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Jun. 4th, 2018 01:34 pm
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Inhuman updated!

hello friendos. its rainy and cold out today, so i'm having that 'i cant wake up' reaction. weak. i should probably have things to say. things about how using poscas markers on the pages is new and hopefully adding to the visual instead of detracting. things about how pride month is a complicated time for a lot of people & how im getting a little tired of people apologising for homophobic rhetoric from within the queer community. about how i dont trust cops and neither should you, even if they wear rainbows. they're still cops and they could take that uniform off and march with you as civilian siblings and they choose not to.

i should talk about how i redid my terrarium over the weekend or the bees i saw or the fact luna's newest hobby is staring fixedly at chipmunks as they eat seed fallen from our feeder. but i really am sleepy. n my eyes itch. and i still have work to do.

so enjoy the page, consider pledging to patreon (where you can see wips, pages 3 days early and upcoming print edition stuff) and i'll. see you round. be well, be strong, be kind and take no shit.


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