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Inhuman update!
(inks over on DA like normal)

sorry for not posting a journal in two weeks, i was enjoying my brief break. i gotta confess, sometimes the blog entry is the hardest part of an update. WHAT DO I EVEN SAY AAAA

uh so anyway yeah new arc has started, we're back on the shard. this page references stuff from both pg 109 and 268. this arc will largely be about mites v utini, the shard, drakia etc. oh, and making vaccinations. possibly also a fight scene to keep things interesting. maybe some torture. you know, we'll see how it goes.

summer has arrived here, i guess. we had like two weeks straight of rain and now it's in the 90s every day. new england what are you doingggg

oh. yeah. things i drew.
inhuman things (safe for work-ish, some profanity) )

i also drew some doofy superteens sketches
doofy superteens under here )

and developed a pokemon fusion addiction

and uh. yeah, that's...more or less all i got. stay hydrated, stay safe if you're in a storm area, and i'll see y'all next week i guess.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over yonder on DA)

sometimes i wonder if i'm doing something too obvious with the comic, but then nobody notices and i think to myself 'yes, nailed it.' but it'll be a few pages before i can reveal exactly what that is yet.

in other news, i finished the solla pinup wallpaper finally. i'm not sure who the next will be, some have suggested chovek again? i guess i'll have to see what happens.

next week the comic might be late, as [profile] veestah and [personal profile] zarla are both coming over for HALLOWEEN ANTIIIIIICS. still need to figure out when we're picking vee up, now that i think about it.

and forgive me again, but the last week of american voter registration is approaching. so once more...


here's your state voting deadlines for this week.

South Dakota
Utah (you must go in person)


Nebraska (you must go in person)

New Hampshire

and enough of that, how about some pokemon?
Pokemon art?
pokemon art! )

that's all i got. til next week, folks!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA)

not a whole lot to report on the comic front this week. other than a reoccuring numerical motif again. oh, and that raspberry maggot drew a lovely creepy picture of grey. yes <3

before i go any further, though, AMERICANS, ATTENTION PLEASE

this week is the voting deadlines for lots of states, and here's the breakdown:

New Jersey
West Virginia



who you vote for is really not my concern, and if you write in "turtles in pajamas" on your ballot for who you cast your votes for hey, more power to you! BUT. a lot of these ballots include things like BALLOT INITIATIVES and you probably DO want to vote on those because they directly effect the laws of your home state.

like for example in my home state, we have one where we're voting on if it should be legal or illegal for private mechanics to be allowed to fix cars. obviously i think it should be legal cause who the hell has money to pay a dealership every time? but every state is different.

so uh yeah. registering this year is SUPER SUPER EASY cause you can do it online. someone said they did it in like less than five minutes. here's some sites you can use to register (spyware free)

if you've ALREADY REGISTERED, DON'T REGISTER AGAIN. it'll invalidate your current registration and you won't be able to vote in november.

also remember that registering as a party doesn't obligate you to vote for that party. if your parents are pressuring you to register with the Rolling Tomato party and you'd rather vote Orange Popsicle party, you can make both yourself and them happy. also if you register as a Normal Pokemon party member but two days before the vote they say something really wretched that makes you want to vote for the Fire Pokemon party instead, you totally can.

apologies to those already registered, i will be posting these entries through the month as deadlines for various states draw near.

now that we're through with that

who would like to see some bug pokemon?

bug pokemon! )

catch y'all sometime next week, probably with more bug pokemon art.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA par the norm)

first off, before anything else, i want to thank ANYONE and EVERYONE who donated to/promoted The Speedgamers during their pokemon marathon last week. they not only raised their goal of 50,000$ for ACT today but also raised an extra 9,000$ on top of it! and of course, caught all the pokemon. it was a great marathon to watch and i was really glad to be able to help and be a part of it on some level.

on that note, a ultra-quad-extreme-o thanks to the people who bid on my poison pokemon paintings. i'm not sure who the final winner was, but you guys were amazing. as a group, your bids on the paintings raised about 1800$ for the charity. that made me feel really warm and fluffy and have EMOTIONS about pokemon and pokemon fans. it was glorious, and you rock.

anyway, on to the comic. i experimented with two other pen colours this week (sepia and green) and i really do not know what i think of the sepia pens so far. i'm considering not using them in the future. any feedback would be fantastic, please don't hesitate to leave that (or critique) in the comments or e-mail.

i did write a bit about it on tumblr, but i rambled as usual.

for fanart this week, furor joined the archives with art of his awesome hybrid character along with hadrin's renditions of inhuman space ships! myxini mailed me two amazing shirts along with an adorable little piece of chuian art as well. be sure to check all of them out!

to donors from last month - your stickers and sketches (if you requested the physical copy) will be mailed later this week! i was going to mail them today, but started to rain. walking to the post office in the rain with a bag of art is never a good idea, no sir.

oh and art by me?

nothing explicit, but more uptight workplaces might not like these pix on your monitor )

anyway, that's all i got til the next page goes up! i'll be making the end-of-the-month donation comic/widgit later today, i did lose out on a lot of work time because i was doing speedgamery stuff this month (and especially last week) but any help is appriciated.

later, space cadets! catch you on the dark side of europa!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update
(and if you didn't see it, the inks were on DA)

woopth. sorry for the delay in the blog post. the weather was nice, thundercats was bad, i just had other things foremost on my mind. but now it's a miserable rainy day, so LETS GOOOooo

straight out of the gate y'all probably noticed there's a different colour pen being used on the backgrounds now. i'm not certain if i'll stick with this or not, it's just something i'm trying out to help avoid the characters getting lost against the backgrounds. this isn't so much a problem for old readers (who know where to look) as it is new. and really a comic page should be engaging to old and new viewers alike because :o i dunno it just should

i talked a lot about what i was attempting with the blue pen and what i thought of it here and here.

there is detailed data on morbacks on the site now, though. so anything you ever wanted to know about sers' species, babam. enjoy.

for fanart this week there was stuff from blankd, delcat, garuda and dying dutchman. personally i like del's RADSLIME more than should be healthy.

there was no ask kyo last week because i didn't have the time to text up the drawn responses, but it's back on schedule for this week now.

i drew some things. not a lot, though.

all safe for work unless your boss hates fuzzy aliens )

i'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that right now if you make a minimum donation of 5$ to ACT today via the speedgamers i will draw something for you. for more details on that, check here.

PLEASE consider donating to TSG. it's for a really good cause, and 100% of the proceeds are going to ACT Today. plus you get to watch them catch pokemon! who doesn't love pokemon? :D

oh, and to readers off to that major convention this week, have fun! say hi to amber for me!
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(and since it's a real page, the inks are up on da here)

sorry for the slight delay there! i'd lie and say passover/easter slowed me down, but the long and short of it was i just wanted to spend a little time that weekend with my spouse (instead of nose-to-the-page comic binging) and so dragged my feet a bit on the page. however, i'm pretty pleased with the result!

there's a bit more of a ramble about this page over on tumblr, but not at excessive length or anything. just about what i was trying to do in some of the panels artsyfartsy wise and a little thing about wind-up bugs.

what i WOULD like to draw your attention to, though, is this!

what is that you say? that, my friend, is a painting of all the generation 1 poison pokemon in watercolour. it's one of a series of All Poison Pokemon Ever that i'm drawing for the speedgamers to auction/raffle off/wear in leu of clothing for (whatever works) to raise money for charity! what charity you may ask? why, ACT today!

ACT Today is a charity organization devoted to helping kids and families of kids with autism get the care and treatment they need. and i am very down with that. so both the speedgamers and ACT today are aces by me, and i am proud to know my artwork will potentially be helping them out.

the speedgamers pokemon marathon begins this summer, and i'll post about it more as the time draws near. until then, i'm not sure HOW people are going to get chances to own that poison pokemon painting for their own. i just know THE POSSIBILITY WILL EVENTUALLY EXIST THAT YOU, YOU INDIVIDUAL RIGHT THERE READING THIS, COULD HAVE THAT PAINTING :O

if you want to see it slowly coming into being, though, you can click here.

until next time, have a picture of grey growling. the little monster.

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sorry about the massive delay. while family was here, alf got struck with The Sick. and then he immediately passed it on to me. this week has been kind of a waste spent languishing in illness.

in fact really the only thing i accomplished was inking this thing for the speedgamers...

anyway today will mostly be spent working on the comic. i'm doing my best to get it back on track so it'll be up by sunday at the latest. i have a lot of lost time to make up for, though, so it might be rough.

which means it's time for COFFEE!


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