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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual... plus an animation of the comic getting coloured on tumblr)

brr january is a bit harsh so far. but we're making due! not a whole ton to report on that end. alf is 100% healed at this point, which is good, but the disability for him being out for a week only paid for 5 hours of work time which is very bad. on top of that, the pellet stove we use to save on heating oil broke (noooooooooooo) and will cost 300$ to fix. so i'll be running another donor-rewards-fundraiser thing sometime this month.

the typical rewards are a sticker or a sketch, and i haven't finished the sticker yet, but if you want to get in early on the ground floor here's the chipin :B

but before you help me i urge you to donate to the luekemia foundation. there's this nice young lady trying to raise 1000$ for the foundation, and so far she only has 310$! if she makes it to her goal, she'll shave her head. check out her fundraiser here!

oh and did i mention donating to her fundraiser for the luekemia foundation totally counts in the charity war?
it does!

and speaking of the charity war...

the myches are slightly behind the mites, but that's all about to change as soon as i do the math for a MASSIVE donation from dying dutchman. so if you really want to see one side triumph over the other, now's the time to SEND ME PROOF YOU WERE HELPING OUT! c'mon dudes! three months to go! let's do this!!

speaking of dying dutchman, let's on to fanart shall we?
this week there's art by dying dutchman, shadycreepykid and cosumin! i also have some art by relativefox but i swear to god i can not figure out where i put his file for the fanart archives. is it under another name? D: sorry relative, i WANT to update your page!

also i drew some things.
sfw unless pinup gekin fully clothed aren't )

i do believe that's all i got for y'all this week. over the next three months i may find myself busy with another side project, but i'll do my best to keep the comic updates on time and all that! catch ya on the next orbital flight out
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Inhuman update!
(and since it's a real page, the inks are up on da here)

sorry for the slight delay there! i'd lie and say passover/easter slowed me down, but the long and short of it was i just wanted to spend a little time that weekend with my spouse (instead of nose-to-the-page comic binging) and so dragged my feet a bit on the page. however, i'm pretty pleased with the result!

there's a bit more of a ramble about this page over on tumblr, but not at excessive length or anything. just about what i was trying to do in some of the panels artsyfartsy wise and a little thing about wind-up bugs.

what i WOULD like to draw your attention to, though, is this!

what is that you say? that, my friend, is a painting of all the generation 1 poison pokemon in watercolour. it's one of a series of All Poison Pokemon Ever that i'm drawing for the speedgamers to auction/raffle off/wear in leu of clothing for (whatever works) to raise money for charity! what charity you may ask? why, ACT today!

ACT Today is a charity organization devoted to helping kids and families of kids with autism get the care and treatment they need. and i am very down with that. so both the speedgamers and ACT today are aces by me, and i am proud to know my artwork will potentially be helping them out.

the speedgamers pokemon marathon begins this summer, and i'll post about it more as the time draws near. until then, i'm not sure HOW people are going to get chances to own that poison pokemon painting for their own. i just know THE POSSIBILITY WILL EVENTUALLY EXIST THAT YOU, YOU INDIVIDUAL RIGHT THERE READING THIS, COULD HAVE THAT PAINTING :O

if you want to see it slowly coming into being, though, you can click here.

until next time, have a picture of grey growling. the little monster.


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