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it's my b-day. HOLLAAAAAAA

four years ago i brought ren home from a japanese department store's top floor, which was a "pet world." they originally put her in a cardboard box, but it was a cold winter day and she cried so much i couldn't take it. i took her out of the box and zipped her up into my hoodie. i carried her through ikea and into 7-11 and onto the trains like that. :o

she's too big for that now. but. ren is my bff (best fuzzy friend) and i am glad i bought her on impulse as a b-day gift to myself that day. i am pretty sure i would not be here today if it was not for her.

so three cheers for fuzzface.

and three cheers for keetz, kep, garuda and adam for drawing me awezum gifts for my bday
and three cheers for sokki, who sent a starbucks card and thus further fuels my addiction
and three cheers for alf, just for bein' who he is <3

A+ all bros, makin my life worth living for 30 years. in spite of all the crazy shit that goes down, i know there's always unexpected good things to look forward to. i never thought i'd still be here but here i am :o shock and surprise. so what the hell, i've come this far. may as well see the rest of this ride through.


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