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inhuman updated!
(and yeah there's inks on DA)

man i really got nothin for you guys this week. we had to get the fuel filler neck on the car replaced which sucked, btu at least now when gas gets pumped into the car it actually goes into the gas tank and not out various holes all along the tube.

but uh see you next weekend (maybe) at FAU?
cause that's where i'm going!

new jersey fans swing on by!
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inhuman update!
(with the inks on DA for y'all)

not a whole ton to say this week except OH MY GOD IT'S COLD?????? it's in the 50s in the morning now! is this normal for new england? if so, i'm not ready! stop becoming fall!! i was enjoying the warmth! stop noooooo i'm a lizard don't take my daystar from me noooooo

other than that uh...not a ton going on, haha. we need to get some repairs done on the car (blarf) and though transportation seems to be becoming an issue, i'm still really hoping to make it to fau next week. somehow. SOMEHOW.

in terms of site stuff, i also changed the blog to pull from the dreamwidth rss feed instead of the livejournal one. primarily cause lj's feed is really slow and a lot of hte time just outright crashes and this causes the site to just hang displaying a blank screen for...well, sometimes a full minute or more. which in turn causes my project wonderful code to return as "site down/code not found" which means i get spammed with email going YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. NO NEVERMIND IT'S BACK. NO NOW IT'S SUSPENDED AGAIN. NO WAIT NEVERMIND IT'S BACK AGAIN.

just annoying, really.

i also went to see the conjuring since i figure it's going to tank and be out of theatres in like, less than a week. it wasn't scary but it was atmospheric and period-accurate, both of which were enjoyable! though i did go in expecting ghosts and instead got your standard issue 'demon posession mothers and babies' crap. that was a bit of a disappointment. cast was pretty good at least. there is no conjuring in the conjuring.

now i have to wait til october for another horror movie. nooooooo how will i feed my addictionnnnnn
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inhuman update!
(the inks have been on DA for like a week, too)

also there's a new unintentional mishaps page!

i buy myself a neon green ruler so i won't lose the damn thing and immediately lose it under a pile of books. i'm a genius.

sorry about the delay there, that trip kinda threw more of a monkey wrench into the works of my art-time than i thought. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW AND I'M BACK ON TRACK. the trip was nice, we somehow managed to go down south during the week of a huge heat wave up north. so uh, it was actually cooler in the deep south. score??

went to the huntsville space & rocket center. if you're unaware, that's where they built/tested most of the rockets for the early american spaceflight missions. i think they also trained astronauts there, i was kind of overwhelmed between 1) ROCKETS!!!!!!!! OLD SPACETECH!!!!!!!!!! and 2) the heat outside so i had a hard time actually retaining much of what i learned. but here's some photos!

not a whole lot though )

and uhm...yeah, that's it! next month i'll (hopefully) be at fau thanks to the kindness of amber, so if you live around the jersey area, consider grabbing a day pass and checking it out. if i do go, it'll be my first con in six years. dang!

that's all i got. next week!


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