Apr. 6th, 2016

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Inhuman update!
(and patreon backers got notes, inks, thumbnails... the works!)

today is the last!!! page!!! of arc 14! WHOAAAAAAAA!

if you wanna go back and read this arc through from the start, i gotcha covered. :>

and hey, psst...did you know there's a new chessmaster zine? did you know i have art in it? check out Tarot-a-Go-Go!

i'm so glad to have been able to get this arc done. solla really deserved her time in the spotlight, and it let me tie up sooo many loose ends. it was also good practice for fight scenes that go on for more than one page! i'm gonna need that later!!

if you enjoyed the arc and if you enjoy the comic in general, please consider supporting me on patreon. if you've liked the direction my work has been taking, know that the only reason it's possible is because of backers on patreon. i can use more time and more resources to produce a quality comic. even if you can only support for like a dollar, it makes a huge difference to me. so please, check out my patreon!

arc 15 will begin in two weeks...time to draw about seven trillion trees, my friends.


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six ongoing cover bands, simoltaniously

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