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Inhuman updated

okay so. stuff has not gone well for me and mine. the canidate who wants to criminalize my existance and strip me of my rights has won the presidential election. bigots have immediately been emboldened towards hostile action... though this far north, so far, it has consisted only of passive aggressive looks and shameful avoidance.

but let me tell you something: i am with you. i support you. i believe in you, and i will fight for you. we are stronger together. i got your back.
if you need a temp safe house in Alabama, i know one.
if you need a civil rights lawyer and live in CA or MA, i know one.
if you just need an old trans man to listen to your woes or help you through paperwork (get it done now, they're going to make it MUCH more difficult soon) feel free to reach out to me.

in the meantime, here's some resources i've compiled.

-getting your medication cheaper
-writing to your legislators attempting to overturn the electoral college projected vote/ support the popular vote
-resources for trans people who need to change their name/gendermarker & sources for $ to do it
-give to organizations that will resist this facist reich

don't listen to people who tell you it's going to all be okay. that is their privilege speaking. for those of us who trump has sworn to criminalize based on our nationality, our sexuality, our religion, our gender identity or our ethnicity this will Not be okay, especially if people lie down and complacently accept what is happening. what this bloated orange fungal rot has proposed violates the first, fourth, fifth, eighth and fourteenth ammendments.

we MUST fight. we MUST resist. and we must be brave, visible, vigilant and keep eachothers backs.

as one of the people affected, though, i do still need to make a living. i realize this is a very awkward transition, but i don't really have a good one. the image below leads to a link that lets you preorder new inhuman things (including book #2 and stickers) coming soon to the site/shop. i really implore you to use it, because there are some uncertain times ahead and i could use the help as much as the next poverty-level queer person living in a country where our leaders have been endorsed by the kkk.

you can also contribute to my patreon. that helps me a lot, it truly does.

i have until january 20th until my dissent becomes actively dangerous.
but until then, and after then until it is safe again, i'm flying my flag inverted in distress.

he is #notmypresident
stand together, fight together. resist facism.
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