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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual!)

hey! HEY! you know what you should do RIGHT NOW? VOTE FOR INHUMAN in the march mix madness seeding round! you should also vote for other webcomics you enjoy, but if you vote for inhuman i will be *extra* pleased.

in other news, the 2012/2013 charity drive is done! in the end, you all helped raise over 8,000$ for charities all around the world. THAT IS AMAZING. give yourselves a huge congratulatory self hi-five. or a party. or something good! cause you're AWESOME!

so that means sometime soon i'll be releaseing info on the mite homeworld, plus a background of their planet. which i admit, i have been hoping to get to do. MASSIVE CRAGS AND VOLCANOS WHAT WHAT

i'm working on contacting inhuman's anonymous charitable partner who will anonymously donate a matched amount to the charity of choice. right now i'm leaning heavily towards the local animal shelter. see, we visited there this last weekend and began the process of fostering/adopting a really sweet dog named moe. and the shelter is positively amazing considering the financial state of the city it's in. what they're doing is amazing and i want to be able to give back even more than just adopting one of their pups.

there was also a bunch of fanart this week! art from tavanaka (THATS RIGHT HES BACK :DDDDDDDDD) cosumin, ravagefox and new art by Okori, the artist for trance!

anyway that's all i got. and remember! VOTE FOR INHUMAN!
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Inhuman & Unintentional Mishaps update!
(and the inks for the inhuman page are here on DA)

so like i worried about last week, visiting family kind of forced the comic to be shifted to the back burner for a week. but now it's back!

along with the new page of unintentional mishaps by sokki! we get a peek at the bounty hunter crew :O dun dun dunnnn...i guess y'all will have to wait a while longer to find out if mint & company have survived the crash unharmed.



and currently the myches are in the lead! that means if they win you'll get to learn aaaall about the myche homeworld. :o plus a fancy background of just...the scenery of it all. AND please remember that a kind anonymous donor has offered to match the grand total of the drive's raised funds and donate it to a charity of our choosing! so you can make your charitable works count for double, you just have to do it BEFORE MARCH THIRD!

oh, and cosumin was so superkind and drew a valentinesy koji. <3

anyways, here comes the arts by me toot toot :O
mostly safe for work, a bit of blood here and there )

okay! that's all i got! see y'all next sunday...WHEN THE CHARITY DRIVE ENDS!
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inhuman update!
(aaaaaand your inks are on DA, par the norm)

not a whole ton to say this week. we had a guy come poke at hte pellet stove, but it behaved while he was here and he couldn't find any problems when he took parts of it out. rather than charge us for a replacement part when he couldn't confirm if that part was even the problem, he left it as-was and said to call him when/if it failed again.

so of course, it failed during the blizzard! which was okay, we still have heat from the furnace. but we are buried under almost three feet of snow. OH BOY MY FAVOURITE :|

the gekin stickers arrived and look REALLY nice, and the first wave of donors who asked for them should have them en-route by now. the next wave will leave sometime around the 22nd!

and...dun dun dunnnn

the myches take the lead!

but there's still time! just a few more weeks, remember, it ends the first week of march. so if you want to topple the myches, GET IN YOUR DONATIONS TO CHARITIES NOW!

for fanart this week, there's art from aspect and jay.

i did some stuff too :o
all safe for work )

that's really all i got. next week's page may be late, since family is visiting and...well, as everyone knows by now, my family has little concept of or respect for "i am working on something. the fact that it is a comic does not make it unimportant." my apologies in advance.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are still on DA for y'all)

my apologies for not posting a journal last week. it was my birthday on monday and i was really really tired on sunday. just didn't want to have to do it. i am sure you can forgive me :B

and since it's time to file taxes today, i can't really spend much time on this entry. so i'll just go through the works real quick.

1) i totally owe the charity drive tally an update. i'll do that later today i hope.
2) i'll be working later this month to start the inhuman vinyl sticker club (which includes raffles for art by me)
3) regular stuff!

there's new fanart from a LOT of folks (birthdays tend to do this) including kilo, merlin, kep, garuda, zarla, steph, mulder, keetah/maniac, cypress/adamska, chris, dawnstar and flabbeycrossing. THANK YOU GUIIIIIS :>c

and i drew a bunch of stuff. there's a bit of blood and girlybutt under here, so scroll with caution?
hekshanian butt and zombieblood under this cut )

apart from this i guess i should say my bday was awesome??? i got a coyote skull from mulder (so cool) and the ENTIRE MUD chipped in to buy me a for-serious soviet space program propaganda poster featuring yuri gagarin catching a rocket with belka and strelka the spacedogs. plus a ton of art, a whole bunch of LSP related items, 8-tracks, snax and all manner of nifty stuff.

and now i really should get going cause one thing that is def a part of getting older is doing taxes. blehhhhh taxes.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual... plus an animation of the comic getting coloured on tumblr)

brr january is a bit harsh so far. but we're making due! not a whole ton to report on that end. alf is 100% healed at this point, which is good, but the disability for him being out for a week only paid for 5 hours of work time which is very bad. on top of that, the pellet stove we use to save on heating oil broke (noooooooooooo) and will cost 300$ to fix. so i'll be running another donor-rewards-fundraiser thing sometime this month.

the typical rewards are a sticker or a sketch, and i haven't finished the sticker yet, but if you want to get in early on the ground floor here's the chipin :B

but before you help me i urge you to donate to the luekemia foundation. there's this nice young lady trying to raise 1000$ for the foundation, and so far she only has 310$! if she makes it to her goal, she'll shave her head. check out her fundraiser here!

oh and did i mention donating to her fundraiser for the luekemia foundation totally counts in the charity war?
it does!

and speaking of the charity war...

the myches are slightly behind the mites, but that's all about to change as soon as i do the math for a MASSIVE donation from dying dutchman. so if you really want to see one side triumph over the other, now's the time to SEND ME PROOF YOU WERE HELPING OUT! c'mon dudes! three months to go! let's do this!!

speaking of dying dutchman, let's on to fanart shall we?
this week there's art by dying dutchman, shadycreepykid and cosumin! i also have some art by relativefox but i swear to god i can not figure out where i put his file for the fanart archives. is it under another name? D: sorry relative, i WANT to update your page!

also i drew some things.
sfw unless pinup gekin fully clothed aren't )

i do believe that's all i got for y'all this week. over the next three months i may find myself busy with another side project, but i'll do my best to keep the comic updates on time and all that! catch ya on the next orbital flight out


Jan. 13th, 2013 07:26 pm
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inhuman update!
(there was also a page last week, and the inks for both are on DA)

now might be a good time to remind yourself exactly how cin wound up in the hospital. just sayin'. might change how you view the coming exchange if you've forgotten that. but hey, if you really want to read it from em's POV then you don't have to :O

i should let y'all know alf is doing much better. after a week of nearly daily visits to the hospital and a bunch of anxiety ridden days and nights, the wound has almost entirely healed. today was the last day of antibiotics, and he can resume work again tomorrow. still, extremely stressful time there and THANKS FOR KICKING OFF THE YEAR THAT WAY 2013!

i'm just going to tell myself that it wanted to get all the bad stuff out of the way, since my bday is later this month (on the 28th :O) and the rest of the month needed to be A+

speaking of things that are A+, though....!

the charity drive is almost to 7000$ raised! that is AMAZING you guys! keep on donating and helping folks out. especially giving blood and donating money - organizations trying to help natural disasters like relief for hurricane sandy? need blood and cash more than ANYTHING ELSE. so keep that in mind!

lesse. for fanart this week there's a buncha stuff. art by dying dutchman, merlin, chickenteeth, reno, fax, sokki and io!

and there's also art by me, but not a ton.

all safe for work )

oh, and i've also been doing a guest mini-arc over at Intergalactic Truckstop all month! this gives chaz a chance to work on his zombie side project.

and speaking of zombie side projects...
that's a post for another day

later, space cadets!
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Inhuman update, sorta
(no inks cause it's the traditional new years filler art)

before you check out the annual new years filler, also know there is a new unintentional mishaps page waiting to crash-land on your retnas. :O

there's also fanart by ocelynx, cosumin, copperdust and zarla. plus, a nikitak costume tail by pickledlemur!

the charity drive is still poking along! much slower than previous years so far, but 5k is still nothing to sneeze at for readers giving to charity in rough economic times! you all rock so much.

don't forget that donating used clothing or toys for needy kids also counts. lots of things count! go see just what counts, and then tell me all the good you did this year!

2012 has been an intense year. calmer than 2011 for me personally, though! but what i really would like to do in 2013? is get back on the convention circuit. i kinda miss those. maybe i'll do some manner of thing to pull that off, who knows!

and since this is the last blog post i'll make here until 2013 (which will contain inhuman's 10th anniversary as a webcomic in march!) i suppose i should leave it with some sort of parting wisdom for the year to come. hmm. i think i have just the thing.

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Inhuman update!
(and the page inks are over on da for y'all)

it's up a day early so we can pack our bags and head out to my aunt and uncle's for the holiday~

welp, the charity drive broke 5000$ this week! that is excellent, but we still have a long way to go. and the mites are still in the lead! don't you want to know more about the mysterious lost homeworld of the myches? the one that is totally not going to get talked about in the comic so this is your only chance to hear about it? EH? EHHHH???

then tell me what you did for charity this year!

in other news, there's fanart by garuda, hunter bahamut and steph. fanart truly is one of my favourite kinds of holiday gifts <3

i drew some stuff too, lesse
safe for work! )

i don't really have a whole ton else to say? :o if you just had your winter holiday, i hope it was wonderful. if you'll be having it in the next few days, i hope it's wonderful as well. if it was not wonderful, i hope the next one will be. to many more!

the annual new years filler art will be up next week :V til then, space cadets!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA, as usual)

the art this week is kind of week, due to recent events making it very difficult to focus. since there are a few inhuman readers and friends of mine who live in newtown, CT, please keep them in your thoughts and hopes. if you can spare it, as well, consider donating to the fund members of the town have set up to help recover.

any donations to this charity will count towards the inhuman charity drive as well. just make sure you forward me proof.

this week kyo answered questions about written Uni, how nude aliens carry things like wallets, coming out in hekshanian culture, anime and talking to his past self. jino also answers a question about myches.

also PS: the speedgamers mario marathon for the Make A Wish foundation is still going on. it will end monday. right now, though, a 10$ donation will enter you into the raffle for a wii u deluxe. you should completely get on that.

i don't really have very much to say this week. the page MIGHT be late next week, considering the upcoming holiday and the fact that we have planned to go to a relative's place for xmas. i'll do my best to avoid that.

but it is also worth noting that grey now has his own fanclub on deviantart. if you're a fan of the scruffy-haired scarred schizophrenic, you should probably go join! and submit art or fics or things. yes, yes you should.

later, droogs.
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inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as par norm)

before we go any farther, let me point out that the inhuman charity drive is doing really well so far! we've raised almost 4,000$ in the first week! be sure to get your donations in soon, and don't forget that the speedgamers mario marathon for the Make a Wish foundation is coming up on friday!

BUT. if you want a quick option RIGHT NOW, and want to help a sick cat, consider giving to the indiegogo campaign for hank. i WILL count this towards the drive, and nobody's pet should have to die so close to the holidays.

i'm not really sure what else to say this week! welcome to any new readers, i guess? please feel free to offer me any crit, i'm really just an amatuer learning as i go.

in ask kyo this week, kyo had two questions that were TOO EMOTIONALLL for him to answer, but otherwise talked about alien booze, lady humans shackin' up with aliens and moths or something.

oh hunter bahamut drew a thing this week too?

and then i drew some stoof too

all safe for work, with a few aliens stuck in goo for chaz )

welp, that's all i got really. if you don't mind, though, would you mind ranking the comic on inkoutbreak?
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page in case you missed it.

but let's skip all the usual banter and get right to the guts. the charity drive has gone live!

last year things were so hectic with moving into the new house and everything that the drive wasn't really an option for me. but THIS YEAR, BACK ON TRACK. long time readers already know the drill: if you've done something charitable this year and saved proof of it (donating blood, time at a shelter, giving money to the speedgamers etc) you email it to me (cial AT and tell me which side it's for.

this year's battle is Myches vs. Mites! the winning side gets a detailed landscape style drawing of their home planet in computer desktop background size, plus a planetary write-up. and! if we beat the 2010 donation drive total of 17,000$ raised for charity, BOTH planets get drawn/written about!

remember, you don't need to donate hundreds of dollars here. i'm talking something as simple as a 1$ can of soup in the food donation drive box at your local supermarket. that's all it takes! you can do it! :D I BELIEVE IN YOU!

What you should Do:
If you want to contribute to the war, do this.
-donate your time or money or blood or whatever to a reputable source.
-get proof of such. (a receipt, a signed note on an official letterhead, "i gave blood" pin/sticker image, a screenshot of an online donation etc)
-email me the proof cial AT with which side you'd like it to count for (Myches or Mites)
-feel good about yourself :D

-DO NOT SEND ME MONEY. i'm not a gobetween! send it DIRECT to charities.
-DONATIONS TO PETA WON'T BE HONORED. PETA is really freaking crazy and i do not support them. donate to the humane society instead.
-ALSO DO NOT SEND PHOTOS OF YOUR BANDAGED BLOODGIVING ARM :D i have a phobia of needles. an 'i gave blood' sticker is quite sufficent, thank you!
-PLEASE DON'T ask if something obviously not charitable can count. i had someone once request i add almost a year's worth of donation hours for them taking care of a pet (healthy) lamb. be cool guys.

since there's so many things you can donate to, here's a ROUGH list of for how much they'd count for in the donation terms.
1 hour of donated time20$
a blood or plasma donation100$
a donated food item5$ + item value each
a donated toy/book/clothing25$
an adopted shelter pet100$
a $$ donation to a charitywhatever you gave!

if you really have no idea where to start, i've compiled a list of charities over here!
feel free to email me if you've got one you'd like to add to the list :>

aright guys. ball's in your court. ready, get set, do some good!
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Inhuman update!
(and ayes, the inks are over on DA like normal)

yikes i have a bunch to talk about this week. maybe a bulletpoint list will be best to get through it?
-inhuman is now on inkoutbreak. add it or like it or vote, whatever you want!
-the smackjeeves awards are accepting nominees. inhuman is also on smackjeeves! if you like it, nominate it!
-you can purchase a fine and fuzzy nikitak scarf from the shop now. pics below :v
-new Unintentional Mishaps pages are on the way! also fairy tale, if i can find the time!
-the WINTER CHARITY DRIVE will start in the next couple days. i just need to finish the art for it!
-ren is purring.

there's two fantabulously funny fanarts this week, one by pink painter (aka talon/ryx) and one by chris. i do loves me some fanart haha

i drew a bunch, but i also made nikitak scarves. wanna see?

all safe for work )

i'd also love to talk about something the mars rover discovered, but currently whatever it is is underwraps. i hope it's live surface bacteria! that'd be amazing! but it could also just be bacteria which hitch-hiked from earth, or a faulty bit of equipment. as excited as i am, i am truly glad that NASA is double-checking their findings before releasing any details.

that's really all i got. i'll be back later in the week with charity drive information. in the meantime, it has still been a very harsh month and we're low on heating oil again, so please consider leaving a tip in the tipjar?

yeah okay that's all i got. later droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA par the norm)

first off, before anything else, i want to thank ANYONE and EVERYONE who donated to/promoted The Speedgamers during their pokemon marathon last week. they not only raised their goal of 50,000$ for ACT today but also raised an extra 9,000$ on top of it! and of course, caught all the pokemon. it was a great marathon to watch and i was really glad to be able to help and be a part of it on some level.

on that note, a ultra-quad-extreme-o thanks to the people who bid on my poison pokemon paintings. i'm not sure who the final winner was, but you guys were amazing. as a group, your bids on the paintings raised about 1800$ for the charity. that made me feel really warm and fluffy and have EMOTIONS about pokemon and pokemon fans. it was glorious, and you rock.

anyway, on to the comic. i experimented with two other pen colours this week (sepia and green) and i really do not know what i think of the sepia pens so far. i'm considering not using them in the future. any feedback would be fantastic, please don't hesitate to leave that (or critique) in the comments or e-mail.

i did write a bit about it on tumblr, but i rambled as usual.

for fanart this week, furor joined the archives with art of his awesome hybrid character along with hadrin's renditions of inhuman space ships! myxini mailed me two amazing shirts along with an adorable little piece of chuian art as well. be sure to check all of them out!

to donors from last month - your stickers and sketches (if you requested the physical copy) will be mailed later this week! i was going to mail them today, but started to rain. walking to the post office in the rain with a bag of art is never a good idea, no sir.

oh and art by me?

nothing explicit, but more uptight workplaces might not like these pix on your monitor )

anyway, that's all i got til the next page goes up! i'll be making the end-of-the-month donation comic/widgit later today, i did lose out on a lot of work time because i was doing speedgamery stuff this month (and especially last week) but any help is appriciated.

later, space cadets! catch you on the dark side of europa!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update
(and if you didn't see it, the inks were on DA)

woopth. sorry for the delay in the blog post. the weather was nice, thundercats was bad, i just had other things foremost on my mind. but now it's a miserable rainy day, so LETS GOOOooo

straight out of the gate y'all probably noticed there's a different colour pen being used on the backgrounds now. i'm not certain if i'll stick with this or not, it's just something i'm trying out to help avoid the characters getting lost against the backgrounds. this isn't so much a problem for old readers (who know where to look) as it is new. and really a comic page should be engaging to old and new viewers alike because :o i dunno it just should

i talked a lot about what i was attempting with the blue pen and what i thought of it here and here.

there is detailed data on morbacks on the site now, though. so anything you ever wanted to know about sers' species, babam. enjoy.

for fanart this week there was stuff from blankd, delcat, garuda and dying dutchman. personally i like del's RADSLIME more than should be healthy.

there was no ask kyo last week because i didn't have the time to text up the drawn responses, but it's back on schedule for this week now.

i drew some things. not a lot, though.

all safe for work unless your boss hates fuzzy aliens )

i'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that right now if you make a minimum donation of 5$ to ACT today via the speedgamers i will draw something for you. for more details on that, check here.

PLEASE consider donating to TSG. it's for a really good cause, and 100% of the proceeds are going to ACT Today. plus you get to watch them catch pokemon! who doesn't love pokemon? :D

oh, and to readers off to that major convention this week, have fun! say hi to amber for me!
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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sorry about the massive delay. while family was here, alf got struck with The Sick. and then he immediately passed it on to me. this week has been kind of a waste spent languishing in illness.

in fact really the only thing i accomplished was inking this thing for the speedgamers...

anyway today will mostly be spent working on the comic. i'm doing my best to get it back on track so it'll be up by sunday at the latest. i have a lot of lost time to make up for, though, so it might be rough.

which means it's time for COFFEE!


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