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there's a droid app out there called dailycomix.

dailycomix is making money off of my webcomic without my permission. and lots of other webcomics too!
you can read all about how skeezy it is over here.

what i'd REALLY like you to do, though, is the following.

send the developers an e-mail pointing out that they're using these webcomics WITHOUT permission of the creators and profiting off of them again WITHOUT our permission. you can use my comic in the 'problem' field if you want to. i have no shame letting them know the grief is coming from my readerbase.

of course that may not entice them to remove the app. so let's take it directly to google.
you can contact the google app store to complain (select 'other' and in the comment field be sure to point out that this app is in copyright violation by using/profiting off of webcomics without creator permission)

the app name is "dailycomix"
the developer name is "klaymore"
and the URLs for the app on google play are this and this

even the 'free' download has ads plastered all over it, and the money from those adds again goes to 'klaymore' and NOT we webcomic creators. UNCOOL, MAN.
help me take some action. i've already reported these apps to google, but the more reports will mean the faster it gets removed. let's make klaymore sorry they ever tried to profit off of starving artists without ASKING us first.


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