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inhuman update!
(and ya inks over on DA)

not a whole ton to report this week! alf's birthday was rather quiet. we made a cake and quesadillas for dinner, haha. his present was a 60s (or 70s?) japanese hollow body electric guitar. it's pretty neat, but it needs a little work before it can play perfect. i guess the old owner kinda straightened the neck for some reason and also the pickups are really crumby? i dunno, i don't know guitars :o

that rediculous "bad medicine for dr. drugs" RP had its first session on sabrous. i think it was a lot of fun! but it's also really obvious the campaign writer didn't expect players to play their characters as teens who recently discovered having superpowers (even though that's...kind of the point). it really depends on you playing as a superhero trapped in a teen body to keep on the rails. obviously that did not happen. we ran out on on a plot hook in under an hour. GOOD TIMES :D

i suppose if anyone wants to stop by and watch the RP in action i could inform you it's tuesdays at noon eastern on sabrous. only the six approved players can actually take part in the campaign, but i dunno, if you wanna join the peanut gallery you're more than welcome :o

beyond that, not much. a bear came in the night and stole our birdfeeder, wildfire broke out off the highway (do not throw your lit cigs out the window gdi smokers! seriously!) and the weather's been enjoyable. A+ week all around. well except for the wildfire.

fanart this week, there's another drawing by shadowrunner and a new artist named MalamiteLTD :o check em both out.

and that's all i got. later all :O
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inhuman update!
(and the inks are on DA as usual) we're back on contura, in the present. future. futurepresent LOOK I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY WITH SCIFI D: we're no longer in a flashback. and this arc is just about finished, which means....huh i suppose late spring/early summer we'll be headed into the next arc :D yaaaay

in real world news things have been thankfully quiet. monday is alf's bday, but we'll probably celebrate today instead cause. y'know. work.

we finally got around to seeing the eva rebuild 3.33 and woaoaoaoaoa wow. i'll cut my rambling about it for y'all )

apart from that in the real world, phil from sabrous found a postively rediculous RPG campaign. y'all know how fond i am of propaganda, so naturally he's going to actually run it and i'm going to play it. HELP, I'M TOO EXCITED FOR ROLLING DICE. SUPERNERDSSSS
look i even drew a sketch sheet for my character and no one is surprised it's cial again shh )

i guess i should talk about inhuman stuff at some point in here, huh?

for fanart this week, there's stuff from kep, dying dutchman and shadowrunner.

from me, i did some nikitaky and silly stuff for sokki:
all safe for work in here )

aright, that's all i got. hopefully next week i'll return to doing ask kyo, but i need little breaks every now and again to retain my sanity.


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