Mar. 24th, 2016

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inhuman updated!
(and patrons got inks)

what up journal readers.

as some of you may already know, i was kind of out of commission last week due to storms hitting the area. when bad weather shows up, my chronic pain shoulder flares up real bad. i think it's got to do with a drop in barometric pressure. anyway, i couldn't draw....well, much of anything last week. until it snowed.

it snowed
in frikkin late march
thanks, massachusetts

anyway, once that snowstorm dropped a few inches on us, the pain let up. and thusly i get to return to the comic. weee!

i originally wanted to use music by fountains of wayne on this page (either 'little red light' or 'bright future in sales') but i couldn't get in contact with a rep of the band to grant permission. soooooooo until i hear back, it's going to be a callback to the harvey danger reference in arc 2 with Thrilling Conversation.

really insider tidbit: i met the drummer of harvey danger on their farewell tour a few years back, and he told me he had my War Buddies comic printed out and hanging on the wall in his studio. BEST VINDICATION OF COMIC ART EVER.


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six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously

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