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inhuman update
(and the inks are on DA)

hopefully this page clears things up for those who were extrodionarily confused by em's behavior in the last two pages. 8>

not a whole lot else to report! we didn't make it to the 100$ goal this week, so i'll roll it over to next week in hopes of giving y'all an extra page then. marie continues to do cat things on the tally bar.

this week kyo answered questions about tying up your ears, static electricity and parasites.

weather's been getting nicer around here, and wow is it refreshing to be able to walk around outside without a coat. you do not even know. the downside to this is that it means the first nice day i get, i gotta get outside and start yardwork so we can mulch what leaves are left on the ground and stuff. but yeah seeing the lillies start to come up and new grass sprout is just A++ fill your heart with love today stuff.

art stuff? not much, just a drawing of gloucester and kyo. glou forgot pants, so bare butts below.
bare butt in here )

uhm other than that, not much to say. see y'all next week.
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Inhuman update, for reals this time.
(with inks on DA)


a mostly uneventful week, though it's finally started to warm up here in sassachusetts. most of the snow has melted, and the birds are starting to come back in the early morning/late evening. this makes me mega happy, i like to listen to them. though unfortunately it seems the month for spoilers. no matter how often i tell folks not to blather about new pokemon or the new metal gear, some wiseass always starts yacking. it's p rude and it's ultimately made it difficult for me to really surf any of the sites i normally go to. bleh :P

but this month is also my wonderful spouse's bday month! so in light of that i've decided to bring back the donate for an extra comic page insentive thingie. 100$ gets an extra page this week. and also goes a ways towards the planned gift. which i cannot type here. because he will see it. and then it will not be a surprise, if i manage to get it.

right now this arc is looking to clock in at 32 pages. two pages more than i had originally planned for, i think i hadn't anticipated em's conversation with cin to take up as much space as it did. woopthie.

this week kyo answered questions about lava lamps, north tek cuisine, what items he was allowed to keep in the hospital, where he thinks soshika is and grapes for some reason.

coppelia aka dollmancer drew a really cute wine chuian fanart for gloucester earlier in the week which you should totally go look at.

and uh...that's it :O see y'all next week. and in the meantime, remember, if someone says no spoilers - don't be a jerk! no spoilers means no spoilers!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual... plus an animation of the comic getting coloured on tumblr)

brr january is a bit harsh so far. but we're making due! not a whole ton to report on that end. alf is 100% healed at this point, which is good, but the disability for him being out for a week only paid for 5 hours of work time which is very bad. on top of that, the pellet stove we use to save on heating oil broke (noooooooooooo) and will cost 300$ to fix. so i'll be running another donor-rewards-fundraiser thing sometime this month.

the typical rewards are a sticker or a sketch, and i haven't finished the sticker yet, but if you want to get in early on the ground floor here's the chipin :B

but before you help me i urge you to donate to the luekemia foundation. there's this nice young lady trying to raise 1000$ for the foundation, and so far she only has 310$! if she makes it to her goal, she'll shave her head. check out her fundraiser here!

oh and did i mention donating to her fundraiser for the luekemia foundation totally counts in the charity war?
it does!

and speaking of the charity war...

the myches are slightly behind the mites, but that's all about to change as soon as i do the math for a MASSIVE donation from dying dutchman. so if you really want to see one side triumph over the other, now's the time to SEND ME PROOF YOU WERE HELPING OUT! c'mon dudes! three months to go! let's do this!!

speaking of dying dutchman, let's on to fanart shall we?
this week there's art by dying dutchman, shadycreepykid and cosumin! i also have some art by relativefox but i swear to god i can not figure out where i put his file for the fanart archives. is it under another name? D: sorry relative, i WANT to update your page!

also i drew some things.
sfw unless pinup gekin fully clothed aren't )

i do believe that's all i got for y'all this week. over the next three months i may find myself busy with another side project, but i'll do my best to keep the comic updates on time and all that! catch ya on the next orbital flight out
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there's insentives to help reach the goal. at 25%, i do something that's still a secret. at 50%, i release a write-up on Contura. at 75%, another secret. at 100%, a Fairy Tale page.

all donors still get their choice between a donor-only sticker or a sketch by me.

this is only until the end of the month (later this week) so if you're thinking "eh i'll help later" it...probably will be gone by then.

there's a goofy comic with ash and sartre promoting it under here )

sorry if this post bugs anyone, just. money sucks, and i didn't make enough of it cause i was trying to promo TSG too much. which was my bad, but i wouldn't have been me if i'd done otherwise.
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA, yes indeed)

HOLY CHROME. did you guys watch the Dragon spacecraft docking this week? IT. WAS. AMAZINGGGGGG~
i swear when they announced capture confirmed i cried
seriously i cried

this is why i am the biggest nerd for space

wait this isn't my personal space exploration gushing blog? drat. i should talk about the comic i guess. well, this week i went into long extensive rambles about the root structure of trees in conturian hotels as well as the gel-bubble window structure. if you too are a huge scifi nerd you might enjoy reading such things! i enjoyed writing about them, anyway.

this week, kyo answered questions about alien sleeping arrangements, his children's book writing career, his relationship with chovek, gibberish, lies, feet and of course - booze.

in terms of fanart this week, there's more from aspect as well as gloucester and the amazing sfe monster is in there too! :O

and art by me? well okay

all safe for work )

and those who have clicked through to the site will have also noticed that yes, there's another month-end chipin going. it is an ENORMOUS help when people donate to these, it really takes a lot of stress and pressure out of our household (primarily because i'm not pacing franticly wringing my hands espousing how we're going to wind up on the street) and i really, really appriciate it. donors this time will get a STICKER or a SKETCH (their choice), but if the goal is met then EVERYONE gets to read about MORBACKS and another page of FAIRY TALE. is fair, yes?

if you were a donor who picked a sketch last month, they're over here to be picked up. click images to enlarge them :o they'll be mailed out soon (if you requested that)

also if you are not cool donating i am still open for commissions. there's a price list here (though the link goes to furaffinity so the ads might not be SFW)

right, i gotta get ready to rock. going to my aunt and uncle's place for this minor late-spring holiday. see you round, space cadets!
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Inhuman update!
(and yes, the inks are up on DA)

first off, anyone who donated to the chipin and requested a sticker? check your mailbox! they've been sent! they should be arriving in the next few days.
people who are curious about the sticker design? you'll just have to wait and hope one of the donors posts a picture, because i don't plan on releasing the design :o ooooo mystery sticker ooooo

but let me draw your attention to this adorable mite plush that is up for auction, by shady. look at that purplepinkblue fluffpuff. he/she has no bids! that's a travesty! someone should bid on this adorable mite. yes.

i'd also like to thank everyone who's migrated over to the ask kyo tumblr to ask kyo. this week, kyo got to answer questions about The Pushcart War, vampire aliens, bad parties, alien gender roles, zoos and - of course - booze. it's a LOT easier to the tumblr manage than that old spam-ridden guest book, and i enjoy drawing responses a lot more than typing them out. i recently added a new page to it that links a few other Inhuman spin-off character ask tumblrs - the coolest of which is White Sun Pharamceuticals. if you feel like watching a creepy chuian be creepy, i can't think of a better place to go.

oh. related to the comic? i made a mistake with this page. but i fixed it.

in terms of fanart, there's stuff from Aspect, Maniac/Keetah and a commission from Roz Gibson that looks so cool. check 'em out.

there's also the write up about Nikiticha for those who missed the link earlier.

and hey, who's excited about the JUICE mission to search for life on jupiter's moons? THIS GUUUUUY
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA)

i'll try to be really brief this week, because it's alf's bday and i'd rather be spending time with him so yeah :o

okay as a huge shocker, i actually updated the fanart archives. there were somewhere int he vacinity of 90+ pics waiting to go up. THEYRE UP NOW THOUGH. give it a little browse. i also finally got around to updating my art archives, so there's that too. and there's a new fanfic by coyote caliente and a couple of icons floating about.

the chipin was a rousing success :O i'll be sending out an e-mail monday to the people who contributed, asking if they want a drawing or a sticker. keep in mind these stickers are going to be exclusive to monthly doners - you can't buy them in the shop and i won't be uploading the art to them. the only way to see one of these stickers is to contribute to the chipins at the end of the month! but yes. the slightest clue i will give, and that is this: it is sort of forensicsy related.

but there IS new art this week for everyone to enjoy (since i'm updating the galleries again) and here it is!

all safe for work. well mostly. kyo's getting drunk in some of these. )

and uhm, i believe that's it :o i drew a little filler this week for villain. which if you aren't reading, you totally should be.


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