

so do something about it.
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The following websites will be going dark tomorrow in protest of SOPA (that is, if the script works):

-Inhuman mirror on
-War Buddies mirror on
-12 Hours on
-my tumblr
-"FF7 House"
-The Mewtwo Museum
-the cial infodump site

they'll all be back up after the strike ends.
for more information on the strike, including how to join it and (for americans) how to make your voice heard, visit

if you somehow live under a rock and don't know what SOPA is, let me sum it up for you.

if you make a blog entry about how you hated the latest twilight movie?
the people who own that movie can have your website removed. no warning, no notification. bam, it's gone. entire site.
along with any site linking to it.

if you make fun of a really bad webcomic?
the owner of that webcomic can have your mockery yanked from the internet. anyone who links to your mockeries has their sites killed too! and anyone who complains about it? bam, they're gone! it's like an all-day every-day deviantart mod fest! woops, SOPA would have had me for that comment too.

if you make a fan-page for your favourite star wars character? SOPA would let george lucas kill it without so much as a sideways glance at you. and anyone linking to it gets their site destroyed as well. and i'd probably get in trouble for implying george lucas doesn't like star wars fans...

did you write a SAUCY doctor who fanfic?
SOPA lets your fanfic be removed from the internet. it lets the site that hosted your fanfic be removed. it lets anyone who linked to it have their sites removed. no more fanfiction!

did your band do a cover of a more well-known band's work?
SOPA lets that band remove your cover of their song, have your site taken down, and have the sites of any fans who've graciously promoted you taken down as well. that includes clubs you may have played at...

sound fair? fuck no, and it'd destroy the internet as we know it. SOPA also does a lot of other nasty things under the guise of "stopping piracy" online. it is very uncool and would ultimately make the internet in the USA much like the internet in China. and me? i'd disappear just for saying that...


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