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double inhuman update!
(with inks here and here on DA)

wow. okay, so, double update aside? i wish i could say this was another quiet week. but obviously, that wasn't the case.

as many folks know, i live in massachusetts. i have friends in boston and surrounding areas, and it turned out family members were within two blocks of the bombing on monday. it was a very harrowing week for me. i am really amazed at how quickly and effectively the boston PD executed a manhunt, and am amazed they took him alive. i did not think that would happen at all.

but one thing i have seen a lot of this week disturbs me, and that is this sense of "you can't be sad/worried, someone ELSE has tragedy in the world!" this is kind of...broken logic. when tragedy strikes, you feel empathy - that's the normal human thing to do. but if tragedy strikes close to home, it hits your emotional core harder than if it's across the world in a place you have never been and don't have ties to. and there's nothing wrong with this. this is normal. this shows you care about your home town, your friends, your loved ones. there's no reason to feel shameful over that. and the notion that one human suffering is more 'worthy' of concern than another? is also broken thinking.

all suffering is suffering. it is all worthy of concern. no suffering is invalid simply because it comes from a certain place.

to say we don't care because we're being most vocal about a suffering which touches us personally is unfair. it is, if anything, a low blow. humans survive by showing solidarity for our tribes - be those tribes family, friends, citizens of our city, citizens of our coastline, citizens of our country or of another country all together. where our emotional bonds are, that is where our tribes are. that is how we survive. that is how we have always survived. it does your tribe little good if you mourn for a stranger at the expense of neglecting your own sickly. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring for your own. you should not be made to feel guilty for caring. period.

the people of boston and her visting friends were stunning this week. the citizens reacted in ways i had almost forgot people could - with bravery, with kindness. they gave so much blood that the hospitals were at capacity within the hour. they gave away food, shelter, cell phone charges to complete strangers who were trapped during the initial bomb sweeping. they ran towards the blasts to help, not away. they listened to police. they helped the police. when the police said to stop tweeting scanner feeds during the manhunt, people did.

and when they rejoiced, it was with a relief and sense of closure i didn't know a city could feel.

let no one make you feel guilty for your compassion, boston. let no one make you feel unease for your rejoicing. you are an amazing and beautiful city. you are full of amazing and beautiful people, with amazing and beautiful friends and allies. and let no one in this time tell you otherwise.

there's a poisonous attitude on the internet these days, one which seems determined to rob people of the validity of their own feelings and experiences. it's often sold as 'social justice' but the real name for it? is nihilism. or maybe cynicism. or maybe just 'tragedy hipster.' unless a cause is so underground that it's never been heard of, your empathy or feelings for it mean nothing. it's not to say that there aren't causes which need more attention - there are - but no cause should be promoted solely on the basis of cutting down the emotional and personal struggles of others and saying they mean nothing. all humans are capable of suffering. all of us can experience inconcievable times of hardship. it's been said before - it's how we overcome it that defines us.

to tell someone there is no hardship simply because of where they live, or the colour of their skin, or their diet, or their sexual orientation, or their body size, or any other factor? is to tell them you don't believe they are human. you don't believe they are capable of feeling or enduring or suffering. that you feel they are less than you. and that, my friend? is the exact opposite of raising social awareness or finding any form of justice. that is not making the world a better place. that is not healing or helping. that is hurting.

do not do that.

to the other places in the world this week who suffered disasters, large and small, i feel compassion for you too. i hope you are able to fight, band together, and rebuild. but you will forgive me when, as a citizen of massachusetts, my concern was first with my tribe this week.

and no one should be made to feel bad about that.

may our next week be better, all.

...otherwise, there's fanart from kwerey. there's also a kyotoshi minecraft skin by zach.

and yeah, that's all i got. sorry for the little rant there, friends. next week.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA, as usual)

the art this week is kind of week, due to recent events making it very difficult to focus. since there are a few inhuman readers and friends of mine who live in newtown, CT, please keep them in your thoughts and hopes. if you can spare it, as well, consider donating to the fund members of the town have set up to help recover.

any donations to this charity will count towards the inhuman charity drive as well. just make sure you forward me proof.

this week kyo answered questions about written Uni, how nude aliens carry things like wallets, coming out in hekshanian culture, anime and talking to his past self. jino also answers a question about myches.

also PS: the speedgamers mario marathon for the Make A Wish foundation is still going on. it will end monday. right now, though, a 10$ donation will enter you into the raffle for a wii u deluxe. you should completely get on that.

i don't really have very much to say this week. the page MIGHT be late next week, considering the upcoming holiday and the fact that we have planned to go to a relative's place for xmas. i'll do my best to avoid that.

but it is also worth noting that grey now has his own fanclub on deviantart. if you're a fan of the scruffy-haired scarred schizophrenic, you should probably go join! and submit art or fics or things. yes, yes you should.

later, droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(with the inks over on DA)

aaaaand back into the groove.
i mentioned this elsewhere, but i'm kind of messing around with a purple marker on this page trying to see if i can get it to render shadows on both characters and backgrounds a bit more...helpfully. as for the backgrounds, it didn't seem to accomplish much (perhaps i need a darker purple marker?) and on characters it worked - where i was bold enough to use it. still something i'm fiddling with.

let's see. in addition to the other site changes, i added three new comics to the links: trance, kyle & atticus and prequel. i've been reading all three for a while now, and only just got around to linking them. but check all three out. they're pretty good.

the cast page has been updated as well, and there still some things i need to work on getting functional with the new layout. if something breaks for you/is broken, please just let me know!

there's also fanart from Dying Dutchman and Delta93

but hey, who wants some the future is now! style news? YOU DO OF COURSE!

so as you (now) know, you couldn't exactly access the internet if you were in orbit in a space station. yes, life in zero g was harsh. and let's not fool ourselves, a lot of young would-be astronauts probably learned they couldn't get e-mail up there and decided "fuck it, i'll be a fireman instead." but this is a problem NO MORE!

recently, astronauts aboard the international space station successfully used a prototype interplanetary internet service (DTN) to drive a little lego robot around in germany. from space. through the internet.

the exciting thing about this is that this is a more secure method of transfering commands and information across space. see, when we send signals to say, the curiousity rover? they can get muddled, or mixed up, or take too long. DTN is an improvement upon that.

and it'd also mean that if you, say, lived on a martian colony? you could communicate with your internet pals back on earth. sure, the lag would be fierce. but you COULD DO IT. and that? is just hella cool.

oh and i guess i should just mention this. smackjeeves is doing their annual awards thing, and i dunno. if you're a fan of the comic, maybe you'd like to nominate it? inhuman's smackjeeves mirror is a few pages behind the main site, but that'd be the url you'd use to nominate if you had such a mind to. :x usually *if* inhuman gets nominated i don't find out about it until a day before the voting and so can't mobilise any votes, but maybe this time will be different?

i think that's all i've got for you! now i can finish up my coffee. delicious coffee. til next week, folks!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are up on DA for y'all)

i apologise that this is all i have for you this week, no mishaps or fairy tale. i was kind of derailed by incoming family members and preparing for their visitation. the visit went fairly well! a lot better than i expected, to be entirely honest.

i talked a little bit about ruri's binoculars here, and also went on a small rant about timing with props that was spawned by a really awful webcomic i read recently that is making chekhov roll in his grave from lack of use of their estbalished gun in scenarios a gun would be uh. useful in. prettymuch it boils down to OH MY GOD DON'T INTRODUCE PROPS YOU AREN'T GOING TO USE ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE SOMETHING AS ATTENTION GRABBING AS A GUN!

oh, and if you can't wait for me to finish drawing the images that go with it, the rough draft of the contura planetary write-up is here!

for fanart, there's one from garuda and one from tydusis. check 'em out :v

safe for work arts, ayup )

before i vanish for another week, let me talk about two fancy science things!

first off, did you know a young lady in egypt has theorized and applied for a patent on a method of propulsion which will, if it is built, completely revolutionize space travel? it's really quite stunning! she doesn't have a lot of cash, though, and neither does her school, so it's uncertain when or how this will be developed. but i really hope it gets made soon!

i had some simpleton argue wthat her theory is "impossible" because the only earth based technology capable of producing her theorized fuel (quantum particles!) is the LHC. even if this were true and these particles were magically found nowhere else in the universe, it's assinine to say that the LHC means we will "never" bring that technology to space. the LHC is one of the first of its kind, and all technological forerunners are larger and ungainly than their later mass produced counterparts. need i point you to ENIAC?

so this girl's idea is brilliant, she is brilliant, and i hope she becomes absolutely famous and rich for her concept. good on you, kid!

the other majorly awesome sciencey thing is abotu some GMOs! you know i love GMOs. GMOs are our friends! modifying a crop to resist a drought is a REALLY GOOD WAY to avoid what we're dealing with now (a food price spike because corn crops cannot yeild in such dry conditions). to suggest that GMOs will KILL US ALL OMG WE'LL GET POISONED AND MUTATE is just as idiotic as saying jumping in a pool of toxic waste will give you mutations and superpowers. please. knock some sense into your head, GMOs are brilliant and wonderful things.

like my new friend the medusoid! bioengineered as an early step in using GMOs to develop treatments for heart disease, the medusoid looks like a tiny jellyfish. it swims like a tiny jellyfish. it probably tastes like one too! but it's been engineered from the cells of a rat heart, and that makes its DNA...a rat. SO LOOK AT OUR ADORABLE JELLYRAT! ITS THE CUTEST RAT EVER!

so while we're building jellyfish out of rats, what's going on with computers? well, i think the first true example of artificial life has been created. it's not self aware (to our knowledge) and hardly advanced, but baby steps man! you have to start with single celled artificial life before you really move into the big leagues, and that's what we've done.

neat, huh?

catch you 'round the solar system, space cadets.


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