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hi droogs :o sorry to report the comic is on hold this week, mostly because of the combination of hurricane and visitors.

we're all fine here after the storm. it sort of swooped around massachusetts plus we're at about a thousand feet elevation so we just got a ton of wind and rain. our creek out back is really swollen but nowhere near overflowing its prodigious banks and we didn't even lose power (though that's mostly because the town owns its own electric and isn't on a larger grid where there are more vulnerabilities) so prettymuch we all just sat inside playing silent hill and trading pokemon. BUSINESS AS USUAL.

we did go out to see silent hill: revelations and i did a bit of a spoiler-free review over here.

we haven't carved our pumpkins yet (mostly because GETTING them was trickier than we thought...we headed to the nearest supermarket and the instant we got there that town lost power! our local market was sold out. and driving to the next town over the day after the storm resulted in us being caught in some really heavy rain and minor road flooding on our return) but here's some decoration photos.

it sounds like this street gets hit with trick-or-treaters pretty hard. it's our first halloween here, so i guess we'll find out!

we're all heading out to salem later today. if you're in the area either drop me a DM on twitter, text me (if you already have my number) or email me and we can attempt to meet up. but we won't be there terribly late...gotta get back to hand out candy y'know.

comic will return this coming weekend. again, apologies for the delay, hope no one was hurt by the storm, and have a happy halloweezus :O
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Inhuman update!
(the inks are up on DA, yeah)

before you go any further, look out! there's a new page of Unintentional Mishaps up! so make sure you check that too. warning: contains chinbutt.

this weekend alf and i went and met up with gloucester (the dude who runs the white sun project) in salem! the weather was great and the museums were super neat. good time all around :o next time maybe we should get some more people together and all go as a big group, hmm.

it was a nice break too, because for two days i'd been agonizing over a transition between panels on the page this week. after you read the page, you can see what those concerns of mine were. but if you know what they are before you look, it may change the way you read the page. SO BE CAUTIOUS :O

in terms of fanart this week there's some from maniac/keetah, gloucester (real life sketch trading is fun!) and etheral117 who is on DA under the same name!

as for me, the only inhumany thing i drew this week (aside from the comic) were some sketches for gloucester. you can see them under the cut.
sketchy nikitaks and chuians. also a popsicle. )

this week kyo answered questions about math, space ship defense, Rulerism, Nikitak Buddhism, ancient Hekshanians and of course booze.

and that's all i got. later, fellow space cadets!


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