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inhuman update!
(the inks have been on DA for like a week, too)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page!

i buy myself a neon green ruler so i won't lose the damn thing and immediately lose it under a pile of books. i'm a genius.

sorry about the delay there, that trip kinda threw more of a monkey wrench into the works of my art-time than i thought. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW AND I'M BACK ON TRACK. the trip was nice, we somehow managed to go down south during the week of a huge heat wave up north. so uh, it was actually cooler in the deep south. score??

went to the huntsville space & rocket center. if you're unaware, that's where they built/tested most of the rockets for the early american spaceflight missions. i think they also trained astronauts there, i was kind of overwhelmed between 1) ROCKETS!!!!!!!! OLD SPACETECH!!!!!!!!!! and 2) the heat outside so i had a hard time actually retaining much of what i learned. but here's some photos!

not a whole lot though )

and uhm...yeah, that's it! next month i'll (hopefully) be at fau thanks to the kindness of amber, so if you live around the jersey area, consider grabbing a day pass and checking it out. if i do go, it'll be my first con in six years. dang!

that's all i got. next week!
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inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual) we're back on contura, in the present. future. futurepresent LOOK I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY WITH SCIFI D: we're no longer in a flashback. and this arc is just about finished, which means....huh i suppose late spring/early summer we'll be headed into the next arc :D yaaaay

in real world news things have been thankfully quiet. monday is alf's bday, but we'll probably celebrate today instead cause. y'know. work.

we finally got around to seeing the eva rebuild 3.33 and woaoaoaoaoa wow. i'll cut my rambling about it for y'all )

apart from that in the real world, phil from sabrous found a postively rediculous RPG campaign. y'all know how fond i am of propaganda, so naturally he's going to actually run it and i'm going to play it. HELP, I'M TOO EXCITED FOR ROLLING DICE. SUPERNERDSSSS
look i even drew a sketch sheet for my character and no one is surprised it's cial again shh )

i guess i should talk about inhuman stuff at some point in here, huh?

for fanart this week, there's stuff from kep, dying dutchman and shadowrunner.

from me, i did some nikitaky and silly stuff for sokki:
all safe for work in here )

aright, that's all i got. hopefully next week i'll return to doing ask kyo, but i need little breaks every now and again to retain my sanity.
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okay, the comic is going to be late. possibly several days late, i really don't know. here's a summary of my last four days which will hopefully explain it.

i normally work on the comic from thurs-saturday with prelim work weds. well... )
sun - and here we are. no doctor's appointments today, but i still only have a sketched page with part of a hand and speech balloons inked. i'll be working on it today, but whatever i caught in the waiting room is giving me a kind of unrelenting headache. i really am sorry. i'll have the comic as soon as possible, but so far 2013 has been a bit of a punch in the dick.

keep zar's nana in your thoughts or prayers or whatever. and i'll see you with the comic...whenever i have it done.


Sep. 14th, 2012 04:44 pm
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Inhuman update!
(and inks are on DA)

i know what you're thinking. a comic before sunday? WITCHCRAFT! WHAT SMALL PART OF YOUR SOUL DID YOU SELL FOR THIS, ICARUS?
pretty sure it was the part that liked kiwi. not sure if i like kiwi anymore.

anyway, the page is up early this week because we're being dragged off somewhat against our wishes (help) to martha's vineyard to spend time with my maternal family (seriously, help). we'll be back around monday, if the car's iffy brakes don't give out and send us careening to our deaths on the road (honestly, this trip is a bad idea. send help.)

i'd type more but apparently my sister seems to think that making my phone shriek with text messages every ten seconds will somehow make me more inclined to head out faster. it's extremely obnoxious. she will not stop. seriously. three times alone just typing this paragraph. send help.

if you think you can rescue us from family members by somehow being out on the vineyard yourself this weekend, @ me on twitter and we'll do our best to meet up with you.

until then, there's fanart by Tydusis and two pieces by me.

may not be safe for work, one contains blood )

that's all i got for now. see y'all next week


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okay, the splash image for arc 11 is on the site. i'm sorry it was so late.

it looks like the only thing i can really do at this point (though i WILL try to get the comic done this weekend anyway) is consider this week a wash. if you donated last month, please come by the livestream on next wednesday and watch your sketch requests get drawn live, okay? i do apologise for this month being so hectic and the email not going out...i vastly underestimated the impact of family visiting for two weeks.

anyway, back to the grind! see y'all soon with a comic!
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hey dudes, i hate to say it but it looks like the splash image for the next arc will be up on monday (i hope). see, my dad's visiting and i vastly underestimated the time sink it'd be to work on the house with him. i only get to see him once a year too so it sorta takes priority.

so while i've been helping trim the bedroom put a banister in the hallway hang closet doors and help rip boards to build a book shelf in the guest room i haven't had much time to draw. i do apologise for this, it was my bad, i thought i'd have more downtime for...some reason.

so yeah uh late cover image coming up my bad


Aug. 12th, 2012 08:57 am
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sorry about that, there was indeed an inhuman update last week and this week.
(the inks for last week are here, but this week is a cover image so...)

i hate to do a bare bones update (ie, i haven't updated the fanart galleries or the art galleries or even uploaded the contura write-up yet) but my dad, stepmom and stepsister just arrived in town yesterday and will be here for about a week. since they live pretty far south from us (alabama to massachusetts) this is a rare visit and i don't want to waste any time!

so that's the end of arc 10. this is also the first time i've uploaded a 'back cover' to an arc, which has twofold reasoning behind it. one- someday i plan on releasing this in dead tree format (ie, paper comics) so having a back cover is advantageous. two, i knew my dad was coming up and so two weeks of cover art buy me a little time to spend with family i rarely see.

so yeah, next week is also going to be cover artwork for the next arc...i hope that's okay :B

as an aside, if you don't feel like opening two tabs you can see a thumbnail of the back and front covers (drawn almost exactly a year apart) forming a panorama over here.

the next arc is pre-planned with about two months of pages pre-sketched, so we'll be ready to jump right in when that kicks off.

oh! and i forgot to mention! thanks to donations to the Scanner Fund over the past few months, i managed to replace my old scanner with a new one. this means i can begin re-scanning the pages for arc 2 and 3, retooling the script, and preparing it for publication. wooo!
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as an FYI, family is coming up this weekend.

as long-time readers know, family almost always means a late comic. for those who don't know...well, you do now.

i'll do my best to have the page up this weekend, but i make no promises.
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it's my b-day. HOLLAAAAAAA

four years ago i brought ren home from a japanese department store's top floor, which was a "pet world." they originally put her in a cardboard box, but it was a cold winter day and she cried so much i couldn't take it. i took her out of the box and zipped her up into my hoodie. i carried her through ikea and into 7-11 and onto the trains like that. :o

she's too big for that now. but. ren is my bff (best fuzzy friend) and i am glad i bought her on impulse as a b-day gift to myself that day. i am pretty sure i would not be here today if it was not for her.

so three cheers for fuzzface.

and three cheers for keetz, kep, garuda and adam for drawing me awezum gifts for my bday
and three cheers for sokki, who sent a starbucks card and thus further fuels my addiction
and three cheers for alf, just for bein' who he is <3

A+ all bros, makin my life worth living for 30 years. in spite of all the crazy shit that goes down, i know there's always unexpected good things to look forward to. i never thought i'd still be here but here i am :o shock and surprise. so what the hell, i've come this far. may as well see the rest of this ride through.


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