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inhuman update
(and inks on DA like normal)

still running behind schedule by a day, though this WOULD have been up sunday evening...if not for the fact that it spontaniously decided to be hotter than the freakin sun around here. the studio is on the second floor and on the south side of the house too, so that means it gets a little oven-like towards the afternoon on hot days. i had the page done by 2, but the heat sent me crawling for cover about the same time. my apologies, i'm just not adjusted to it feeling like it's in the 90s just yet.

not a whole lot else to report this week? i've been feeling kinda down, some Bad Things happened on the internet. let me go on record and say a thing? if someone is out there being xenophobic of any given group thinking it's super duper funny? i don't care how famous they are, how well known their comic is, or how much they donate to charity. being all LOL THAT GROUP ISN'T PEOPLE ROFL is bullshit. also publishing private emails to "illustrate" that you're soooooooo wacky and clever for making fun of these minority groups is bullshit. i'm pretty fucking done with penny arcade, is what i'm driving at.

another thing i want to say? PUAs ("pick up artists") are super gross. if you want to be a PUA you are gross. if you think PUAs are wise you are gross. please check yourself in to the nearest grossness recovery clinic and stop being gross. if you really want a ladyfriend you know what they super ultra like? respect. the end. do not write books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. do not fund kickstarters for books about hurting or disrespecting ladies. condemn all PUAs to drown in their own urine, and that is all. kickstarter to drown PUAs in urine even. okay i'm done i swear.

still playing animal crossing. i think we have to dogsit for a few weeks starting this weekend but i'm not sure. this heat sucks. and we're out of coffee.
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Inhuman update!
(and ayes, the inks are over on DA like normal)

yikes i have a bunch to talk about this week. maybe a bulletpoint list will be best to get through it?
-inhuman is now on inkoutbreak. add it or like it or vote, whatever you want!
-the smackjeeves awards are accepting nominees. inhuman is also on smackjeeves! if you like it, nominate it!
-you can purchase a fine and fuzzy nikitak scarf from the shop now. pics below :v
-new Unintentional Mishaps pages are on the way! also fairy tale, if i can find the time!
-the WINTER CHARITY DRIVE will start in the next couple days. i just need to finish the art for it!
-ren is purring.

there's two fantabulously funny fanarts this week, one by pink painter (aka talon/ryx) and one by chris. i do loves me some fanart haha

i drew a bunch, but i also made nikitak scarves. wanna see?

all safe for work )

i'd also love to talk about something the mars rover discovered, but currently whatever it is is underwraps. i hope it's live surface bacteria! that'd be amazing! but it could also just be bacteria which hitch-hiked from earth, or a faulty bit of equipment. as excited as i am, i am truly glad that NASA is double-checking their findings before releasing any details.

that's really all i got. i'll be back later in the week with charity drive information. in the meantime, it has still been a very harsh month and we're low on heating oil again, so please consider leaving a tip in the tipjar?

yeah okay that's all i got. later droogs.
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Inhuman update!
(and there's inks over here if you so desire)

sorry that this is a day late. it was actually finished early on sunday, but i got derailed by real life stuff and so it just sat on top of my scanner until this morning.

i suppose the first thing you will notice when you go to look at this week's comic is the enormous banner urging americans to register to vote. you can actually register online now! how cool is that, you don't even have to go out or spend a stamp! you can do it from my site (the white house developed a code that can be plugged into anywhere - blogs, sites, whatever!) or you can use the official white house registration site at

which probably leaves you with some questions about voting/registering/parties/whatever. i'll be glad to answer them if you leave a comment on this entry!

so anyway, back to the comic. i did talk at length about what i was trying to do/not do with parts of this page. it's not one of my best, i probably should have just made the first six panels larger and junked the last four all together. OH WELL. next week we'll do better, yeah?

and i guess i should take this time to say goodbye to :< i will miss you, comicrank. it was the only comic listing system i really liked, because it didn't request readers to click links or vote to tally numbers. it just passively collected stats and based your rank on that. since codes can be written to artificially climb ranks on voting sites, i just liked that better. i'm sad to see it go, it was a good site.

anyway in terms of fanart this week there's art by keetah, Eluvion and a newcomer named Claire! go check them all out, all three pictures are p awesome.

that's really all i got until next week. remember to register to vote if you're an american! and if you have a few spare bucks, please remember that LLK still desperately needs your help.

and as for me, i'm going to draw a bunch of zombie aliens. later!
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA)

more experimentation with a blue pen this week. please let me know your general impressions!

before i go any further though


they've already raised over 15k for charity as i write this, and they're aiming to make it to 50k by the end of the week. go donate! you get entered into awesome raffles (10$) and get art (15$) and get to name pokemon (5$)! also you might spot me in the chat.

remember that my paintings are one of the raffle prizes! if you forgot what they looked like, here's a reminder:

links to the larger sizes here

so come check it out! donate! name pokemon! it's for a great cause, and it's fun to watch.


okay, now on to the rest of the inhuman update. haha. sorry bout that.

there is an Unintentional Mishaps page up this week as well! poor mint, very boring in space.

this week there's fanart from garuda and chaz!

and art by me? okay

all safe for work )

oh, and this week Kyo answered questions about racism, the mite homeworld, LASER BLASTERS, earth's technology level, evil, hekshanian hearing ranges and hekshanian health!

in real world news, china is sending its first woman astronaut into space. so good luck, liu yang!

but does anyone else find it strange that as china progresses its space program, the US air force works on unmanned space crafts...?

anyway, that's all i got. catch you next week, droogs! be sure to check out the speedgamers!
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Inhuman update!
(and of course the inks are on DA)

there's also another Unintentional Mishaps page up!

i don't have a whole lot to say about this page. it just is what it is. i wish i could have got the lighting effects better but eh. i'll try something different next time, i guess!

anyway you may have noticed the Speedgamers Widgit on the site! this is because they're AWESOME! also they'll be doing a pokemon gaming marathon in about a week to raise money for ACT Today, but donating opened a little early. if you donate 50$ right now, you can name one of the starter pokemon :O if you donate 25, you can name a trainer. check it out, cause it's for a good cause. details are at The Speedgamers' Site.

back in the inhumanverse, this week kyo answered questions about religions in space, species food allergies, half-blood racism, hugs, 90s rappers, the shard and music.

this week's fanart is from Steph, Hazard, Wing Commander Rudoji, XMantisX and Dawn. wooo

All this week's art safe for work )

oh and last month's fundraiser? SUCCESS! not everyone used the chipin widgit to donate, but it totally was! so donors, hang tight while i finish up the sticker design for y'all - and then i'll shoot an email your way. non-donors? hang tight, because i'll have data on Morbacks up later this week and be working on another page of Fairy Tale later this month!

tomorrow venus lines up with the sun all pretty for the last time in any of our lifespans :O if you've got nice clear weather, you really should check it out!

that's all i got. later, space cadets.
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Inhuman update!
(and yes, the inks are up on DA)

first off, anyone who donated to the chipin and requested a sticker? check your mailbox! they've been sent! they should be arriving in the next few days.
people who are curious about the sticker design? you'll just have to wait and hope one of the donors posts a picture, because i don't plan on releasing the design :o ooooo mystery sticker ooooo

but let me draw your attention to this adorable mite plush that is up for auction, by shady. look at that purplepinkblue fluffpuff. he/she has no bids! that's a travesty! someone should bid on this adorable mite. yes.

i'd also like to thank everyone who's migrated over to the ask kyo tumblr to ask kyo. this week, kyo got to answer questions about The Pushcart War, vampire aliens, bad parties, alien gender roles, zoos and - of course - booze. it's a LOT easier to the tumblr manage than that old spam-ridden guest book, and i enjoy drawing responses a lot more than typing them out. i recently added a new page to it that links a few other Inhuman spin-off character ask tumblrs - the coolest of which is White Sun Pharamceuticals. if you feel like watching a creepy chuian be creepy, i can't think of a better place to go.

oh. related to the comic? i made a mistake with this page. but i fixed it.

in terms of fanart, there's stuff from Aspect, Maniac/Keetah and a commission from Roz Gibson that looks so cool. check 'em out.

there's also the write up about Nikiticha for those who missed the link earlier.

and hey, who's excited about the JUICE mission to search for life on jupiter's moons? THIS GUUUUUY
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are up on DA)

greetings my fellow sasquatch. wait, you're not fellow sasquatch? FELLOW HUMANS (nice save, no one will ever suspect)

today is earth day. today i also updated the comic, but earth day is v important to me because i live on earth. earth day started largely as a result of the enviromentalism movement which started largely as a result of the US sending humans into space where we took pictures of our planet, our blue marble, floating in an inky sea of stars. the sense of scale caused a lot of people to realize we need to take care of our planet so it can take care of us. really, earth day and the push to explore space are intrinsicly linked. one spawned the other. so as much as i love staring into the stars, i also want to take care of our planet.

so today? walk somewhere instead of driving. turn off your lights early, turn down your heat, go for a walk in the woods if it's nice. plant some trees or flowers or grass or some other thing of your choosing. fill a birdfeeder, don't squash that bee/spider, and think about how great our planet is compared to some of the others not too far away. take care of earth and she'll take care of you. ignore earth, and well, we could be in for a short ride.

speaking of space and earth, there's something in the media that's bugging me lately. two people with a ton of money have finally proposed what scientists and nerds have been suggesting for years - that we begin mining asteroids for precious metals and resources. asteroids are in abundance (hell, we have two fields of them in our own solar system) and often contain things we could really use here on earth. but news agencies seem to be sort of guffawing at this, poo-pooing the possibilities. and that pisses me off. just because it SEEMS like science fiction doesn't mean it can't/shouldn't be done. would they have poo-poo'd the space program? the manhattan project? electricity? trains? planes? simply because something is the product of imagination doesn't mean it's not worth persuing. on the contrary, it means PERSUE THE HELL OUT OF THAT PROJECT. so i'm glad to hear that asteroid mining is finally becoming a seriously considered reality. now if the news would get their ignorant heads out of their asses, stop thinking with the heads of fifty years ago, and realize how great this is.

rarrr >:O

anyway. have a picture of grey.

also i'm raising money for the mortgage again. this month i figured i'd offer doners a choice between a free sketch or a free sticker? and if the goal is met, i was thinking about writing up a planetary information file on the nikitak homeworld. i haven't posted a comic about this to the site yet, but i will later on in the week (likely monday). but as before basicly i'm asking for donations of 1$, since i feel like y'know. a buck is fair, right? for the comic every month? i hope? :B

anyhoo, that's all i really got. hopefully i'll have a mint comic for you all next week, and there's also talk of site work going on next weekend. but we'll see how that pans out.

happy earth day, fellow earthlings.
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Inhuman update!
(no inks this week, sorry)

WELL HELLO! a fine april morning we're having! for those just tuning in to this station, april fools comics are a bit of a tradition for me. in fact, it's the only holiday i'll draw filler for.

here they all are, all seven fillers.

i made with the talkin' about the comickin' on tumblr, in case you're curious.

the real big news is (as cial is reporting in this filler) water has been confirmed on enceladus (one of saturn's moons). that means there may be life there. check it out!

another spectacular april fools comic today is by mi amigo keetah, over at villain. yaranaika?

OH! and i almost forgot! shadycreepykid has created a nikitak plush and listed it up on furbuy. this is with my permission of course :O she's also planning a few other inhuman-related plushes to be listed in the near future, i'll try to keep folks updated as to when those auctions are!


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