May. 20th, 2016

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Inhuman updated!

yowza some EXCITING STUFF happening here in the world of inhuman this week. most exciting for you folks is probably this:

it's back!! but more than that, it's got new art (i lost the original art file hahaha) it comes in lots of colours AND it comes in plus sizes AND it comes in different styles like hoodies or v-necks or tanks!

the big reason i stopped doing t-shirts was it took a lot of time and effort to produce shirts, and the more colours i wanted to use the more it cost...but earlier this month, i was scouted by the company Teepublic. so now they'll handle the shipping, the printing, and all that stuff! and this also means that they'll never be out of stock! i'm super super stoked about this. because NOT ONLY does this mean the nikitak shirt is means i can make MORE shirts! lots of different designs!!!

and patreon patrons already have access to the preliminary ideas for a few of those designs |3

the other stuff i probably can't talk about much yet, so i won't. but it is exciting!!

luna is settling in and ren is sulkily getting used to her...but luna also appears to be allergic to scented cat litter, so that's somethin to be careful of in the near future. she's a mischevious little scamp though...carries toys around, tries to claw furniture (bad luna!) opens the kibble cabinet and tries to feed herself...i'm just glad she doesn't dash the front door, y'know? and she sat on my lap in my work chair for the first time yesterday.

here's a pic of the troublesome shadow :>

see y'all next week! and if you're reading this on friday: grab the nikitak shirt now! cuz teepublic is having a sale, and it's 30% off!! gogogogo!


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