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it's been a long time since i did a propaganda post, and i can't think of a better date to let it drop than today.

and certainly, i can't think of a better subject to tell you about the dangers of drugs than well...scooby doo.

...alright, that's bullshit, i can think of a MILLION characters who make a LOT more sense than having SCOOBY FUCKING DOO tell you stay off drugs. but none of them have half as many rediculous tweens, smears, or misguided writers.

shall we then?

like there's 300 screenshots under this cut, scoob! )

have a good one, dudes.

oh, and don't miss chris's wonderful commentary on the anti-drug episode of "Defenders of the Earth"! it's every bit as splendid.
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i haven't done one of these in a month or so and i need a break from making comics. it's time for a PROPAGANDA POST!

much like toons today, in the 80s toons were also subject to ill concieved network or studio revivals. but for some reason, they thought making all the characters younger would make them more appealing to kids. this kind of thinking spawned some good things (tiny toons, muppet babies) but mostly just churned out turds.

hanna barabara, bastion of cheap animation techniques and recycled frames, had two of the turdiest turds of them all. one was "a pup named scooby doo" that, while horrible, was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid. another was "the flintstone kids". both had propaganda episodes.

and while the scooby doo one is great and has a skateboarding headless ghost who goes "OH DUUUUUUUDES" in a surfer accent? it doesn't have a rewrite of a michael jackson song or a hideous alien snakewoman. so that's not the one i've screencapped.

let's learn about weed with the flintstone kids and 200+ images. yabba dabba doobie. )

so in the end, the kid on drugs goes to jail without anyone attempting to see A) why he started B) what's going on in his home life C) who was selling to an 11 year old or D) if he had a support net of friends who would help in a bad situation.

and the kids who alienated him and used hateful language all get to go see a concert.

see i don't like this. it's rewarding people for being elitist and not helping those in need. it's encouraging people to turn away from others' problems, to treat them with scorn. "you got into this mess, so fuck you, get out without me." that's a horrible way to think and behave and treat people! especially people who might have once been your friends!

i think i might just form my own just say no club
but it's just saying No to judging people based on some wrinkled snakewoman's moral agenda.

want an extra dose of irony? enjoy this flinstones winston cigarette ad.
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know what i haven't done in a while? a new propaganda post.

del told me she hated the smurfs, and that seems like a good place to start. the smurfs was a kind of bland kids show, really. it was inoffensive at best and kinda boring at worst. if you were like me and were really watching saturday morning cartoons for the ninja turtles ghost busters actionactionaction in the 80s and 90s, you probably sat through the smurfs because...well, it was still cartoons.

for the record there's a lot of people out there who like to say the smurfs are communist propaganda. i personally don't think they are, though the story could easily be reappropriated as such. but for the sake of humor i may in fact make jokes about smurf village being communist. just know that i don't believe it.

anyway as i've said many times before, 80s/90s toons were obligated through some shady nonsense to do anti-drug episodes. the smurfs were no exception. join me now as we watch smurfs deal with the dangers of rubbing balls too much.

there's a good 219 images under here, dial up will die. )

so as usual the moral of this propaganda was 'you can never have the willpower to stop any substance abuse on your own, it's best to just surrender completely to your addiction until a friend comes and bails you out. cause that will totally happen every time and addiction by its very nature doesn't push other people out of your life.'

though i guess to be fair, at least this particular propaganda didn't go on one of your classic "YOU BECAME DEPENDANT. ON SOME SORT OF DRUG." tiarade. though lampshading it as 'magic' really doesn't help, because like i said before there is so much magic in the smurf universe that it's like well why should this magic be Bad vs other magic being Good?

who knows. MYSTERIES. hope you enjoyed.


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