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inhuman update!
(with the inks on DA for y'all)

not a whole ton to say this week except OH MY GOD IT'S COLD?????? it's in the 50s in the morning now! is this normal for new england? if so, i'm not ready! stop becoming fall!! i was enjoying the warmth! stop noooooo i'm a lizard don't take my daystar from me noooooo

other than that uh...not a ton going on, haha. we need to get some repairs done on the car (blarf) and though transportation seems to be becoming an issue, i'm still really hoping to make it to fau next week. somehow. SOMEHOW.

in terms of site stuff, i also changed the blog to pull from the dreamwidth rss feed instead of the livejournal one. primarily cause lj's feed is really slow and a lot of hte time just outright crashes and this causes the site to just hang displaying a blank screen for...well, sometimes a full minute or more. which in turn causes my project wonderful code to return as "site down/code not found" which means i get spammed with email going YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. NO NEVERMIND IT'S BACK. NO NOW IT'S SUSPENDED AGAIN. NO WAIT NEVERMIND IT'S BACK AGAIN.

just annoying, really.

i also went to see the conjuring since i figure it's going to tank and be out of theatres in like, less than a week. it wasn't scary but it was atmospheric and period-accurate, both of which were enjoyable! though i did go in expecting ghosts and instead got your standard issue 'demon posession mothers and babies' crap. that was a bit of a disappointment. cast was pretty good at least. there is no conjuring in the conjuring.

now i have to wait til october for another horror movie. nooooooo how will i feed my addictionnnnnn
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

i think spring is finally here in massachusetts! this is good, because since i am a lizard, it's harder to draw when it's cold out. horray! t-shirts and open windows for everyone! wait? it's going to be 88 degrees today? THATS NOT SPRING, THATS SUMMER. WHATS GOING ON OH GOD wait i like it that hot why am i complaining WOOOOOOO BEACH PARTY

in other news, i finished up the sketches for people who donated in the tail end of last month. you can view all of them here! if you were a doner, please e-mail me with your mailing address so i can get your sketch sent out to you! if you don't want it mailed, just drop me a line and let me know that as well. you COULD note me your address but i'd really, really prefer email :B just send it to por favor.

for those who have been reading this comic through from the start, i finally broke down and wrote a large post detailing the symbolism of grey's reccuring hallucinations and delusions. it covers the shadows, the cat, the headworms, the tentacles, the trees...prettymuch everything that's shown up more than once. you can read it over on tumblr.

there's also a new page of unintentional mishaps! do enjoy :o there may be another one this week, it depends, as i'm working on a couple other comic projects for folks on commission right now.

and i suppose it's worth mentioning i've joined pottermore. it's now open to public registration, and seems mostly like a point & click flash based adventure game. i'm down with that. i already hit the end of the first book and there's not much i can do now, so until they open the second book i likely won't be using it very much. however, if you want to add me, my username is walnutecho31591. i do kinda request that you tell me who you are first? cause you get a lot of random requests from strangers on pottermore and i don't want any strangers on my friend list.

also this is a really hilarious movie if you're you know. old enough to know who ron jeremy is.
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wow i haven't run out of space in an lj entry in a long time. anyway, so let's continue.


complete with a horrible music number )

indeed, that's it. the biggest crossover in cartoon history. and primarily most of it is spent shaming drug addicts and belittling their intelligence and self accountability. QUALITY.
also it confused the hell out of me as a child because in all honesty the average ten year old did not have a lot of experience around drugs.

best intentions
utterly misguided.

oh it also featured the most ear-piercing horrific ending theme ever. worse than the song midway through! i can't even listen to it! but maybe you can. enjoy?

i'll be back later with a post meant for the site with some links and whatnot. for now i need to get a cup of fucking coffee. cause my day is a wash without drugs. perfectly legal drugs, but still.
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so yesterday i was feeling kind of down and not my usual self and so decided to transcribe some stuff to spam the f-plus with.

this involved me re-watching cartoon all stars to the rescue.
and you know what that means for you, blog readers.

Are you ready to learn how to Just Say No?

Warning: There's about 450 images under this cut. And a lot of 90s toons talking about drugs. Also former president Bush! )

so it's come to my realization that i'm actually out of space in this entry! i'll continue with the rest of the images in the next post. hang onto your butts, because we still haven't had a musical interlude about saying no yet.

On to part two?


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