Aug. 12th, 2012 08:57 am
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sorry about that, there was indeed an inhuman update last week and this week.
(the inks for last week are here, but this week is a cover image so...)

i hate to do a bare bones update (ie, i haven't updated the fanart galleries or the art galleries or even uploaded the contura write-up yet) but my dad, stepmom and stepsister just arrived in town yesterday and will be here for about a week. since they live pretty far south from us (alabama to massachusetts) this is a rare visit and i don't want to waste any time!

so that's the end of arc 10. this is also the first time i've uploaded a 'back cover' to an arc, which has twofold reasoning behind it. one- someday i plan on releasing this in dead tree format (ie, paper comics) so having a back cover is advantageous. two, i knew my dad was coming up and so two weeks of cover art buy me a little time to spend with family i rarely see.

so yeah, next week is also going to be cover artwork for the next arc...i hope that's okay :B

as an aside, if you don't feel like opening two tabs you can see a thumbnail of the back and front covers (drawn almost exactly a year apart) forming a panorama over here.

the next arc is pre-planned with about two months of pages pre-sketched, so we'll be ready to jump right in when that kicks off.

oh! and i forgot to mention! thanks to donations to the Scanner Fund over the past few months, i managed to replace my old scanner with a new one. this means i can begin re-scanning the pages for arc 2 and 3, retooling the script, and preparing it for publication. wooo!


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