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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are over on DA like normal)

so this week i ran into some issues with the page related to the ink. my blue microns are worn down to dry little nubs, and i intended to pick up a replacement only to discover the store was only stocking the smallest, thinnest type of micron (the .005 size) which is useless to me. so, i thought a store brand archival ink pen would work just as well.

ha. ha ha. boy was i wrong. as soon as the watercolour hit that bad boy, even after the ink had been left to set overnight, it just bleed everywhere. just BLUE IN EVERY AREA, BLURRY BLUE FOR EVERYONE. so the moral here is that there really is no substitute for microns. microns or gtfo.

completely unrelated, if you like scifi comics you should really be following the stellarmass alien compendium comic keetah is doing!

oh and i guess i should mention that next week's page will have a different setting. it's a jump ahead several hours, and so it might feel like you're 'missing' a chunk of the story. this is intentional, but because of the weekly update nature, this location change may seem confusing at first. but you won't have missed a page, and it will make sense by the end of the arc. just a warning.

for fanart this week there's some by kep, io and a new fanartist, waterfan!

as for me, i've been slowly working on the mite homeworld wallpaper. i want to get the wallpaper up first, followed by the planetary write-up, and hopefully i'll have at least one of those for you by next week.

i also drew some art for sokki. safe for work, but silly )

for those wondering about pet fostering, it did not work out. not any fault of the dog, but ren reacted very severely to his presence. more than to any other dog she's lived with/met/befriended. she hid and would not eat, drink, or groom herself. many people have said that she was 'secretly' eating, but i'm not sure how that could be possible considering her dish was untouched. we finally resorted to coaxing her to eat by feeding her in the bedroom with us and letting her drink from the bathroom sink while we bathed, but she still lost a lot of weight and was not looking well at all by the end of the week. we still don't know exactly what it was about the dog that scared her more than any other dog she's met. we probably never will. but we weren't going to jepordize her life just to have a dog.

so, for her safety, the dog moved on to another foster home. it still really hurt to say goodbye to him, he was a very sweet dog. however, according to the shelter, the fact that we were willing to be the first house he'd ever gone to and reported actively his reactions to household things, his chances of being adopted are drastically increased. i guess not a lot of people are willing to give a dog that's only ever lived in a shelter/abusive conditions into their home. but because we did, and he did very well, he's now got people already lined up to see him. so even though he could not stay here, we still helped him in a small way. they'll let us know when he gets adopted.

...and then of course for an extra kick-to-the-junk from the universe, we came home and i found my elderly rat voiya had passed away in those few hours we were gone.

ren is recovering now, though. she ate voraciously for two days and is being even more clingy than usual. i doubt we'll look at another dog anytime soon, but maybe the next time we do we'll look at an older or smaller dog in hopes it will be less intimidating for her.

them's the breaks.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as always)

cripes what a week. first off, inhuman DID make it to the first round of the comicmix march madness tournament! WOOO!!!

...but then voting shifted to 'need a facebook to vote' status, which effectively nuetered its chances of going any farther. there just seems to be a very strong correlation between inhuman readers and people who dislike using facebook, so we did lose out to shortpacked. but that's okay! shortpacked is a stellar comic which deserves a shot at the gold :O you should go vote for them in round 2!

well, if you have a facebook that is.

a lot of people were complaining that's not fair, requiring FB to vote. while it does kind of skew things in certain directions, you have to understand where comicmix is coming from. it costs them money to handle all the traffic for march madness - their site went down once a day just handling the seeding round votes! in fact they went so over their hosting plan that their site actually got shut down in violation of its hosting terms during the seeding round. and speaking from personal experience, that's expensive to fix. it's even more expensive to fix when you haven't planned for it.

so to alieviate some of the stress on their servers AND to prevent people from accusing them of cheating/rigging votes (happened last year) they outsourced to another voting website. that site just happens to use facebook to authenticate votes. is it ideal? no. but does it enable them to actually hold their contest without their entire site going down constantly? yes.

so while it may have cost inhuman a chance at round 2, i'm honestly okay with it. i think they did the right thing to enable them to hold their contest in as unbaised and reliable a manner as possible. maybe next year's won't need FB, though! that'd be cool!

additionally i'd like to say sorry for how late this page is. we suffered a double whammy here in MA - both alf and i got sick over the weekend AND the dog we've agreed to foster for a while from the local shelter arrived. so it's been a lot of stress, schedule changes and sick and between all that the comic fell through the cracks for a few days. i apologise for that, hopefully it won't happen again.

the dog himself is very sweet but terrifies ren. because of that we're not sure how much longer we can continue to foster. we'll wait until this weekend in hopes that they acclimate to one another. he's an extremely sweet dog, really a sweetheart. but we can't risk ren's health or comfort for him. it's really tragic though because except for interactions with ren, he's a really wonderful canine. you honestly could not ask for a better rescue pet. if we can't continue to foster him i REALLY hope someone comes along and scoops him up for adoption soon. he does not deserve to rot away in a shelter for the rest of his days, he's too sweet for that.

in other news there's fanart from coppelia/dollmancer and transatlantic alien. alas, there is not much from me.

keep your fingers crossed for moe the dog and for ren. i'll see y'all next weekend, barring further illness or bad timing.
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Inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual!)

hey! HEY! you know what you should do RIGHT NOW? VOTE FOR INHUMAN in the march mix madness seeding round! you should also vote for other webcomics you enjoy, but if you vote for inhuman i will be *extra* pleased.

in other news, the 2012/2013 charity drive is done! in the end, you all helped raise over 8,000$ for charities all around the world. THAT IS AMAZING. give yourselves a huge congratulatory self hi-five. or a party. or something good! cause you're AWESOME!

so that means sometime soon i'll be releaseing info on the mite homeworld, plus a background of their planet. which i admit, i have been hoping to get to do. MASSIVE CRAGS AND VOLCANOS WHAT WHAT

i'm working on contacting inhuman's anonymous charitable partner who will anonymously donate a matched amount to the charity of choice. right now i'm leaning heavily towards the local animal shelter. see, we visited there this last weekend and began the process of fostering/adopting a really sweet dog named moe. and the shelter is positively amazing considering the financial state of the city it's in. what they're doing is amazing and i want to be able to give back even more than just adopting one of their pups.

there was also a bunch of fanart this week! art from tavanaka (THATS RIGHT HES BACK :DDDDDDDDD) cosumin, ravagefox and new art by Okori, the artist for trance!

anyway that's all i got. and remember! VOTE FOR INHUMAN!


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